Ubiqus On Demand Review (Formerly Verbal Ink)

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If you’re thinking about ways to make a little extra cash and you have good typing skills, you may wish to consider transcription jobs. There are many transcription platforms around, but not all represent a solid side hustle. In this Ubiqus On Demand review, we’ll delve into this popular platform to help you decide if it’s right for you.

A Brief Overview

Ubiqus On Demand is a transcription platform where you can make money from home. The company has been operating since 2003 when it was known as Escriptionist. It was rebranded as Verbal Ink in 2008, but it was acquired in 2016 by Ubiqus, which expanded the company into writing and translation services. After the acquisition by Ubiqus, the company continued to operate as Verbal Ink for a few years but has now been rebranded to Ubiqus On Demand. 

Like many transcription platforms, working for Ubiqus On Demand involves taking audio files and converting them into written documents. Clients submit their audio files to Ubiqus On Demand and then the transcriptionists essentially type what they hear.

After you complete each project, you’ll submit the document to Ubiqus On Demand, where it will be checked and then you’ll receive payment for your work.

The types of projects will vary according to client demand. Since the company was taken over by Ubiqus, many of the projects are for the legal or medical industry. However, there are also general transcription projects. If you speak more than one language, you may also be assigned translation transcription work.

The Job Requirements

Ubiqus On Demand does have some expectations from its transcribers, so there are some requirements for applicants. In addition to being in the US, you need:

  • The ability to differentiate between voices of several speakers
  • To be able to understand regional dialects, heavy accents, and technical details
  • Good time management skills
  • Strong English grammar
  • Knowledge of MS Word and email programs

Ubiqus On Demand also recommends that transcriptionists have specialist software, headphones, and a foot pedal. This will help you to work efficiently. If you’re new to transcription work and are not familiar with using a pedal, you may wonder if you actually need it. In fact, a pedal is a useful tool that allows you to stop and start the audio without needing to take your hands off the keyboard. See our recommended transcription equipment here.

How Much Does Ubiqus On Demand Pay?

The pay rates for Ubiqus On Demand are not very definitive. There are no fixed rates and your earning potential is based on the audio file difficulty and your skill level.

However, since the company is now part of the Ubiqus brand, we can gain insight into the potential pay rates from Ubiqus.

The rate of pay depends on the type of transcription work. The more specialized the project, the more likely you’ll earn a higher rate of pay. Highly specialized fields such as medical or foreign language can pay up to $0.00695 per word, while the less specialized transcription pays approximately $0.0058 per word.

This method of calculating pay rates is different from many other transcription platforms that prefer to pay per audio minute. Payment by audio minute will have a greater impact on your earning potential since newbies can take twice as long to transcribe one minute.

So, paying by word is an easier pay structure to understand, particularly if you’re new to transcription work.

You can expect to receive payment for your completed work every two weeks.

Ubiqus On Demand (and Verbal Ink) Reputation

While operating as Verbal Ink, the company had a solid reputation on various review platforms. On the recruitment site, Glassdoor, Verbal Ink has a good 3.9 out of 5 rating. While there are both positive and negative comments, generally, Verbal Ink was considered to be a fair employer, treating freelance transcriptions well. With the recent name change, there are very few reviews of Ubiqus On Demand at this time.

Getting Started

If you meet the Ubiqus On Demand criteria, you can apply using their website.

Bear in mind that Ubiqus On Demand looks for professionals, so it’s a good idea to craft a solid resume in PDF or Word format. You should also include a cover letter, as resumes without one will be immediately rejected.

After the team receives your resume, if there are any openings, they will send you details of a transcription test, which is an essential part of the recruitment process. If there are no current vacancies, your resume will be held and the team will notify you when a position becomes available.

A transcription test is fairly standard for transcription companies as it helps them to determine if you have the appropriate skills to complete the work. Once you pass the test, you can start to undertake transcription work.

There is no instruction about what happens if you fail the transcription test and whether you can retake it. So, it may be a good idea to take a few practice tests before attempting the official Ubiqus On Demand test.

The Potential Drawbacks

No platform is perfect, so it is important to be aware of both the positives and potential negatives before signing up. The potential drawbacks of Ubiqus On Demand include:

  • Low Hourly Rate: Verbal Ink (and Ubiqus) are not the highest-paying transcription companies on the market. Unless you undertake the highly technical work, you’re looking at earning approximately $0.0058 per word. So, only experienced, efficient transcriptionists will be able to command a high hourly rate.
  • US Only: Verbal Ink only recruits transcriptionists from the United States. So, unless you are resident in the US, you will need to look elsewhere for transcription work.
  • No BBB Profile: While Verbal Ink did have a solid Glassdoor rating, the company did not have a profile with the Better Business Bureau. This means that the transcriptionist reviews are a little limited.
  • Need to Pass a Test: Many transcriptionist platforms attract complete beginners and allow you to get started almost immediately. This is not the case with Ubiqus On Demand. If your application is approved and there is an open vacancy, you will still need to pass a transcription test before you can start work.


Ubiqus On Demand does not specify that you need to have transcription experience, but the company does have some requirements that newbies will struggle to meet. You will need to be comfortable working on more specialized projects and may need to differentiate between different speakers with heavy or regional accents.

This can be quite challenging for those who are still familiarizing themselves with transcription work. However, if you feel comfortable with this type of work and meet the requirements, you are free to apply.

You will need a professional-style resume and cover letter or you’re unlikely to be accepted. You will also need to familiarize yourself with transcription tests and assessments. Many users have reported that the Ubiqus On Demand test is a little tricky and includes American pop culture references to check that you are actually from the US.

If you are successful, Ubiqus On Demand does offer the chance to earn a decent rate. If you have a decent transcription speed and can handle more technical work, there is the potential to earn up to $0.00695 or more per word.

So, if you’re looking for work and have solid transcription skills, Ubiqus On Demand is worthy of consideration.

Ubiqus On Demand Review
Availability of Work8
Beginner-Friendly Requirements6

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