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Modern ecommerce platforms like Etsy have made it possible for nearly any creative handcrafted entrepreneur to start an Etsy shop and make money selling their crafts.

In fact, the idea of selling your own craft has become such a great way to make extra money, that ecommerce giants like Amazon have even ventured into the space to host their own marketplace for selling your creative work.

While Etsy may be the biggest player in this market, there are plenty of other options. This article will cover the details of 20 other sites like Etsy that are ideal for selling your own items.

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20 Etsy Alternatives for Selling Your Handmade Crafts

Whether it be to expand your market reach or find a platform that fits your handcrafted product better, here are 20 sites that allow you to sell your handmade, crafty items for extra money.

1. Amazon Handmade

Amazon is known as “The Everything Store” for a reason. With the growth of Etsy, Amazon saw an opportunity to utilize their current marketplace to begin selling handmade products.

Amazon Handmade allows entrepreneurs to reach millions of customers who already trust the Amazon brand. Each seller gets their own custom profile with a custom URL for your customers to refer to.

To keep the products authentic and top quality, Amazon audits each application to ensure its marketplace keeps a strong reputation. Listing your products is free of charge, and when a sale is made Amazon simply keeps a small referral fee, so no overhead is required to get started!

2. Art Fire

Art Fire is an Etsy alternative that caters to the “vintage” and “indie” markets. It’s a platform of thousands of virtual shop owners who sell their creatives. Consider Art Fire like the local niche gift shop everyone visits for unique handcrafted items, except this time it’s a digital storefront.

Sellers can sell their handcrafted items such as jewelry, wedding items, clothing, children’s toys, home and living accessories, craft supplies and even handmade entertainment products.

A unique aspect of Art Fire is their Great Maker Search, a competition for all sellers who are nominated to get additional advertising benefits if elected a winner. Once you’ve been nominated, you can promote your nomination entry on social media platforms to have people choose you to win and become a named nominated seller on Art Fire.

3. Zibbet

Zibbet is a great platform to sell your handcrafted items because it allows you to sell on multiple channels in one location. For example, through Zibbet, you can sell on the Zibbet marketplace as well as the Etsy marketplace directly from their platform. This makes the selling process more convenient from a seller’s standpoint, and potentially saves you valued time.

What’s more, is you can make sure your inventory is properly listed across multiple platforms in one place. Other marketplaces that you can sell on from the Zibbet platform are the A.C. Moore Marketplace and through Stitch, a customizable website builder for selling handcrafted items.

4. Spoonflower

Spoonflower is a marketplace that caters to fabric, wallpaper and home decor creators. They have a simple three-step process that allows both buyers and sellers to benefit from handmade products. To start, you either choose an already made design, or design your own handmade design. Next you choose a product to apply to the product you wish to purchase, and lastly, you purchase your order!

If you are a seller, your design from step one can then be resold on the Spoonflower marketplace. Sellers can earn anywhere from 10% – 15% commission on each sale made, depending on your seller status. Currently, Spoonflower has a community of over 16,000 designers selling their artwork.

5. Artful Home

Artful Home is a great marketplace for artists seeking to reach a larger audience interested in a variety of categories such as apparel, jewelry, wall art, glass art, furniture, lighting, sculpture, home decor, ornaments, and almost anything related. In order to be able to sell on Artful Home, one needs to submit an application on their website to become a seller.

The application is then reviewed by a team, aka “Jury”, comprised of Artful Home members. Sellers who wish to be approved have a better chance of approval when submitting artwork that is original and creative, has great aesthetic qualities, portrays excellent technical skills, is consistent with a sense of “artistic integrity”, and is an original piece, meaning it is not a copy of other people’s artwork

6. iCraft Gifts

iCraft Gifts is a marketplace for buyers and sellers seeking mainly handcrafted jewelry and clothing, toys and original artwork. Their platform is great for sellers who wish to tap into the “gift” marketplace of buyers looking specifically for handmade gifts for a special event or occasion.

Each seller gets a personalized store with a unique URL designed according to your chosen shop name. Sellers get detailed stats of their sales made to optimize your future business growth plans accordingly. Shop owners also get access to unique tools such as RSS feeds to your product listings and social media sharing options on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Kaboodle and more.

Rather than keeping a small percentage of each sale you make, iCraft Gifts charges a one low monthly service fee for sellers starting at just $15 per month.

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7. Aftcra

Whether done intentionally or not by the founders, Aftcra is Pig Latin for “Craft”, which is just the first and the last half of the word “Craft” flipped around followed by adding an “a” (pronounced -ay) at the end of the word.

Anyhow, Aftcra is a hand-crafted art website designed specifically for crafts made in America. They too have a large variety of handcrafted item categories, namely Clothing, kids and baby, home and furnishings, arts and handicrafts, jewelry celebrations, paper goods and other accessories. Aftcra makes it easy for sellers to access a market searching for a family-like business approach.

8. Storenvy

Storenvy promotes itself as being “The only eCommerce platform offering two great ways to sell online: Free Custom Online Store & Social Marketplace.” Consider Storenvy like a social media platform where your profile is your store feed filled with your hand-crafted items for sale. Rather than a profile page of your work and family life, you have a profile about your hand-crafted items describing your unique niche and experience. You can follow the styles you like, add stores to your watchlist, “envy” items you really like, and even create collections of different products.

Storenvy currently has 65,995 different brands listed on its platform, providing a great marketplace to reach more customers seeking hand made products. You can begin selling up to 1,000 products on a Storenvy seller account for free or choose from premium seller accounts starting at $14.99 and $29.00 for additional seller benefits.

9. Rubylane

Rubylane is best known for the “vintage” handmade products. Sellers who wish to promote products that are old fashioned, collectible and old “well known” brands or products will have a great marketplace of buyers on Rubylane. Product categories range from Antiques, collectibles, dolls, fine art, furniture, glass, jewelry, pottery, silver and vintage fashion.

Rubylane charges one monthly fee of $69 as well as a listing fee of $3.80. They charge no additional commissions or fees for items sold, making them very competitive to other channels such as eBay or Etsy.

10. Luulla

Luulla lets any creative entrepreneur open a free store to begin selling their handmade products quickly. They provide you with a basic online storefront along with the needed tools and resources to begin reaching your target markets. Their platform allows you to sell mainly fashion and beauty products such as dresses, clothing, tops, sweaters, coats, trousers, swimwear, bags, jewelry, accessories, skirts, lingerie, shoes, socks, houseware and even beauty products.

Sellers can create a free account and list up to 100 products for free or pay a small monthly service fee of $5 to $20 for listing more products. There is a small transaction fee of between 5% and 8% depending on your seller account. Luulla is a great starting place for entrepreneurs looking to begin selling their handcrafted items or seeking to expand their marketplace.

11. Handmade Artists

Handmade Artists provides sellers an all-in-one platform to begin selling handmade items only. Anything that is made from hand, can be sold on this platform. Their list of products ranges from traditional art, to candles, to edibles, jewelry, pet items and even woodworking. All the items on Handmade Artists are automatically added to Google’s product search, providing quick access to many potential customers.

To start selling on Handmade Artists, you simply need to be a paying subscriber, apply to open your shop and begin selling. No other hidden fees or commissions.

12. Cargoh

In Cargoh’s own words, “Cargoh is a social marketplace for independent art, design + culture.” Their e-commerce platform allows you to sell your products to marketplaces seeking unique art and design with a hint of culture in your work.

What does the “culture” aspect mean? It means that sellers who come from unique backgrounds, geographies or heritages often have a unique taste to their art that parallels this culture. Perhaps you were in the army and are great at making handcrafted items with a hint of “army” to them, for example.

To become a seller on Cargoh, you need to fill out their application which is then reviewed by their team to ensure it fits their niche marketplace. Once approved, you can begin listing your unique handmade products to a niche marketplace.

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13. UncommonGoods

UncommonGoods name perhaps describes its niche marketplace. They look for products that have a purpose, solve problems, are uniquely beautiful, handmade with expert skill, unusual and/or recycled materials, made without leather / feathers / fur, and captures buyer’s attention. You can think of UncommonGoods as a planet-friendly selling platform for creative entrepreneurs selling planet-friendly goods.

To list your products on UncommonGoods, you simply need to submit your product to their product team to review. You will need to include your product description, website, pictures, and other unique details about your “uncommon” handcrafted products.

14. Zazzle

Zazzle is a marketplace for designers, makers and do-it-yourself creatives seeking to sell their art online. Their marketplace is a place where you can sell products like invitations and cards, clothing, home décor, electronics, office décor, baby and kids products, artwork, wedding products and gifts. They even have an “Idea” section for people seeking new and different product ideas for different occasions.

Sellers seeking to sell their work on Zazzle simply create their own designs and artwork that are then uploaded to the Zazzle platform. As customers like your designs, it gets more attention and ultimately more purchases. You get paid, and Zazzle handles the rest!

15. Redbubble

Redbubble is “A Global Marketplace For Independent Artists.” Their products range from clothing, stickers, phone cases and wall art, to home décor, kids and babies products, stationery products, gifts and other accessories. Redbubble was started in Australia and seeks to provide products with “uncommon designs on awesome stuff.”

To begin selling on Redbubble, you need to create a free seller account and begin uploading your designs. The amount of money you make is entirely up to how much you plan to list your products for. Red Bubble simply has a base price they charge each time a product is sold, and anything above that price is income to you.

16. CaféPress

CaféPress a great marketplace for sellers who like to sell their designs on common souvenir items like t-shirts, mugs, hats, stickers, car license plate covers and other related souvenir items. Other niche markets for creative sellers include selling products for special occasions like breast cancer awareness, Halloween, Fall TV, Politics and other common holidays and events.

To start selling on Café Pres, simply upload your designs to your seller account and CaféPress will align your designs to the products they think it will best suit. You get paid each time your design is used, and payment is issued by check or via PayPal.

17. RebelsMarket

Combine artwork and the definition of a “rebel” and you get RebelsMarket, a marketplace that sells unique products with designs for those considered to be “rebels.” The marketplace was created in 2012 by a group of individuals who considered themselves rebels that wanted to create their own style of clothing outside of the norm often found in local shopping malls.

In their own words, “We are exclusive to sellers who offer unique, edgy and rebellious styles.” If you sell products or handmade goods that fit this style, RebelsMarket is a great place to reach 7 million plus loyal customers.

18. Society6

Society6 is an ecommerce platform that sells wall art, home décor, furniture, bed & bath products, tabletop items, office décor, tech products, apparel and bags, outdoor and lifestyle products and other related retail items. Artists looking to sell their handmade artwork can create a sellers account and begin uploading their unique designs.

Once you’ve uploaded your designs, you can start selling and promoting them to potential buyers. The more attention you can get to your designs, the more money you will make. Society6 handles all the fulfillment, printing and shipping work for you so you can focus on creating your art and promoting your designs.

19. Bonanza

“Everything but the ordinary” just about sums up the types of products sold on Their product categories range from women’s fashion, men’s fashion, home and garden, health and beauty, collectibles and art, handbags, jewelry and other related retail products. As an artist, you can begin selling your products on Bonanza’s “Webstores” which are their sellers’ digital storefronts on the Bonanza platform.

Each Webstore is like a basic ecommerce website with your store name and design. You can even use Bonanza’s pre-made themes for your store to begin. The difference between Bonanza’s storefronts and a regular ecommerce website is that you get access to Bonanza’s millions of customers to view your products. To start selling your products on Bonanza, you need to open a seller’s account and begin uploading your products. They offer a 14-day free trial to test out the product, with a low monthly service fee afterward.

20. eCrater

eCrater is a popular online ecommerce platform similar to Amazon, but on a much smaller scale. Their store allows you to create a free online store that even allows you to import and sell your products from your eBay store, and this includes handmade products and artwork for creative entrepreneurs, as well as nearly any other product or service you can think of. Like other mentioned “Etsy alternatives,” eCrater’s seller storefront is just like a store website but with the access to eCrater’s marketplace and customers.

Sellers make money through the selling of their products on their eCrater built website and aren’t charged any fees unless your customer was referred to your eCrater website from the eCrater marketplace, at which point eCrater would charge just 2.9% of the sell.

There Is Money to Be Made Online with Creative Handmade Products

There is a reason that Amazon decided to dabble in the marketplace of handmade products. And that is because there is a very large market of buyers seeking unique products crafted with two hands rather than a computerized machine.

The truth is, if you are great with your hands and wish to turn your passion into a great paycheck (whether part-time or full-time), the potential to make some great money certainly exists. Your first step is finding which of the above 20 marketplaces best suites your handmade product to begin your ecommerce journey!

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Sites Like Etsy

20 Sites Like Etsy for Selling Your Handmade, Crafty Items. Looking to make some extra money with a side hustle working from home? Making your own crafty products is a great option! Etsy is obviously the most popular platform, but there are plenty of other options too. Don\'t miss these websites and marketplaces for handmade ecommerce. #ecommerce #sidehustle #makemoney #makemoneyonline