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Elegant Themes

Review of the WordPress Themes and Plugins from Elegant Themes

If you’re creating a website or blog today, there is a good chance you’ll be using WordPress to power your website. WordPress is free to use, extremely powerful, user friendly (for the most part), and easy to install on just about any web hosting account.

In my article How to Start a Blog I go over the easy step-by-step process to sign up for hosting with SiteGround and get your WordPress-powered blog set up in just a few minutes, with no need for technical knowledge.

One of the biggest decisions you’ll make if you’re using WordPress is which theme to use on your site. There are literally thousands of different themes to choose from. There are some that are available for free, and others that must be purchased.

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SiteGround Web Hosting Review

Review of SiteGround’s Web Hosting

Web hosting is an essential expense if you’re running any type of serious website or blog. When things are going well, web hosting is something you won’t be thinking about. But when you run into issues with your hosting, like your site being down or pages loading very slowly, it can be a major headache. […]

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