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Let me show you how to improve your life by managing your money wisely, and by making more. My name is Marc. I'd like to show you how I've made more than $1 million as a blogger while working from home, focused on saving for early retirement. Enter your email below to subscribe to Vital Dollar and get my free 7-day Blogging Fundamentals email course.

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Personal Finance and Saving Money

Having a solid financial life involves making the most of the money that you have, and managing it wisely. Here you'll find some great articles and resources that will help you to get your financial life in order.

Making Money and Online Business

Budgeting and saving are important, but if you're also able to increase your income you can see significant gains very quickly. There are plenty of different ways that you can make extra money (see the list of side hustles). Back in 2007 I started a blog to make some extra money, and by 2008 it turned into my full-time job! Needless to say, I think blogging is a great opportunity for making money, and the resources here can help you to get started. Also check out my free 7-day Blogging Fundamentals email course.

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