How to Make Money by Posting Ads Online and Offline

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Make Money Posting Ads

Whether you’re a full-time work from home freelancer, own a small business, or just want some extra money coming in each month, the options are endless on how to make money.

You’ve probably heard most of them, but some are less common than others, and still have great potential.

One method of making extra money from home or on the side is through posting ads both online and offline. The question is, are these legitimate income streams, or just another scam claiming to make you rich overnight?

Is It Possible to Make Money Posting Ads?

The short answer to this question is yes, you can make money posting ads. How much can you make posting ads? The answer we all hate to hear but rings true for this venture is….it depends!

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how much you can make because it is all dependent on your ability to reach a lot of people online. Do you have a large social media following? Are you well connected in certain markets or industries? These are valuable assets when seeking to make money posting ads and will largely affect how much you can actually make.

With every opportunity comes opposition. Posting ads for extra money has also become an easy way for scammers to steal your money, your identity and hurt your credit. So, is it possible to make money posting ads? Yes! But it takes a careful watch on the gigs you partner with to avoid potential scams.

Common Ad Posting Scams

How do you spot an ad posting scam? As the old saying goes “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is…”

In other words, anything promising you amazing results, the ability to get rich overnight, or that claims you can make money without doing any work all spell SCAM written a thousand times over.

Perhaps the biggest scam out there when it comes to posting ads are programs that not only have the bizarre claims stated above, but they require you to pay them money to join a program promising amazing results. “Give us your money, and we ‘promise’ to make you money overnight!”

Sound convincing?

Read through the lines and your gut will tell you the truth.

The way these ad scams work is by requesting you to purchase their ad package or bundle, and then give you a bunch of ads that you post online to all your accounts. You get paid when your followers click on these ads, but most likely only pennies on the dollar, so it will take hundreds of thousands of followers to make your money back, and that’s AFTER all of those followers actually clicked on your ad.

The short summary is, if it claims to guarantee results, make you rich, little work included and asks for your money, you’re entering dangerous territory!

Legit Ways to Make Money Posting Ads Online

Now that we’re done bashing on the ad posting scams out there, I don’t mean to say stay away from posting ads online entirely. In reality, there are some very legit ways to make money posting ads online with no money to start. All you need is a following, a trusted voice and a platform to promote on. Here are some LEGITIMATE ways you can actually make money posting ads online.

1. Start a Blog

Likely the most common way to make money with online ads is through starting a blog. A blog is a simple website with regular content posted focused on a certain audience. You get paid to include ads on your blog and when your blog readers click on promoted ads.

Your blog can be on any topic that has a unique audience and following. How do you start? First, you need to define your niche topic and target audience. This could be anywhere from college students looking to study for the MCAT, to stay at home parents who want advice on gardening or landscaping, to men and women who enjoy makeup and fashion.

As your blog grows you will attract an organic audience through social media, search engines, and even paid ads (if you so choose). With enough daily website visitors, you can post ads on your website that will pay you each time someone clicks!

Posting ads on your website can be done through trusted ad networks like Google AdSense. They give you a small snippet of code to copy and paste onto your website and they handle the rest and post ads on your website with relevant products and services. Other ad networks to partner with are:

Some ad networks require that you have a decent amount of blog traffic, to get started. If you can get approved for these, then your income potential is greater because they pay better for ads posted on high traffic websites. When all is said and done, anyone can start with Google AdSense for free regardless of the size of your blog (as long as your blog doesn’t violate the AdSense terms).

2. Publish Sponsored Blog Posts

Along with the ability to post ads on your blog, is the potential to publish sponsored blog posts. How does this work? A sponsored blog post is a post that you are paid to post on your website by a particular company or brand that wishes to reach your audience to market their product. The company pays you upfront to publish content about their product, service or company. In return, they get their company in front of your blog followers.

The nice thing about sponsored blog posts is they have the potential to be very lucrative and pay you upfront. As your blog gets more recognized and gains a stronger following, you may even have businesses reaching out to you regularly offering to pay you to write about their company!

Popular ways to connect with those seeking to sponsor their product or company are by setting up a free account on sites like and Both sites allow you to find potential companies looking to promote their content through sponsored blog posts.

3. Publish Sponsored Content on Social Networks

A modern form of marketing after the growth of social media is often referred to as “influencer marketing.” An influencer is a person who has a social media account with a substantial following. This means that person’s posts are seen by a lot of people that trust them. Much like a blog with a large audience, a person with a large social media presence can be paid by companies to post about their product or service.

This is especially popular for the fashion and athletics industries. Famous athletes naturally have large followings and are paid by major brands to post about that brand’s product or services. Popular models or fashion stylists can be paid by clothing companies in order for the company to promote their new clothing styles.

Publishing sponsored content on social networks is an easy way to make extra money in almost any industry that wants to reach your target audience on social media. The easiest ways to get started publishing sponsored content on your social media networks are by setting up a free account with companies that connect influencers and content creators with companies seeking to promote to your audience. This can be done by setting up free accounts on sites like:

4. Start a YouTube Channel

Nearly 5 billion videos on YouTube are watched every day. That spells out a huge market opportunity to get products in front of new people. Thus, if you’re looking for a fun way to make money posting ads online, YouTube is a great start.

Although it can be a lengthier process due to the nature of creating and posting videos, it can be one of the most lucrative strategies to make money with ads. Much like a blog and social media, you need to build a following on YouTube to make money with ads. It’s best to start out with a particular niche topic to post videos about, which, again, can be anything that has a substantial audience.

As your channel gets more noticed, you can sign up for the YouTube Partner Program, which allows YouTube to show ads about related products and services when someone is watching your video. You get paid from these ads and you’ll make more money as you get more views of your videos.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you insert unique website links into your content through your blog, social media, and even online videos that lead to a partnered company website. If the person that clicked your unique link ends up making a purchase on the partnered company website, you get paid a small commission of the sale. In addition to earning commission for sales, some affiliate programs allow you to make money if the visitor takes a specific action, like installing an app or signing up for an email list.

One of the largest affiliate marketing programs out there is Amazon Associates. People who have large followings online can sign up for Amazon’s affiliate program to insert links to any product for sale on Amazon and get paid when the visitor makes a purchase. Since Amazon sells just about everything under the sun, websites in just about any niche can take advantage of their affiliate program.

Another way to find great affiliate programs is to go through an affiliate network like Commission Junction, Share A Sale, and FlexOffers (those are just a few options, there are many other affiliate networks). Each of these companies has already partnered with thousands of retailers to serve as the middleman between you and the companies to provide you unique links and a method of getting paid.

Lastly, many companies require that you reach out to them individually to sign up for their affiliate program and be approved to promote their content through unique affiliate links. As with every other method of getting paid to post ads online, with affiliate marketing you get paid more when you have a larger audience that is engaged with your content.

6. Become A Social Media Manager

You might be well educated on social media and building up a following from your firsthand experience. This is a valuable asset these days, in fact, there are even college degrees for social media management!

An easy way to get paid posting ads online is to use your firsthand experience and knowledge of promoting products on social media to get a job as a social media manager.

These days you can make a good living working for a respected company and managing their social media ads, or by freelancing and managing social profiles for several smaller businesses. Social media managers oversee everything from posting schedules, posting content, advertisements, paid social media ads like Facebook Ads, and everything related to maximizing their customer’s reach. If this sounds like you, a lasting career as a social media manager might be your destiny.

7. Become A Virtual Assistant

Those with experience posting ads online through your blog, social media, or even for another company can get paid to work as a virtual assistant for busy professionals who need help with those tasks. You know firsthand what it takes to be successful posting ads online, how to maximize your ads profit and the resources to use. Busy professionals often don’t have the time or desire to learn it all, so they hire it out to virtual assistants to do it for them! You can get paid hourly or by project working as a virtual assistant posting ads online.

Becoming a virtual assistant has its other perks as well. You might specialize in online ads, but chances are you may be a valuable asset to your boss in multiple ways, not just through online ads.

Free Workshop - 5 Steps to Become a Virtual Assistant Free Workshop - 5 Steps to Become a Virtual Assistant

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Legit Ways to Make Money Posting Ads Offline

Maximizing your income through ads doesn’t have to be done online only. Sure, we have followings and major networks online through social media, video streaming platforms, and our blogs and websites that pose great money-making opportunities for advertising. However, the same rings true to posting ads offline as well! Here’s how…

1. Put Ads on Your Car

Everywhere you drive you’re seen by hundreds if not thousands of people. Little do many people know that they can actually get paid by companies to advertise on their car.

By posting a company ad such on your car via stickers, car wraps, and posting contact info for particular companies, you can get paid a regular stream of income.

Popular companies that connect you to businesses seeking to post their ads on your car are:

Of course, the amount of money you can make will depend on several factors like where you drive and how much you drive. It’s also important to be aware that there are some scams out there related to car advertising. You should never have to pay to have the ad put on your car (that’s a red flag for a scam). If you stick to legit companies, like the ones listed above, you’ll be able to avoid scams.

2. Wear Ads on Your Clothes

Even the clothes we wear are walking advertisements for the people around us. Ever wonder why clothing companies seek to brand their apparel with their logo somewhere or another? You paid them $20 for a shirt and they probably get back the same in value from the people who saw you wearing that shirt!

Is it possible that you could get paid to wear shirts or clothes in general from particular companies? Absolutely.

Back in 2008, during the market downturn, Jason Zook had the brilliant idea of making money by wearing shirts with company logos, ads, and contact info on them. He created and got paid by companies to wear clothes with their logos on them. Long story short, he made over $1,000,000 doing it! Read more about it here.

3. Get Sponsored

Many athletes’ main source of income is through major sponsorships. Sports like snowboarding, biking, rock climbing, or even ice skating, gymnastics, and online gaming heavily rely on their income through sponsored partnerships. How does this work and how can you make money getting sponsored?

The first place to start is to examine what you’re an expert at and what do people know you as the “go-to person” for. An easy example is snowboarding. Perhaps you’ve been an avid snowboarder your whole life and developed a unique talent to do amazing tricks on your snowboard. Over time, you gain a large following of avid snowboarders who want to be just like you. You grow your following through videos, snowboarding events, and social media (all of which provide additional ways to make money as discussed above).

Major snowboarding brands want to reach your following, so they even offer you free equipment, clothing and snowboard gear to wear and even pay you to wear their brand. Why? Because they know your followers are loyal and will trust the brands you wear to become an expert snowboarder.

This is just an example, of course. The same concept rings true for nearly any talent or knowledge that others seek to obtain. If you’re an expert, chances are you have an opportunity to get a sponsorship agreement with a popular company!

The truth is, we are all walking advertisements for the clothes we wear, the products we use and even the cars we drive. I think that maybe the most brilliant form of offline advertising is found in Apple’s unique WHITE headphones. When you see someone walking down the street with the simple white earbuds, what do you think? Apple! The same concept can be monetized making money posting ads offline.

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