50+ of the Best FIRE Blogs (Financial Independence, Retire Early)

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FIRE Blogs

The FIRE (financial independence, retire early) movement is growing quickly. There are many blogs and podcasts dedicated to the subject and everything that is involved in reaching financial freedom. With so many great resources out there I thought it would be useful to put together a collection of the best personal finance blogs that specialize in financial independence. Here you’ll find more than 50 blogs that can help you on your own quest towards early retirement.

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The Best FIRE Blogs

Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache and his wife retired from their day jobs in 2005, while in their 30’s, thanks to effective money management and investing. He started the site after seeing and hearing so many friends struggling with basic money management. This popular blog covers topics related to saving and personal finance and is easily one of the most well-known financial independence blogs.

Joe UdoRetire by 40

Joe Udo started Retire by 40 in 2010 and at 38 years old he retired from an engineering career to be a stay-at-home dad and blogger. He writes about investing, including passive income like real estate. If you want to learn more about effectively managing and investing your money, this is a great blog.


ChooseFI is known for having a highly-popular podcast, but the site also includes a very active blog with a growing number of articles. Some of the articles are written by Jonathan and Brad, the co-hosts of the podcast, but there are many other writers involved as well.

Grant SabatierMillennial Money

Millennial Money is the blog of Grant Sabatier, who reached financial independence at 30 years old. On the blog he covers topics related to saving, making more money, and early retirement. The site also has an active podcast that you’ll want to check out.

Mad FientistMad Fientist

At Mad Fientist, Brandon has a blog and podcast focused on financial independence and achieving it early in life. Both the podcast and blog are excellent resources and The Laboratory includes a handy “Time to FI” calculator and a helpful FI tracker.

Early Retirement ExtremeEarly Retirement Extreme

Early Retirement Extreme (ERE), by Jacob Lund Fisker, is one of the oldest financial independence blogs. In 2018 Jacob’s net worth would allow him to continue his current lifestyle for 129 years, and he has more than enough passive income to cover living expenses.

Paula PantAfford Anything

Afford Anything is the blog and podcast of Paula Pant. Paula achieved financial independence in part through real estate investing and passive income. Both the blog and podcast cover a variety of topics related to personal finance and money management.

The Money HabitThe Money Habit

The Money Habit is the blog of J.P., who retired at 28 with $2.25 million. The blog is dedicated to helping readers achieve extreme, early wealth. There are articles on topics like saving money, investing, making money with a blog, and more.

Physician on FIREPhysician on FIRE

Physician on FIRE is written by a physician who achieved financial independence at 39. He now works part-time and plans to retire early. Although there is some content that is geared towards other physicians, most of it will be relevant to a much wider audience. The site also includes a few calculators that are quite useful.

1500 days1500 Days to Freedom

Mr. 1500 (Carl) started the blog when his goal was to retire in 1500 days by the age of 43. The blog has been around for a while, and he’s now retired! He now has a net worth of over $2 million and you can track his investment growth on the blog.


Mrs. Frugalwoods writes about achieving financial independence through extreme frugality. Mr. and Mrs. Frugalwoods live on a rural 66 acres, enjoying their life apart from the typical 9 to 5. She is also the author of a Book, Meet the Frugalwoods: Achieving Financial Independence Through Simple Living.

Go Curry CrackerGo Curry Cracker

Go Curry Cracker is a popular blog by Winnie and Jeremy, a couple that achieved financial independence in their 30’s. They made it happen by minimizing expenses any way possible and saving a high percentage of their income.

ThinkSaveRetireThink Save Retire

Think Save Retire is the blog of Steve Adcock, who retired from full-time work at 35. Steve and his wife now travel the country in an Airstream. The blog covers a variety of topics related to money and working towards financial independence.

Millennial RevolutionMillennial Revolution

Millennial Revolution is run by a couple who built a 7-figure portfolio in their 30’s. They now travel the world without the need for a 9-to-5 job. They’ve built a great community and their blog posts generate a lot of discussion in the comments section.

Campfire FinanceCampfire Finance

Campfire Finance is different than any of the other blogs on this list. It is a community-oriented site that curates the best FIRE-related content from various blogs. If you’re looking for a place where you can go to find great content from a variety of sources, this is the place.

His and Her FIHis and Her FI

Charles and Bethany are a couple working towards financial independence. Their site includes both a blog and podcast covering topics like minimalism, frugality, cheap travel, and more.

Our Next LifeOur Next Life

At Our Next Life you can read about Tanja and Mark (Tanja writes the blog posts) and their early retirement experience. They both retired in 2017 at the ages of 38 and 41. Now they spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying their freedom.

ERNEarly Retirement Now

Early Retirement Now is the blog of Karsten, who recently retired early after a career in economics. His wife is a former nurse (RN) and also retired early. Kartsen writes about a variety of financial topics.

Tread Lightly Retire EarlyTread Lightly, Retire Early

Angela has built a great community around her blog, with a lot of comments on most posts. She’s in her early 30’s and working towards financial independence. She doesn’t plan to retire early, but wants to be able to work by choice instead of out of necessity.

Mr. Tako EscapesMr. Tako Escapes

Mr. Tako reached financial independence at 38 years of age. On his site you can see his current net worth (over $3 million) and his annual dividend income. During most of his career he made less than $100,000 per year, and he and his wife also have 2 kids, so he’s an excellent example of what’s possible.

Mr. Free at 33Mr. Free at 33

Mr. Free at 33 is Jason Fieber, who, as you may have guessed, reached financial freedom at 33. He has a really inspiring story of overcoming a rough childhood to get where he is today. Now, Jason lives in Thailand and coaches others on financial independence.

Financially AlertFinancially Alert

Michael retired from the corporate world in 2012 at the age of 36. He currently has a net worth of over $2 million but has a long-term goal of $10 million. In addition to being a blogger and coach, he’s also a stay-at-home father.

Pauline PaquinReach Financial Independence

Reach Financial Independence is the blog of Pauline Paquin. She’s 35 years old and left her full-time job in 2010 to start freelance writing. She now lives in Guatemala and writes for a few money and travel blogs.

CubertAbandoned Cubicle

Cubert is an anonymous blogger, at least until he retires in 2019. He lives in the mid west with his wife and two kids. On the blog you’ll find articles about frugal living, real estate, and much more.

The Green SwanThe Green Swan

Articles at the Green Swan are written by JW Brooks and his wife Lucy. The blog is about wealth accumulation, financial independence, and early retirement.


Tawcan is a “Taiwanese Canadian’s quest for joyful life & financial independence.” Bob Lai’s goal is to reach financial independence by 2025 when he’ll be in his early 40’s. He publishes articles about his dividends, as well as many other topics.

Ms. FiologyMs. Fiology

Deanna is Ms. Fiology, an inspiring blogger who has overcome addition and debt on her journey. She became debt free in 2017 and the blog chronicles her journey towards financial independence. She also writes for ChooseFI.

WoWWaffles on Wednesday

Waffles on Wednesday is the blog where Mr. and Mrs. WoW share their journey to financial independence. Both of them write articles on topics related to FI.

Darrow KirkpatrickCan I Retire Yet?

Can I Retire Yet is a blog founded by Darrow Kirkpatrick. Darrow has also written a book by the same name. Darrow retired at 50 and most of the articles on the blog cover topics like saving, investing, and retiring.


At Minafi Adam blogs about minimalism, mindfulness, and financial independence. Adam is 35 and he started the site in 2016 as he progressed on his own journey toward minimalism and financial independence.

JL CollinsJLCollinsNH

JL Collins has been around the financial independence movement longer than just about anyone. He’s also written a book titled The Simple Path to Wealth. On his blog you’ll find articles on money, life, travel, and business.

Fly to FIFly to FI

Cody is the blogger behind Fly to FI and The FI Show podcast. Cody and his business partner run a disc golf company. The blog is still fairly new, but there’s already a good bit of content in the archives.

Reluctant FrugalistReluctant Frugalist

At Reluctant Frugalist Mrs. RF writes about her journey towards financial independence. Interestingly enough, she started a six-figure lice business.

Root of GoodRoot of Good

Justin saved and invested enough to be able to retire at age 33 in 2013. His wife retired 3 years later. Now they enjoy life with their 3 kids and Justin runs the Root of Good blog.

Dash 2 RetireDash 2 Retire

The blogger behind Dash 2 Retire and her husband began their journey towards early retirement in 2014. They set up a six-year plan to retire in 2020, and so far they are on track. On the blog you can read about their journey, as well as about life for Americans living in Canada.

Route to RetireRoute to Retire

Jim, the blogger behind Route to Retire, reached $1 million net worth in 2017. He plans to retire at the end of 2018 and move to Panama where he will enjoy being retired at the age of 43.

Guy on FIREGuy on FIRE

Guy on FIRE is a 20-something named Drew. He lives in Washington, DC and went from being in debt to a net worth of $500,000 in 4 years. He plans to retire in his late 20’s or early 30’s and pursue his passions like biking, hiking, fishing, traveling, and cooking.


Tuppenny and her husband are on a journey towards financial independence. At one time she was a single teenage mom, and on the blog she writes a lot of frugality, saving money, and living on less.

Early Retirement DudeEarly Retirement Dude

ER Dude retired at 36 (he’s now 48). He had a 13-year career, and he and his wife used geographic arbitrage to their advantage to make early retirement possible.

JayFI Fighter

FI Fighter is the blog of Jay, a former engineer who reached financial independence at 31. His blog has been around longer than most FIRE blogs. On Jay’s blog you can read about his journey and his investments.

Freedom is GroovyFreedom is Groovy

Freedom is Groovy is run by a couple known as Mr. and Mrs. Groovy. Mr. Groovy has also written a book titled The Groovy Guide to Financial Independence: How to Escape the Tyranny of Mandatory Toil in 14 Years or Less.

Leisure FreakLeisure Freak

Leisure Freak is written by Tommy, who retired at 51 after a 31-year career in the telephone industry. He covers topics like funding early retirement, frugal living, and non-financial aspects of early retirement.

Escape ArtistThe Escape Artist

The Escape Artist retired in 2014 at the age of 43 after he’d built a portfolio to support his family of 5. His blog has been around for about 4 years and there’s a lot of great content in the archives.

Four Pillar FreedomFour Pillar Freedom

Four Pillar Freedom is written by a 24-year-old named Zach. The four pillars are philosophy, psychology, work ethic, and finance – the pillars to a rich and meaningful life. The blog was launched in late 2016 and Zach published new articles pretty frequently.

Mr Crazy KicksMr Crazy Kicks

Mr Crazy Kicks reached financial independence and retired at 34. He and his wife made it happen by cutting expenses, saving more, and investing in basic index funds. His blog isn’t updated extremely frequently, but he’s busy living out his early retirement dreams.

Montana Money AdventuresMontana Money Adventures

Montana Money Adventures is the blog of Jillian Johnsrud. She became financially independent at 32 despite starting with $55,000 of debt at marriage. Her mission is to help others create a lifestyle that reflects their values, passion, and purpose.

Olivia BirdBirds of a FIRE

Birds of a FIRE is run by Olivia Bird. Olivia plans to reach financial independence and retire at 30. She’s currently 25 and lives in New York City. On her site you’ll find a lot of great money saving and travel hacking tips.


FIREthe9to5 is a blog written by a single parent in the UK working towards financial independence and early retirement.


MoneyMow is the blog of Carl, a 27-year-old from Denmark. He plans to retire in 6 years when he is 33. He writes about topics like saving and investing, as well as his own FIRE journey.

Aussie FirebugAussie Firebug

Aussie Firebug is written by, you guessed it, an Australian pursuing financial independence. This anonymous late 20’s blogger’s strategy involves investing in real estate and low-cost index funds.

Retire by 45Retire by 45

Retire by 45 is the blog of Dylin and Allison, a couple living in California. They have an interesting retirement story. They hadn’t planned to retire early but were both laid off of their jobs, and they fell in love with newfound freedom.


DiverseFI is written by Doc G, a financially independent doctor. The blog is less than a year old, but already has a lot of great content related to financial independence.


AcceleratedFI is a lot different than many other FIRE blogs. The author, Jim, extensively writes about side hustles, especially making money online through websites and blogs. If you’re looking to make more money to speed up your progress to FI, you’re sure to like this one.

DrewFI Introvert

FI Introvert is another blog with a unique angle. Drew covers topics relevant to introverts who are pursuing financial independence. He publishes his own articles as well as interviews.


Frugasaurus is the blog of Mr. E and Kristine, a couple from Norway. On the blog they write about frugality and their journey towards financial independence.

Max Your FreedomMax Your Freedom

Max Your Freedom is written by a blogger that goes by “Max” who is planning to retire at 45. On the blog he writes about travel and lifestyle as well as finance.

Freedom 35Freedom 35 Blog

Freedom 35 is written by a single guy in his early 30’s living in Vancouver, Canada. He invests in a lot of different things, including private mortgages, precious metals, and farmland.

Feel free to mention your own FIRE blog or those that you love in the comments.

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