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Have you ever wondered why there hadn’t been an investing app out there that gives you direct access to the opinions of investment pros? Or why not seek the advice and views of other individual investors, or even your friends and family? Thankfully, there has! Nvstr is a stock market investing app that does just that.

It helps you invest in the stock market at little to no cost and gives you the ability to seek the advice of professional investors as well as get opinions from other investors, family, and friends. Some of the features that set Nvstr apart from the rest include a one-click portfolio allocation feature, investment ideas feature, and top-quality investment research reports from S&P Capital IQ.

Wondering whether it’s worth the investment (no pun intended) investing with Nvstr? Are they a trustworthy investment platform? What sets them apart from the rest? And are there better alternatives available? Here we’ll talk about the answers to these questions and more in this Nvstr review.

An Overview of the Nvstr Investing App

Nvstr’s purpose is to create a “community for intelligent investing.” In other words, they utilize technology, the knowledge of experienced investors, and community collaboration to enhance the investing experience for users.

By combining these different bits of intelligence into one platform, investors can discover new investments, new investing ideas, strategies, and learn from past mistakes by sharing it with others. With an Nvstr account and membership, you can get access to commission-free trades (limited), marginal account trading, and access to an engaged community of investors all in one.

Account MinimumNoneNoneNone
Cost Per Trade$4.50$0$0
Offers Fractional SharesNoYesNo
Advanced ReportingYesNoYes
Investment OptionsIndividual stocks, ETFsIndividual stocks, ETFs, options, cryptocurrency, goldIndividual stocks, ETFs, options, cryptocurrency
Signup BonusFree money to investFree stockFree stock
Get StartedSign up with NvstrSign up with RobinhoodSign up with Webull

Fees & Minimums

It’s free for anyone to open up an Nvstr brokerage account. No minimum deposit is required to open the account. Once you open your account, however, you have the option of paying a $3 monthly subscription to get access to premium features and 15 free trades per month, with each additional trade costing $4.50, or you can keep your free account and just pay the regular $4.50 per trade if you don’t anticipate making very many trades.

However, even if you make just one trade, it’s still more expensive than paying the $3 per month subscription.

Account Types

When you open an Nvstr account, you have the choice of opening up an individual brokerage investing account and/or an investment account simulator. The personal investment account is nothing more than the basic investment account that lets you buy and sell stocks on the stock market.

The simulated account allows you to practice investing in the stock market with fake money to get a feel for investing and even to test out new strategies or investments. This can be a very useful feature, especially for new investors who are looking to learn without taking a financial risk.

Investment Types

Nvstr accounts only allow you to invest in individual stocks and ETFs. As of right now, they don’t have the ability to purchase options contracts or mutual funds.

Why Invest with Nvstr?

What is it about the Nvstr platform that makes them different from the competition? Why not just go open an account with another popular investment broker like M1 Finance or Robinhood? Nvstr has a few unique benefits that aren’t offered elsewhere that may just alter your opinion on which is the best brokerage for you.

M1 Finance - Free Automated Investing

M1 Finance (free) makes it easy to manage your money. Choose from a wide variety of professionally-created "pies" (portfolio allocations) or create your own. Contribute to your account and M1 Finance automatically manages the investments.

One-Click Portfolio Allocation

Upon opening up an Nvstr account, you are asked a few questions in terms of what types of investments are you interested in. Answers range anywhere from ETFs, growth stocks, value stocks, income stocks, etc. After answering these questions, Nvstr is able to gather a surprisingly good idea of what types of stocks or ETFs you may like and suggests a few that may be a good fit.

Within your account, you can use the one-click portfolio allocation to analyze all your investment ideas and likes to see a balanced portfolio allocation with the projected annualized returns.

This feature is a data-driven piece of technology that combines current market data, your personal investing interests, and preferences, along with the historical performance of different companies and funds to project a well-balanced portfolio with their respective return one year from today.

Discover New Stocks & Ideas

As previously mentioned briefly, upon opening your account you’ll be asked multiple investment questions to understand your likes and interests. As a result, you will get a list of potential great investments that fit your strategies.

Furthermore, as you build your portfolio, you can request opinions from other members about different stocks and funds to invest in. You can see what others are talking about and their respective opinions on different investments to come up with new investing ideas.

Nvstr utilizes its technology and the social aspect of their platform to help investors make investment decisions, as opposed to traditional technical and fundamental investment analysis. By basing your investment decisions on the opinions of others, the success others have had, and the trends shown by others, you have the potential to obtain great returns.

Follow Expert Investors Strategies

Much like a social media feed, Nvstr provides you a feed of new comments and updates from people like “community thought leaders” about different companies. You can post a request to get opinions on different stocks directly to a community thought leader to get their expert opinion and follow the expert strategies that have worked well for them in the past.

Furthermore, you can see the investment portfolios and their performances of the top performers within the Nvstr community. You get to see real-time returns and can begin collaborating with them and following their investment strategies.