How to Stack Rewards and Cash Back

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Rewards credit cards and cashback apps provide easy ways to save money, but the results get even more impressive when you stack the rewards several layers deep.

If you want to spend less money, save more, and make the most of the money you have, this article is for you.

Regardless of how frugal or thrifty you are, you’re always going to have some expenses. But with the right approach you can easily earn cash back or rewards for virtually every purchase you make.

In this article we’ll look at how you can take advantage of multiple offers to stack rewards and cash back, with only a minimal amount of extra effort. Stacking or double dipping on rewards will give you more money to save and invest, and you’ll love the feeling of knowing that you got a great deal.

We’ll take a look at a few specific examples that show just how easy it can be to stack rewards. We’ll also talk about the tools and resources that you can use to put this into practice in your own life, starting today.

So if you like to save money (and I’m sure you do, or else you wouldn’t be on this page), keep reading for some simple, practical tips that can have a big impact on your finances.

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The Basics of Stacking Rewards or Cash Back

There are a variety of different ways that you can earn cash back or rewards, and the concept of stacking or double dipping simply involves using multiple methods together.

You may be getting cash back by purchasing with a credit card, and then also getting cash back from an app. Or maybe you’re getting rewards points from a loyalty program.

The best way to explain is to simply give a few real-world examples, and I’m sure that you’ll quickly see the potential.

Here are some specific stacking strategies that you can use to save on things you need to buy.

1. Stacking Rewards for Gas Purchases

Assuming you drive a car, gas is one of those necessary expenses that will always be a part of the budget. Fortunately there are some great possibilities for stacking rewards on gas purchases. If you can save 5-10% on a necessity like gas, that’s a huge win for your budget!

Here is a real-world scenario of the approach I’ve used to save up to 10% on gas.

  1. Buy a gas station gift card at for 5% off the face value. I purchased a $100 gift card for Sheetz, my local gas station, for $95 on
  2. Before making the purchase go to Rakuten (you’ll need a free Rakuten account). You can earn 1% cash back from Rakuten on any purchase at
  3. Make the purchase using a cash rewards credit card that earns 2% cash back.
  4. Use a gas station loyalty rewards card to get a discount on your gas purchase (I get a 1% discount at Sheetz). Pay with the gift card.
  5. Scan your receipt using the Trunow app to get an additional 1% cash back.

In this scenario I can save a total of 10% on gas purchases at Sheetz (you could use a similar approach with other gas stations). The biggest savings comes from purchasing the gift card from Raise at a discount. At Raise you can find gift cards for some gas stations, but not all. The discounts for gas stations tend to be a low percentage, but Raise often runs promotions where you can save an additional 4-6%, so those are great times to buy gift cards.

Part of this scenario (and several others that will be mentioned in this article) includes a credit card that pays 2% cash back for all purchases. There are a couple of 2% cash back cards available and you can find details here: See an updated comparison of the best cash rewards credit cards.

Most gas stations have loyalty programs that will help you to save on every purchase. The discount at Sheetz is actually $0.03 per gallon, not a set percentage. Since all of the other rewards were listed as a percentage I put the Sheetz discount into a percentage based on the current price.

If you’re not familiar with Trunow, it is a free app that helps you to find the lowest prices on gas near you, plus you can earn 1-2% cash back on any gas purchase. It’s really easy, and it’s a nice complement to these other rewards that have already been mentioned.

2. A Second Possibility to Stack Rewards for Gas

The example is a little different and actually earn stock as a reward by using the Bumped app. Bumped is very similar to a cashback app, except you’ll earn stock instead of cashback. From your Bumped dashboard, you’ll select one company from each of several different categories, including gas.

In the gas category, you can currently select from Shell, BP, Chevron, or ExxonMobile. Then whenever you make a purchase at the gas station of your choice using a credit card that is linked to Bumped, you’ll earn a fractional share of stock as a percentage of the purchase. Currently, all four of these gas stations are offering 0.5% (gas and groceries are the categories with the lowest percentages in Bumped).

  1. Sign up for the Bumped app, select your choice of gas stations, and link your credit cards.
  2. Purchase gas from Shell, BP, Chevron, or ExxonMobile using a linked cashback credit card that earns you 2% in cashback. You’ll get an additional 0.5% in company stock through Bumped.
  3. Scan your receipt using the Trunow app to get an additional 1% cash back.

In this scenario, if you had She