The Best Virtual Assistant Jobs to Make Money from Home

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The Best Virtual Assistant Jobs

If you’re looking for a great way to make money from home part-time or full-time, one of these virtual assistant jobs could be the solution. There are plenty of opportunities for VAs and this page serves as a resource that can help you to find the right opportunity.

With more people looking for ways to make money from home, the possibility of working as a virtual assistant (VA) seems to be getting more attention than ever, and with good reason. Regardless of whether you’re looking for part-time work or full-time work, becoming a virtual assistant can be a great way to make money from home (or anywhere with an internet connection).

There are a lot of factors that make working as a VA an attractive option, including:

  • High demand and lots of work available
  • Likely increase in opportunities as more companies may be reducing employees and outsourcing more work
  • Opportunities for experienced VAs as well as beginners
  • Lots of different types of work that you can do
  • Work as a contractor or start your own VA business
  • Potential to earn a good income (especially if you start your own business)

If you’re looking to maximize your income as a VA, starting your own business is definitely the best option. However, not everyone wants to start their own business. And if you’re a beginner, you may want to get some experience under your belt before branching out on your own. With that in mind, finding a virtual assistant job may be the best path to take right now.

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Free Workshop - 5 Steps to Become a Virtual Assistant Free Workshop - 5 Steps to Become a Virtual Assistant

If you're interested in making money from home, be sure to check out this free workshop from Kayla Sloan. She shows how to use the skills you already have to start making money as a VA.

Companies That Hire Virtual Assistants

If you’re looking for work as a virtual assistant, there are lots of companies that hire workers like you. Many of these companies will match you up with clients who need the services of a VA. In most cases, you’ll be working as a contractor, although there are some virtual assistant jobs that involve working as a W2 employee.

The opportunities you’ll find here will vary. Some companies are looking for people to do very specific types of work and others hire virtual assistants that will do a wide variety of administrative tasks. Some require experience, and others will hire beginners. If you have no prior experience as a VA, don’t worry. Working as a VA is one of the best entry-level work from home jobs and there are some opportunities for beginners.

Also, keep in mind that the available opportunities will change from time-to-time. A company may not be hiring at the moment, but that could change quickly. If you’re interested in working as a VA, here are the best companies that offer virtual assistant jobs.

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1. Zirtual

Zirtual helps entrepreneurs and professionals by providing virtual assistants to handle tasks like email management, social media marketing, website maintenance, research, invoicing, data entry, event planning, scheduling, travel booking, executive assistance, and more.

The available positions are listed on Zirtual’s website and they change periodically, so you can check back every now and then to see the current openings. Some of the positions are remote and some are not.

If you’re interested in one of the listed openings, you can submit an application. Each opening will have a full job description that includes duties & responsibilities, requirements, and qualifications. The job listings also have some information about the compensation for the position.

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2. Boldly

Boldy offers premium remote staffing for tasks related to email marketing, social media, content marketing, bookkeeping, customer service, project management, and executive administration. Their clients pay a flat monthly fee for a certain number of hours of work per month.

One of the ways that Boldly is a bit different from many of the other companies on this list is that you would be a W2 employee of Boldly, not a contractor. You’ll benefit from flexible hours and Boldly will help to match you up with clients that are a good fit for your availability and your skillset.

All of the job openings are listed on Boldly’s website and you can apply at any time if you see something that would be a good fit. Because Boldly focuses on “premium” staffing, the requirements for the jobs are more significant (at least 7 years of experience in your field) than most of the other opportunities. However, the income potential is also better. The current openings list $20 per hour as the starting compensation.

3. Vasumo

Vasumo charges clients a flat monthly fee based on the number of hours of work that they need. Their VAs offer work related to social media, marketing and advertising, graphic design, web design, video & audio editing, research, data entry, and more.

Virtual assistants working for Vasumo are matched up with clients based on the needs of the client and the skillset and experience of the VA. As a VA, you may have more than one client, but you won’t be working for hundreds or thousands of different people.

The qualifications of working for Vasumo include:

  • A love of helping and serving others.
  • At least 3 years of experience as a virtual assistant.
  • Great knowledge of online marketing including tools, strategies and best practices.
  • An eye for a great design.
  • Ability to figure things out by yourself, able to complete tasks by following instructions, not afraid to ask questions, you are a self-starter and always meet deadlines.
  • Creative problem-solving skills, outside the box thinking, and a willingness to question and improve.
  • Willingness to take part in 3 months of advanced paid training and pass certification.
  • Located in the U.S. or Canada.

If you’re interested, you can apply at the Vasumo website.

4. Belay

Belay offers the following services: virtual assistants, virtual bookkeepers, website maintenance. VAs may be responsible for scheduling, managing email accounts, posting to social media, proofing/editing documents, booking travel arrangements, coordinating between clients and/or team members, and coordinating almost anything clients need.

As a repeat member of the Inc 5000, Belay has established a great reputation for providing an excellent quality of services, and that means you’ll need some experience and you’ll need to be on top of your game if you want to work for Belay.

Belay clients will have one VA assigned to them. As a VA, you may work for more than one client, but you will have specific clients that you serve on a consistent basis. VAs and clients are matched up by Belay according to the client’s needs and the VAs experience and strengths.

At the time this article is being written, Belay has no current openings. That could change at any time, so it’s worth checking their site.

5. Virtual Gal Friday

Virtual Gal Friday has been in business for over 20 years and provides clients with virtual assistants, virtual real estate assistants, virtual receptionists, medical assistants, legal assistants, and executive assistants (all remote).

As a VA, you would be a part-time employee of Virtual Gal Friday. You need to be available during normal business hours, Monday through Friday. Current openings are listed on their website along with the requirements of the position. You can apply through the website if there’s a position that interests you.

6. Virtual Assist USA

Virtual Assist USA focuses on helping small businesses, entrepreneurs and even enterprise companies who need access to additional employees but perhaps don’t have the long-term funds just yet to hire in house. Instead, these companies turn to Virtual Assist USA for remote help. They started back in 2008 and have become a go-to for businesses needing assistance and entrepreneurs looking to make extra money.

VAs that wish to work with Virtual Assist USA will need to have a strong background of experience such as a college education, minimum of 10 years of work experience, great communication skills and the ability to be resourceful.

7. Vicky

Vicky provides businesses with VAs specifically for handling secretarial duties such as front desk phone calls. Their focus is to free up their client’s time working on their business by spending less time on the phone.

If you want to apply to work with Vicky, applicants with skills such as computer proficiency, the ability to be helpful and friendly on the phone (even when a customer is upset or angry), organization skills and a willingness to learn new things daily.

8. Time etc

Time etc. is a company based in the United Kingdom providing Virtual Assistants to companies of all types. They particularly provide VA jobs for those who need a more flexible position or part-time work hours. With a Glassdoor rating of 4.9 stars and a long track record of success, Time etc. may be a great option for you if you need a VA job working from home with flexible hours.

To be a competitive candidate, you will need to have at least 5 years of work experience, you need to be based in the US, have access to a computer with internet, and have great organizational skills.

9. Team Delegate

Team Delegate has been in business for over 17 years and offers work from home positions for both virtual assistants and bookkeeping positions.

If you’re looking to apply as a bookkeeper with Team Delegate, they seek to work with entrepreneurs and freelancers who are familiar with customer service, are organized, understand balance sheet reports, profit and loss reports and cash flow statements. They also prefer to hire people who have a bachelor’s degree in business, accounting, finance or any other related field.

Those who are looking to apply as an executive virtual assistant, they prefer to work with those who are well organized and know now to organize a calendar, provide travel arrangements, social media management, invoicing, client care, newsletter management and even email management.

10. Elite Virtual Assistants

Elite Virtual Assistants (EVA) is a team of professional VAs that see the trend of working from home for anyone with access to a laptop and the internet. They know that costs can be cut, and work can be done more efficiently with modern technology and the ability to hire remote workers. The types of VA jobs they hire for are for both executive assistants and legal assistants.

Their team of VAs seeks to hire entrepreneurs who have a strong professional background that wants to work for a company invested in building your career and success. They look for those with at least two years of experience in either executive assistance or legal assistance, that have proficiency in Microsoft Office and general business software as well as great organizational and problem-solving skills.

11. Priority VA

Priority VA focuses on hiring Executive Virtual Assistants to work with C-Suite level executives in a professional manner. The job duties entail administrative assistance and clerical work for company executives.

Furthermore, they look for people who are good at managing email inboxes, calendar management and scheduling, priority project management and coordination, executive travel preferences, travel budget and travel coordination as well as attend meetings and provide action items and meeting agenda.

12. Hello Rache

Hello Rache specializes in providing virtual assistants specifically to the healthcare industry. They need VAs who are trained medical professionals with an understanding of the industry and the needs of different medical businesses. They offer great pay rates, free training and certification, the ability to work from home. They seek a long-term relationship and look for those who have a passion about working in the medical field.

Requirements to apply for a VA position with Hello Rache include providing proof of education or training like a degree or certificate, valid government-issued ID, proficiency in Practice Fusion EMR software (additional training is provided), the ability to obtain HIPPA certificate, and be available to work both nights and weekends as needed.

13. 247 Virtual Assistant

24/7 Virtual Assistant provides its clients VAs not just for business work, but for general tasks related to both work and life. Busy executives may have a large workload at the office, as well as busy work at home. They work with clients that seek to free up time both at the office and in the home to spend time doing what they love most.

Example tasks of a VA for 24/7 Virtual Assistant can be anything from administrative office tasks to paying your household bills. They seek to work with VA’s who need part-time work and flexibility. Their clientele is anyone and everyone, so the work you do will likely depend on your resume and background experience, which is matched with their client’s needs.

14. Contemporary Virtual Assistance

Contemporary Virtual Assistance promotes its ability to save businesses time and money with their elite team of experienced VAs. They provide businesses with both administrative VAs as well as Online Business Manager VAs with a background in online business.

They seek to work with VAs familiar with customer service, email support, helpdesk, website optimization, planning and hosting webinars, writing newsletters and blog posts, social media management, calendar management, and software management.

15. Premier VEBA

Premier VEBA provides companies a dedicated hub of resources and services through their team of virtual assistants. They work with businesses of all kinds including entrepreneurs and independent workers or startups.

Tasks associated with their VA jobs include office support such as secretarial services, writing content for businesses, financial tasks, sales and marketing projects, helping companies with their technology problems, provide graphic design work for businesses and even video and audio services. If you have a background in any of these areas, then Premier VEBA may be a great option for getting good VA work.

16. NS Virtual Services

NS Virtual Services is a VA company that provides additional work for businesses ranging from almost anything and everything possible. In fact, if a business doesn’t see that they offer the right services they are looking for, they invite the business to send them a message and they will find the right VA for them.

This provides a great opportunity for VAs of multiple backgrounds because there are a variety of businesses and tasks you will work with. Current VA work includes things like admin support, content creation, bookkeeping, customer service, email marketing, graphic design, managing schedules, search engine optimization, spreadsheet management, and even travel research and accommodations.

They look for VAs that have a background in these related areas with proven ability to do good work in the respective areas described above.

17. Paragon Planners

Paragon Planners provides VA services for businesses, with VA services ranging from things like territory management, scheduling and appointment setting, marketing, event planning, phone calls, administrative support and other related VA tasks.

They provide VA opportunities for anyone in almost any state within the US including AZ, CA, CO, FL, ID, IL KS, KY, MI, MO, NC, OH, OR, PA, SC, TX, UT and WA. They look for applicants who have proven track records of the above-listed tasks, with the ability to stay organized, have great customer service and capability to manage a calendar of tasks to be done.

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Virtual Assistant Jobs for Beginners

Some of you may not have a complete background working as a virtual assistant. Everyone has to start somewhere, and there are available resources for getting started quickly. These entry-level opportunities are perfect if you’re looking for a side hustle to make an extra $1,000 per month or more.

1. FancyHands

FancyHands is one of the most well-known places to find work as a virtual assistant. Clients who use virtual assistants through FancyHands can submit small tasks that they need help with, and the number of requests they are allowed per month will depend on the plan that they’ve selected.

As a FancyHands VA, you’ll be completing a lot of these smaller tasks and working with many different clients, rather than spending a lot of hours working for the same client. However, clients also have the option to hire a dedicated VA to do all of their work, so there is a chance that you could get matched up with a client in this way.

The work you would do as a FancyHands VA would include things like making phone calls on behalf of people, scheduling appointments, researching the best price for something, finding hotels that meet certain criteria, and data entry.

The qualifications include:

  • Strong communication skills.
  • A computer and a reliable internet connection.
  • Knowledge of different fields.
  • Self-starter who wants to take on more responsibility and try new things.
  • An audio headset with a microphone.

You’ll be paid per task that you complete and the amount that you make will depend on how quickly the task is finished, what time of day it is, and how complicated the task is. To start, tasks are worth anywhere from $3 to $7 per task and go up from there. There are also opportunities to move into a management role. You also have the flexibility to set your own hours.

If you’re interested, you can apply through the FancyHands website.

2. Equivity

Equivity is a team of experts who provide virtual assistant jobs for businesses in all industries. Examples of services provided through Equivity and for which they hire virtual assistants are:

  • Virtual administrative assistants
  • Marketing assistants
  • Marketing strategists
  • Virtual paralegals and legal secretaries
  • Virtual assistant teams (groups of VAs dedicated to one or a handful of small businesses).

Skills and qualities that Equivity looks for when hiring VAs may depend on the position opening, but are often things like a bachelors degree, basic computer competence, proficiency with search engines and review sites, email marketing, Microsoft Office proficiency, organization skills, great communication skills and ambitious employees who take initiative.

Applying for a VA job with Equivity is easy, just visit their website careers page to view available VA openings.

3. OkayRelax

OkayRelax provides anyone who needs additional help with their business or schedule to sign up for a monthly membership and simply delegate tasks to a dedicated virtual assistant, which could be you! They strive to provide each client of theirs with a dedicated assistant, rather than have different assistants for one client. This makes it a more personalized approach and results in high retention of clientele. This means job stability for those looking to be a VA for OkayRelax.

They look to work with individuals who are customer-focused and have great relationship management skills, organizational skills, task management, calendar management, great phone call customer service and overall general skills in secretarial duties.

4. Assistant Match

A unique feature that Assistant Match offers is a one-stop-shop for those who are seeking to become a VA. This means that they will give you the training needed to become a reputable VA, as well as additional resources and job opportunities with their clients. They’ve been in business for about 10 years and have a large list of clients who need additional help from their VA team.

They seek to work with VAs that have access to a basic home office, dedicated phone line and computer. Furthermore, they require professional communication skills via phone and email, the ability to follow up on phone and email tasks, have experience working from home in the past and even proof that you have an established VA business.

5. 20Four7VA

20Four7 Virtual VA is known for its convenience for VAs of any experience level. They provide you with training programs and certifications as needed, provide competitive pay, flexible hours and schedule, weekly payouts via PayPal, and the ability to work from anywhere with an internet connection.

The types of VAs they are looking to bring to their team are anything from an administrative VA, an eCommerce VA that is familiar with online business, and even specialist VAs with experience in digital marketing, content creation, creative design and IT development.

6. Virtual Office VA Staffing

Virtual Office VA Staffing provides virtual assistance work for small businesses focused mainly on secretarial type tasks. They differ from other VA companies in that they want their employees to have a real opportunity for self-employment without having to do sales or cold calling. They pay their employees weekly and provide basic training to help you get started.

Requirements for applying with Virtual Office VA Staffing include sticking to a disciplined schedule, reaching goals of working for clients a minimum of 5 hours per client per week, attention to detail, managing email and responding in a timely manner and have a computer with a good connection to the internet.

7. Lifebushido

Lifebushido provides part-time virtual assistant services and anything related to businesses of all types. They began their business in 2006 and now work with over 100 clients to date. They operate their services globally.

They seek to hire anyone from a work at home parent, seniors looking for extra work, college students who need extra cash, caregivers and anything in between. The work you will be doing at Lifebushido ranges from small business tasks and services, customer service phone calls, accounting tasks, marketing projects, recruiting processes general administrative assistance and almost anything related.

8. TaskBullet

TaskBullet is a Virtual Assistant agency that works with real estate companies, provides admin support, sales assistants, lead generation services, marketing and personal VA assistance. Like a few other VA companies, their customers pay a monthly subscription to be able to delegate tasks to their VA team.

9. Wonder

Wonder focuses on providing research services to businesses of any kind. They promote to their potential VAs that they truly allow you to be your own boss, make money when you want and how you want, as well as expand your expertise to grow your resume.

As a VA at Wonder, you will be doing mainly research work as requested from your portfolio of businesses you work for. Popular research requests from their clients include researching recommended products and services, competitive landscaping, explaining trends or phenomena, gathering and organizing statistics and doing basic market research to determine market size and demographics.

10. Virtual Assistant Talent

Virtual Assistant Talent works with VA’s of all experience levels, but also allows you to begin working as a VA having little to no background in the industry. They look to work with people who are interested in doing work such as social media marketing, real estate investor assistants, real estate agent assistants, transcriptionists, customer service, administrative and personal assistants and sales representatives.

11. $99 Social

$99 Social is a VA company with a narrower list of tasks that they provide to companies. They specialize in taking the work of managing content and social media off the hands of their clients so they can focus on growing their business, while $99 Social can focus on sharing their work.

To be a competitive applicant when applying for VA jobs at $99 Social, you will need to have great reading and writing abilities, great spelling and grammar, punctuation and sentence structure, you need to be well organized, be familiar with Google and Bing search engines and finish jobs on time for clients.

Jobs Boards for Virtual Assistant Jobs

The companies above are focused on building out teams of VAs for their clients who are businesses needing extra staffing help or help with additional work. Another option for getting work as a VA is looking directly on job boards and apply to VA jobs working directly with that business, rather than applying to work for a VA staffing company that provides you with work.

Going out on your own may be a little bit harder, but the income potential is higher. If you’re looking for some guidance on how to do this, see our article on the best virtual assistant training that can help you to start making money.

A few great options for popular job boards that have VA jobs are:


FlexJobs is a job board where businesses can post work for positions that can be done remotely from home. They provide both full time and part-time jobs and attract independent contractors and freelancers looking to build their book of business clientele. Perhaps the biggest difference about FlexJobs is they focus on attracting job seekers rather than businesses needing help.

Remote OK

Remote OK is a simple job board where remote jobs are posted regularly. Many job boards focus more on hiring for regular in-office positions, while Remote OK promotes their friendliness to businesses posting jobs for remote work. Available jobs are anything from software development, customer support, marketing, design, and even non-tech specific positions. is another job board that posts mainly jobs that can be done remotely. They post jobs that can be done remotely for work such as web developers, customer service, recruiting, design, sales, accounting and anything in between!

Different than, but another job board that posts jobs specifically for positions that can be done remotely. Whether it’s for full-time or part-time, or work when you want positions, has a great list of job opportunities. They even provide remote jobs for international work.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely promotes being the largest remote work community in the world having over 2.5 million monthly website visitors. They have been a source of remote work for major companies like Google, Amazon, Basecamp and Invision. Work ranges from remote jobs like research work, event planners, data analysts, web developers, admin assistants and any other job that can be done remotely.


We’re all probably familiar with one of the largest job boards out there, Indeed. Although Indeed posts regular jobs, they also see the trend in companies hiring remotely and provide a great place for both entrepreneurs and businesses alike to seek remote work. The jobs posted on Indeed are anything and everything that can be done from a remote position, and each job has its own qualifications and requirements.

Bidding Sites for Freelance Workers and VAs

Virtual Assistant jobs are often similar to other types of jobs that may be done by freelancers or independent contractors. Additional work from home opportunities are available through freelance websites where workers bid on different posted jobs can be found on sites like:

  • Upwork  – A freelance website where businesses are able to post the work they need to be done, the pay amount and the timeframe that they will need help (like three months, a week, or a particular project). Workers can submit their proposals for the work and are notified if selected for the job.
  • Freelancer – This is another freelance website where businesses post available work they need help with. Freelancers submit their proposals and experience and are notified if selected for the job.
  • Guru – Similar to Upwork and Freelancer, Guru also lists jobs for freelancers and remote workers who can bid on the projects and get notified if the business selects them for work.
  • PeoplePerHour – They provide businesses with access to a wide range of freelancers and connect businesses and freelancers even internationally. Similar to the other listed freelance bidding sites, freelancers can bid on different projects and are notified if the business selects them for the work.

A popular freelance website that works a bit differently than the above listed freelance bidding sites is Fiverr allows freelancers to post their skills as a “gig”, along with gig descriptions, pricing and customer reviews from previous orders. Businesses can then search Fiverr for freelancers who post certain gigs and can determine if a freelancer meets their needs by reading reviews, viewing gig descriptions, pricing and even samples of past work. This poses another great opportunity for those seeking to find additional remote work.

Be sure to check out this free workshop by experience VA Kayla Sloan: 5 Steps to Becoming a Virtual Assistant. It’s a great way to get started and you’ll pick up some valuable tips.

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  • User-friendly interface
  • Commission-free trades of stocks, ETFs, options, and ADRs
  • Powerful screening and charting tools
  • Free real-time level 2 data
  • User-friendly mobile app
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