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Have you ever made a purchase and then a few days later noticed that the same product is on sale for a lower price? I’m sure you have. This creates multiple hassle’s, not to mention you paid more than you had to.

Some retail stores and websites now offer a low-price guarantee, giving you peace of mind that if the product goes on sale within a certain amount of time, they will refund the difference to you.

But does this really solve the problem? You still have to monitor the product, and let’s be honest, that’s not really worth the time or effort.

What if there was a way to automate the entire process from purchase to receiving your discount without it taking any of your time and without any hassles? That’s exactly what the Paribus app does. Here’s an in-depth review of the Paribus app, and how it could potentially save you money, or whether it’s even worth your time.

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What Is The Paribus App And How Does It Work?

Paribus is an app owned by Capital One, that tracks your shopping and purchases, then notifies you when a price drop occurs. This further allows you to take advantage of saving money and ensuring you get the absolute best price on the products you purchase.

The three areas in which Paribus monitors (and where you can save the most money) are:

  • Retail price changes: Get notified when recent purchases you’ve made had a price drop.
  • Late deliveries: Get compensation for products that are delivered to your house late.
  • Hotel price drops: Get notifications when hotel prices changed after you recently booked a stay.

Paribus will notify you of these changes, then further help you work to get the money back that you deserve. By tracking shipments, confirmation emails and notifying you of these price changes, Paribus will ensure you have the lowest price for the product or service you purchase.

How Does Paribus Work?

It’s much easier than you might think. For starters, you’ll create a free account with Paribus, which takes only a couple of minutes. You do your regular shopping online, Paribus will monitor the prices from your purchases, and then they will notify you if the price changes. They will then work with you to get the money back that you deserve.

Once you sign up for Paribus, you can set up a free account using your email address. You can sign in with popular email services like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail and others. The app links to your email, so be sure to use the email that you use for shopping online to receive confirmation and purchase receipts.

Paribus will automatically monitor and add new purchases that you’ve made based on confirmation emails you receive, tracking number emails, and purchase updates. Everything is done automatically and requires little-to-no effort on your part.

Which Stores Can You Shop at with Paribus?

Not every retail store has a price adjustment policy. Currently, Paribus is able to track your purchases made online at 30 of the largest online retail shopping sites, including Amazon, Walmart, Wayfair, Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Staples, Home Depot, and more.

How Does Paribus’ Shipment Tracking Work for Late Deliveries?

Have you ever paid extra for expedited shipping, or perhaps you pay for a subscription or membership to get faster shipping, like Amazon Prime? You might have experienced the frustration associated with getting a shipment delivered late, despite the fact that you paid extra for it to be expedited, or you pay extra for the membership benefits.

What’s more, is most of the companies that offer these types of services are so big, that a small complaint on the customers part often seems like it has little impact. This is exactly where Paribus steps in to help out.

In cases where you pay for a membership or subscription to services like Amazon Prime, or you paid extra for expedited shipping, and your package is still delivered late, Paribus will work together with you to get the money back that you deserve. With shipment tracking for late deliveries, Paribus allows you to have the added voice of a strong organization to get your money back, and make it known that there is a problem that needs to be fixed.

You might wonder how you file a claim for a late delivery? The great thing is that Paribus does everything automatically for you. Paid expedited shipping and paying for memberships that include faster shipping will always have a tracking number sent to you via email. Your email is linked to your Paribus account, and once your package is delivered, Paribus will submit the claim for you stating that it was delivered late. Just let them do the hard work and get your money reimbursed for unkept promises and late deliveries.

This service, as of this writing, currently only works for Amazon Prime memberships, paid Amazon guaranteed shipping dates, and purchases that pay extra for guaranteed shipping times.

Sign up for Paribus here (it’s free)

Is Paribus Safe?

When dealing with third-party companies that have basic access to things like your email address or basic contact information, it’s natural to question if it’s a safe service. A few things one should look for when deciding if it’s safe or not are the following:

  • Do they have a professional and credible-looking website with a privacy policy and terms of service?
  • Do they have proof of reputation such as partnerships with well-known companies or mentions in major news articles?
  • Do they have proof of customer satisfaction such as reviews, customer feedback, etc.?
  • Do they include basic contact information on their website with transparent terms?

Companies that aren’t safe will likely have some obvious red flags related to the questions listed above. When answering those questions for Paribus, it’s safe to say they are a very credible source and here is why:

  • They were acquired by the major financial institution Capital One, one of the largest banking and credit card organizations in the world.
  • They have partnerships with 30 of the most well-known retail stores and hotels.
  • You can view multiple customer testimonials on Paribus’ homepage stating they are a trusted company and provide real results.
  • Their contact information is clearly posted on their website in multiple locations, usually near the bottom of the page or on their privacy policy page.