23 of the Best Jobs for Introverts

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Jobs for Introverts

Introverts are identified as individuals who may be considered quiet, thoughtful, and reserved, and who prefer environments with minimal stimulation, focusing more on internal thoughts and feelings rather than external stimuli. Being an introvert does not necessarily equate to shyness or social anxiety, it means simply recognizing that some people function better in situations that require less social exhaustion or output.

At one time, introversion was considered a negative trait, and something that employers actively avoided. These days, however, more and more people are identifying with this personality type and recognizing the value these traits can have in work and on productivity.

Of course, introverts can take on any job and are just as capable as extroverts in the world of work. It can be helpful to identify the specific areas of strengths or weaknesses that those of us who identify with introversion hold, and how these can assist us in our working lives.

Here you will find a list of jobs for introverts that are well suited to this personality type.

Jobs for Introverts

1. Transcriptionist

By nature, transcription jobs require a high level of focus and concentration. As a transcriptionist, you are likely to spend the majority of your working day with a headset on working on individual tasks or assignments. For those of us with introverted personality types, this type of work offers a wide range of benefits. You are able to work alone and without distraction, there is little need for collaboration with others, and transcription lends itself well to remote working.

If working in your own space and in your own company sounds like the ideal environment for you, it might be worth investing in some basic transcription equipment such as a foot pedal and headset, allowing you to work from wherever you choose. 

Not only is transcription work flexible, but there are also plenty of opportunities demand for workers with the right skillset. If you’re interested in learning more about how to make money with transcription, we highly recommend Transcribe Anywhere as the best resource in the industry.

Average salary for a transcriptionist – $58,441

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2. Flea Market Flipper

Many creatives find that they are best suited to an introverted lifestyle. You might have a passion for interior design, an eye for antiques, or be talented in the art of upcycling. If this sounds like you, flea market flipping could be a great option. It’s a hobby many people enjoy and has the potential to earn you some extra cash.

Flea Markets are full of hidden gems that can be purchased at extremely reasonable prices (see our list of the best things to flip for profit) and resold for a profit thanks to platforms like eBay and the Facebook Marketplace.

As an introvert, this is ideal. You are able to exercise your creativity in your own time and with no pressure or interference from an employer or client. 

If you’re not sure where to start, this free workshop from Flea Market Flipper is a great resource. You’ll learn from a six-figure flipper how to start a successful reselling business in as little as 14 days.

3. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is another example of creative work that allows the freedom and independence that comes along with remote working. If you are a talented writer but are put off by the idea of working in a busy office, working as a freelancer is one way around this. Freelance writers are able to work from home, choosing your own working hours, and choosing projects that suit you.

Again, there are a plethora of sites which aid this kind of work. Allowing freelancers to connect with potential clients and build working relationships from anywhere in the world. Or, you may have some existing connections that allow you to get started with some clients found through your own network.

This is one of our highest recommendations because there is plenty of work available and the income potential is very good. If you’re just getting started, you may need to take some freelance writing jobs for beginners to gain experience, but higher-paying work is available once you’ve proven your abilities.

Average salary for a freelance writer – $62,213

4. Blogger

Starting a blog is another great way to pursue a creative job in which you can work independently and in ways that suit you. Regardless of the topic you choose to focus your blog on, the freedom that comes along with this line of work is inherently well suited to those with introverted personalities.

Through blogging, you are able to share your hobbies, experiences, and perspectives on anything that you choose, and if you are able to build a decent audience, blogs can be extremely profitable.

While blogging lends itself well to independent work, it can also be extremely sociable and can allow you to build networks and relationships with your audience while working in a way that you find most productive and comfortable.

To get started, see How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners.

Average salary for a blogger – $49,786

5. Content Manager

Content managers work in a very similar way to bloggers, with the difference being that as a content manager you are likely to be responsible for more than just writing. Content managing might involve creating or overseeing and approving the content that is to be shared on a website or blog. This could be text, photography, videography, or any other type of media. It may also involve managing other writers or contributors and editing or proofreading their work.

Content managers tend to work predominantly online, meaning most of their interactions are carried out virtually, liaising with contractors or clients. Depending on the specific role, many content managers are able to work remotely, meaning there is no need to spend eight hours each day in a busy office environment.

Average salary for a content manager – $59,066

6. Self-Published Author

The number of authors choosing to self-publish is on the rise, and many of these authors are extremely successful, making a respectable living in this way.

Self-publishing comes with a variety of benefits like:

  • Excellent income potential
  • The opportunity to write any book that you want, without the need for a publisher
  • Complete control over the book, its design, and its content
  • Freedome to determine how you want to promote your book

With the growth of social media, promoting your own work has never been easier. If you’ve been sitting on the idea for a potential bestseller or are finally getting around to writing the autobiography of your life experiences, go for it! By self-publishing, you eliminate the need to share your work before you feel truly ready and have no added pressure of appeasing a big publishing company.

Average salary for an author – $57,619

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7. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants (VAs) are in high demand and this is a great way to earn a living from the comfort of your own home. As a virtual assistant, there is a huge range of services you might offer:

  • Administrative duties
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Creating or approving content
  • Scheduling and calendar management
  • As well as many more.

If you have experience working in any of these areas and like the idea of working independently in your own environment, why not look into becoming a virtual assistant? You could use one of many websites that offers virtual assistant jobs, or you could start your own business and offer services on a freelance basis (going out on your own provides the best income potential).

Average salary for a virtual assistant – $63,501

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8. Data Analyst

Data analysis is a skilled job that is valued highly in most businesses. This is another job that requires high levels of focus and accuracy, so it is well suited to a quiet environment that offers few distractions.

If you are an experienced data analyst, or it’s a field you are looking to get into, you might consider working as a freelancer or contractor for a client or business. By working in this way you have the freedom to work on a project basis, choosing the jobs that best suit you and your lifestyle.

Average salary of a data analyst – $67,294

9. Software Engineer

Much like transcription and data analysis, software engineering is a specialist job that calls for both skill and concentration to work efficiently and accurately. 

People with an introverted nature often find that this type of work suits them well. It allows the individual to work on their project independently without distraction or interruption from others. Even when working as part of a wider team, Software engineers are likely to have assigned individual projects which they can work on freely and autonomously.

Average salary of a software engineer – $99,729

10. Web Developer

Another example of a highly creative job that lends itself well to independent work, web developers are responsible for how a website functions. You’ll be responsible for coding the website, and some web developers also work on visual design or user interface aspects of the project as well.

Many web developers work as freelancers, offering their services to various clients. However, there are also opportunities to work for an agency or as an in-house designer. Many web development jobs are remote, meaning you might be able to work from home or while traveling.

Average salary of a web developer – $75,073

11. Graphic Designer

Similarly, as a graphic designer, you might work with one client on a long-term basis, or you may choose to work on individual projects for various different clients or businesses. However you choose to work, this job is a great fit for those of us who prefer independence and lack of intervention in our workplace. 

As a graphic designer, you could design things like:

  • Logos
  • Business cards, brochures, and other marketing materials
  • Product packaging
  • Product labels
  • Websites
  • And more

Average salary of a graphic designer – $48,283

12. Social Media Manager

Given its incredible growth in the last decade and a half, the social media industry is one that welcomes innovative, contemporary ways of working. Often this means social media managers are free to work remotely and clients are likely to be flexible in allowing their contractors or staff to work in ways that they feel produce the most productivity and creativity.

As a social media manager, you will oversee the general maintenance of the business’s social media platforms, updating content, engaging with audiences, and analyzing the success of these platforms. You could do this work as a freelancer and manage several different clients, or you could work in-house and manage all of the social media activity for your company.

There is also a strong demand for people who are able to manage social media advertising campaigns. Clients might hire you to set up and manage their advertisements on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or other social platforms.

Average salary of a social media manager – $52,114

13. Auditor

To some, the role of an auditor may sound complex and mentally taxing. However, to many, auditing is an ideal career choice. This type of work is well suited to those that enjoy problem-solving and analyzing data and prefer to work independently.

As an auditor, you might work remotely or within an office. Either way, the environment is likely to be highly focused, meaning work can be completed efficiently and accurately while allowing you to get on with your own work without disruption.

Average salary of an auditor – $58,914

14. Accountant

Whether you work as a self-employed, independent accountant, or as part of a wider company, accounting is another job that is fitting for more introverted individuals. Again, this work calls for focus and high levels of accuracy, so you’re unlikely to find a buzzing, loud, or overly sociable office setting within this line of work.

Regardless of whether you work independently or within a company, you will more than likely have clients specifically assigned to you, meaning you can work on your cases independently.

Average salary of an accountant – $55,045

15. Actuary

Actuarial science is a field that is renowned for its serene, low stress working environments. It is by no means the easiest line of work to get into; it takes years of studying and ongoing examinations before you can practice as a qualified actuary, but it comes with many benefits, particularly for introverts.

Actuaries measure and manage the levels of risk and uncertainty mostly within insurance, finances, and financial planning. As you can imagine, this demands a huge amount of concentration and accuracy, but somewhat surprisingly, actuaries report low stress levels within their work. The calm and focused style of work could be a great fit for those who prefer independent work free from stress.

Average salary of an actuary – $122,402

16. Editor

As an editor, your work is likely to call for a good amount of solitude in order to allow you to absorb content and information and make adjustments and alterations before publishing. Often writers find themselves delving into the world of editing as a change in career path or a second source of income.

Whether you work as a freelancer or as a permanent employee within a company, it is likely that your job could be easily transported with you wherever you choose to go. So often editors enjoy the freedom that comes along with working remotely, whether that’s from home or any other chosen location. The work calls for little social interaction and can be extremely engaging and interesting.

Average salary of an editor – $52,756

17. Mechanic

If the idea of working independently appeals to you, but you prefer a more manual line of work, working in mechanics might be your optimal choice. Mechanics specialize in a huge range of machinery; you might go into auto-mechanics, bike mechanics, industrial mechanics, or aircraft mechanics. Wherever your interest lies, a job in mechanics is likely to be stable, well paid, and extremely interesting.

As a mechanic, you might be required to work as part of a small team, but it is likely that you will each have specifically assigned tasks or duties which contribute to the wider end result. It’s a job that requires some teamwork, but also a great deal of concentration and expertise.

Average salary of an auto mechanic – $41,122

18. Artist

As we said earlier, many creatives find that they are much better suited to an introverted way of life. Artists often feel that they create their best and most innovative work when somewhat secluded or removed from the judgments and interventions of others. This could be true of artists across any discipline and might be an important part of their practice.

If you enjoy creating and experimenting with your creativity, and like the idea of working alone without distraction, why not try your hand at creating art of some description?

Average salary of an artist – $44,898

19. Veterinarian

Introverts are often caring by nature, so a job that allows you to care for and aid the recovery of animals could be a great fit for you. Veterinary practice is highly skilled and offers a stable and respectable income. It also means often working as part of a small team that understands the need for a calm and focused environment within this job.

If you’re passionate about the welfare of animals and think working in a small, harmonious environment would suit you well, working as a veterinarian could be a rewarding and felicitous experience.

Like some of the other jobs for introverts on this list, working as a veterinarian will require the right education and training. If this is a career that you want to pursue, you’ll need to be willing to put in the work to get there.

Average salary of a veterinarian – $96,624

20. Scientist

We’ve established that most introverts prefer to get on with the task at hand without the need for too much consorting, and scientists often fall into this category. Scientific work demands rigorous analysis and accuracy, so a loud, vivacious or overly sociable atmosphere might hinder their results or productivity.

An introvert’s desire to work without the distraction of unrelated conversation or disruption means that they often make great scientists. Albert Einstein is widely considered one of the world’s most famous and successful introverts.

Average salary of a scientist – $70,494

21. Radiologist

If you have an interest in the medical field but feel that you might be too introverted by nature to thrive in an industry that relies heavily on interaction with patients and other professionals, radiology might be the best choice for you.

The role of a radiologist is to diagnose injuries or illnesses using specialized equipment such as x-rays. You may be required to relay the results of these examinations directly to the patient and offer support or advice in terms of rehabilitation. More often than not, however, you will simply direct results to the patients’ doctor, who will then pass on all necessary information.

This is a highly specialized job with great benefits and little need for too much personal interaction.

Average salary of a radiologist – $324,041

22. Paralegal

Alternatively, you might find that your interest lies in law procedures, but you might find the idea of presenting in from of a courtroom or board of clients to be daunting and off-putting. If this is the case, a career as a paralegal offers a chance to work in this field, without the social aspects.

As a paralegal, you will be responsible for mostly administrative law tasks that have been outsourced to you by a lawyer. You are likely to be employed by a law firm, government agency, or another company, meaning the work is likely to be stable and you are free to complete your assignments and rest assured that no public speaking or direct client-interaction is required of you.

Average salary of a paralegal – $47,221

23. Court Reporter

You might also choose to pursue a career as a court reporter. Court reporters are impartial individuals, employed to record all proceedings that take place within the courtroom. This means accurately documenting every word that is spoken within the court. These documents will then need to be prepared as verbatim transcripts of court proceedings.

This is a fairly high-pressured job and requires a huge amount of skill and training.  It is particularly well suited to introverts as it requires little interaction or interference from anyone else and requires focus, concentration, and accuracy.

Average salary of a court reporter – $53,776


Whether you believe yourself to be more introverted or more extroverted, being aware of your personality type, your preferences, and your strengths, is a sure-fire way to thrive in your chosen field of work.

As introverts continue to become more widely represented both in the media and within many industries and careers, there is no reason that you can’t find a career that you can thrive in, while also tending to your own needs and preferences. The jobs for introverts that are covered in this article all present excellent opportunities.

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