Tornado’s “Learn and Earn” Program Will Pay You to Learn About Investing

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Tornado Learn and Earn

Over the past several years, stock market investing has become more realistic and practical for the average investor. With many new mobile apps and online brokerages offering commission-free trades and the ability to purchase fractional shares, the stock market is more accessible to retail investors than it’s ever been. 

With the most significant barriers for new investors being removed, the number of trades placed by retail investors has increased dramatically. However, those who are new to investing may be taking bigger risks than they realize.

Tornado is a company that’s determined to help investors. And to prove it, they’re willing to pay users up to $50 to learn the basics of investing.

What is “Learn and Earn”?

Tornado’s Learn and Earn program was designed to help investors of every level sharpen their skills. Investors are served lessons tailored to their skill level, and you can earn up to $50 to invest for participating in the program. It’s a unique program that intelligently encourages investors to continue their financial education. 

One of the ways that Tornado stands out from other brokerages and investing apps is through its focus on education and providing users with the tools and information they need to become better investors. The Learn and Earn program is a natural fit with Tornado’s education-focused mission.

How It Works  

All Tornado members with a live brokerage account can earn up to $50 through the Learn and Earn program. The money will be available in your account within 1-2 business days and it can be invested right away. You can invest it through Tornado’s platform any way you choose, but it must remain in your account for at least a year.

The courses or modules are generally brief and can be completed in just a few minutes a day. You can access one lesson per day, so you’ll need to come back multiple times to earn the full $50 bonus. Each lesson covers a specific aspect of investing and provides you with some information that will help to build a solid foundation of investing knowledge.

So far, I’ve completed two lessons and each one took no more than a couple of minutes of my time. It was an easy $10!

Learn and Earn Rewards

What is Tornado?

Tornado is an investing platform on a mission to help everyone become a more confident investor through personalized content, community insights, and investing education. The platform provides data, tools, and perspectives from its members to help investors establish and maintain a balanced portfolio. Through Tornado, you can invest in stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

As was mentioned earlier, Tornado differentiates itself from other platforms primarily through educational resources and tools. There’s a social aspect that allows users to connect and learn from each other, as well as from experienced members of the Tornado community known as Community Thought Leaders. This one-on-one access to experienced investors who are interested in helping others is a truly unique aspect of Tornado that you won’t find with other investing apps or online brokerages.

Tornado also features an impressive set of tools, like the Optimizer, which can help you rebalance your portfolio (based on your risk tolerance) in a single click, at any time. Essentially, the Optimizer provides a more hands-on alternative to robo advisors, while still leaving users in full control.

Why Will They Pay You to Learn How to Invest?

You may be wondering why Tornado is willing to pay users up to $50 to simply complete some investment training. The answer is that the Learn and Earn program is an ideal fit with Tornado’s education-focused mission. The company aims to help users become smarter investors, and Learn and Earn is part of Tornado’s approach to achieving this.

Additionally, the bonus rewards available through Learn and Earn serve as motivation for new users to sign up for Tornado and try the platform, so it could also be viewed as a marketing expense. While larger online brokerages may spend more money on advertising to attract new users, Tornado takes a different approach, and puts money to invest right into the hands of their users, rather than the advertiser.

Getting Started with Tornado’s “Learn and Earn”

It’s easy to take advantage of Tornado’s offer of a bonus reward for completing lessons in the Learn and Earn program. 

First, you’ll need to create a Tornado account. Signing up is simple, but like other financial accounts, you’ll need to provide personal information. Once your account is set up, you’ll find a “Learn and Earn” link in the main menu. (Tornado also offers new users up to a $1,000 bonus to invest. The amount is determined at random during sign-up.)

Accessing Learn and Earn

Simply click the “Learn and Earn” link to start the first lesson. Once completed, you’ll see a message that highlights your rewards. Repeat this process until you’ve earned the full $50 bonus (you can take one course or module per day).

Ready to get started? Head to and create your account.

Not all stocks are eligible for fractional trading. Signup reward is available for new brokerage accounts only, for a limited time. Valid bank account link and/or qualifying deposit may be required. Funds may be invested immediately and withdrawn after one year. Other terms and conditions apply. See the Learn & Earn Rules and Rewards Program Rules for important details.

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