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Managing money is one of the most important tasks in life. It doesn’t matter if you make a little or a lot, you can still go broke if you’re not respecting and taking care of your money.

Want to retire comfortably? Now is the time to start planning and saving.

Fortunately, there are many helpful blogs that cover all aspects of personal finance. The best personal finance blogs are excellent resources for learning, getting motivated, and for helping you step up to the challenges in your own financial life.

In this post I want to feature 40 different blogs that are worth following. Some of them are single-author blogs where the blogger shares his or her own opinions and experiences. Others are multi-author blogs that publish a lot of content and cover a wide variety of topics.

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The Best Personal Finance Blogs

Joe UdoRetire by 40

Joe Udo started Retire by 40 in 2010 and at 38 years old he retired from an engineering career to be a stay-at-home dad and blogger. He writes about investing, including passive income like real estate. If you want to learn more about effectively managing and investing your money, this is a great blog.

Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache and his wife retired from their day jobs in 2005, while in their 30’s, thanks to effective money management and investing. He started the site after seeing and hearing so many friends struggling with basic money management. This popular blog covers topics related to saving and personal finance.

J. MoneyBudgets Are Sexy

Budgets Are Sexy is the blog of J. Money, although guest posts from other writers are also published. J. Money started the blog 10 years ago out of a desire to help others to pay more attention to their finances. On the blog he tracks and shares his own net worth.

Financial SamuraiFinancial Samurai

Financial Samurai is a very popular blog by Sam Dogen. Sam has been in the finance industry for two decades (the blog was started in 2009) and his articles cover a wide variety of topics like investing, family finances, debt, and more. This blog is a must-follow if you’re intent on improving your own financial situation.

MichelleMaking Sense of Cents

Making Sense of Cents is the blog of Michelle Schroeder-Gardner. On the blog she covers topics like saving, budgeting, paying off debt, making money, and self employment. Michelle’s blog has become extremely popular and her monthly income reports always generate a lot of attention.

Mad FientistMad Fientist

At Mad Fientist Brandon has a blog and podcast focused on financial independence, and achieving it early in life. Both the podcast and blog are excellent resources if you’re interested in not working a typical job for 40 years, and isn’t that all of us?

Paula PantAfford Anything

Afford Anything is the blog and podcast of Paula Pant. The blog is not updated all that frequently, but the podcast is very active with a lot of great episodes. Both the blog and podcast cover a variety of topics related to personal finance and money management.

Money NingMoney Ning

Money Ning was started by David Ning in 2007, although most of the articles now are written by other authors. Topics include money management, investing, and frugal living.

Money CrashersMoney Crashers

Money Crashers is a very popular multi-author blog that covers topics like investing, money management, debt, real estate and small business.

RosemarieThe Busy Budgeter

The Busy Budgeter is the blog of Rosemarie Groner. Her blog posts cover topics related to money (budgeting, spending less, making more), as well as organization, family, receipes, and more. The money saving tips are actionable and practical.

Grant SabatierMillennial Money

Millennial Money is the blog of Grant Sabatier, who reached financial independence at 30 years old. On the blog he covers topics related to saving, making more money, and early retirement. The site also has an active podcast that you’ll want to check out.

Dave - Run the MoneyRun the Money

Dave Domzalski started Run the Money in 2017. On the blog he writes about money and finances, as well as physical health.

J.D. RothGet Rich Slowly

J.D. Roth started Get Rich Slowly all the way back in 2006. He sold the site in 2009, stayed on as manager and editor for a few years, before leaving. But in 2017 he bought the site back, and I’m looking forward to see the changes that J.D. makes to the site going forward. The site is a great resource with lots of information on saving and investing.

VTX CaptialVTX Capital

At VTX Capital Ben Huber (and other writers) cover a variety of topics related to saving money and making more money. They cover personal finance issues as well as side hustles and making money online with things like blogging.

Lauren GreutmanLauren Greutman

Lauren is a best-selling author that blogs about topics like budgeting and getting out of debt. Her blog’s target audience is women, but much of her blog’s content is relevant to men as well. She also has a video course called The Financial Renovation.

Jeff RoseGood Financial Cents

Jeff Rose is a Certified Financial Planner, best-selling author, and the man behind Good Financial Cents. On his blog he writes about investing and other aspects of personal finance.

Anna Newell JonesAnd Then We Saved

Anna Newell Jones is behind And Then We Saved, but there are posts from other writers as well. Anna paid off almost $24,000 of debt in 15 months, and on her blog she covers topics related to personal finance, saving, and eliminating debt. At her site you can take a 3-step challenge to start your own debt-free journey.


At FITnancials Alexis blogs about health & fitness as well as saving and finance. If you’re looking to live a healthier, more fulfilling life, this blog that launched in 2013 is an excellent one to follow.

Kristin LarsenBelieve in a Budget

Believe in a Budget is the blog of Kristin Larsen. Kristin started the website in 2015 and it has been her full-time income since 2016. Blog posts cover topics like budgeting, saving, and side hustles.

My Money BlogMy Money Blog

My Money Blog is a very frequently-updated blog by Jonathan Ping. Jonathan covers all aspects of personal finance, including saving, investing, budgeting, debt, retirement, and more.

R.J. WeissThe Ways to Wealth

R.J. Weiss, the founder of The Ways to Wealth, is a Certified Financial Planner with more than 10 years of experience writing about personal finance. His blog covers saving, investing, debt payoff, and making money.

Retire Before DadRetire Before Dad

Retire Before Dad is the blog of a 43-year-old IT professional on his journey to retire at age 55, which would be one year earlier than his dad retired. You’ll find a lot of great articles and reviews based on his own path to financial independence.

Rich MiserRich Miser

Rich Miser is the blog of Miguel, a Miami-based lawyer. The articles on the blog are written by Miguel and his wife Lily, covering topics like saving money, travel, and even food & drinks. The concept of a rich miser is to build wealth and live well, but to spend wisely.

Kristy MarshallMoney Bliss

Money Bliss is the blog of Kristy Marshall. Kristy started Money Bliss and she and her husband paid off more than $50,000 in student loan debt in one year. At Money Bliss you’ll find articles on all aspects of saving and money management.

Alaya LintonHope + Cents

Alaya Linton is a financial coach who paid of more than $70,000 of debt in two years. Her blog covers money management and personal finance.

Millennial BossMillennial Boss

J started Millennial Boss as a way to track her debt payoff. After paying off nearly $100,000 of debt the blog is still going strong with articles on topics like personal finance and side hustles.

Bridget CaseyMoney After Graduation

At Money After Graduation Bridget Casey covers topics relevant to young professionals who are looking to improve their financial life. There are also a few online courses offered through the site.

Ryan guinaCash Money Life

Cash Money Life is the blog of Ryan Guina. On his blog he writes about investing and other personal finance topics. Ryan lives in the Chicago area with his wife, and he also manages The Military Wallet (he previously served in the Air Force).

Mike PiperOblivious Investor

Mike Piper is a CPA, personal finance author, and the man behind Oblivious Investor. His blog is a great resource for articles on investing, taxes, and retirement.

Matt About MoneyMatt About Money

Matt Bell is a former award-winning radio journalist. Today he is a full-time personal finance writer and speaker and managing editor of Sound Mind Investing. Matt lives near Louisville, KY with his wife three kids. At Matt About Money he writes about a variety of personal finance topics from a biblical perspective.

Peter AndersonBible Money Matters

Most of the articles at Bible Money Matters are written by the blog’s owner, Peter Anderson. Peter writes about finances, faith, and family, and how faith and finances come together. The site has been around for 10 years and articles are published frequently.

AllanThe Practical Saver

The Practical Saver is the blog of Allan Liwanag. Allan writes articles on saving, eliminating debt, and making money. You’ll find articles on his site that feature blogging tips and advice on making money with your own blog.

Rob AndersenMustard Seed Money

Rob Andersen is the blogger behind Mustard Seed Money. Rob is an accountant with the federal government and is aiming to retire at 40 years old. He publishes articles frequently on a range of topics related to personal finance and money management.

Chelsea BrennanMama Fish Saves

Chelsea Brennan is an investment professional and the blogger behind Mama Fish Saves. This is one of the youngest blogs on this list at only about a year old. Chealsea writes about budgeting, saving, and investing, as well as making money and side hustles.

Eden AshleyMint Notion

Mint Notion is the blog of Eden Ashley. The site was launched in 2014 and she writes about personal finance, making money, and travel tips.

DeniseLucky Bitch

Lucky Bitch is the blog of Denise Duffield-Thomas is money mindset mentor. Her blog covers topics related to money management and business, helping women take control of their finances.

Cash Cow CoupleCash Cow Couple

Jacob and Vanessa Lumby are the Cash Cow Couple. Their blog is frequently updated with articles on all aspects of personal finance and money management, including a lot of reviews.

Grayson BellDebt Roundup

Grayson Bell started Debt Roundup in 2012 as he worked to pay off $75,000 in debt (which took him about 4 years to do). The blog obviously covers topics related to eliminating debt, but also saving and investing, and even making extra money.

ShirleySmart Cents for Life

At Smart Cents for Life Shirley writes about saving money, budgeting, and making extra money. The site hasn’t been around that long, but there is a lot of good content in the archives and new posts are added frequently.

Harry SitThe Finance Buff

The Finance Buff is the blog of Harry Sit. Harry and his wife came to the U.S. in their 20’s with just a few hundred dollars, and they are on pace to retire in their 40’s. The blog launched in 2006, and Harry covers topics on personal finance and investing.


At ILIKETODABBLE Daniella writes about frugal living, budget travel, and making money with side hustles. The blog is less than a year old, but very active.

So Over ThisSo Over This

So Over This was originally started in 2011 for the creator to chronicle her journey out of debut. In 2013 the site was purchased by its current owner, Justin. At the site Justin publishes articles on topics like saving, credit, and more.

Steve RhodeGet Out of Debt Guy

Steve Rhode is the man behind Get Out of Debt Guy. The site provides articles and information on debt relief, student loans, credit card debt, credit repair, and more. You can also ask a question or submit a tip through the site.


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