Poshmark Selling Tips to Help You Make More Money

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Poshmark Selling Tips

Poshmark is a popular platform that connects people who enjoy excellent styles. There are more than 25 million items on the platform and thousands of brands, so you can shop boutiques and closets easily.

However, in addition to finding some great new items for your own wardrobe, Poshmark can also allow you to earn some extra cash.

In fact, many users have developed Poshmark into a successful side gig. You can list items for sale in only a few clicks, directly from your Android device or iPhone.

Unfortunately, this can be a little daunting, particularly for new users, so here we’ll delve into some Poshmark selling tips to help you establish your new side gig.

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Poshmark Fees and Charges

Before you get started, you should familiarize yourself with the Poshmark basics. Firstly, while Poshmark does not charge to join the platform, it does take a commission for each item sold. This commission fee varies according to the value of the item. Sales above $15 are charged at 20% commission, but for sales under $15, the fee is set at $2.95.

You will also need to consider the shipping costs. Poshmark expedited shipping is a flat rate of $7.11 (as long as the weight does not exceed 5 pounds), and you will receive an email shipping label whenever you make a sale. The buyer will pay for the shipping.

Finally, you need to be aware that local and state sales tax is charged, where applicable on items shipped to a U.S address.

It is crucial that you understand and consider all Poshmark fees and charges before you set your listing price. 

Tips for Selling on Poshmark

Follow these Poshmark selling tips to make more sales and earn more profit from those sales.

1. Start By Selling Your Own Clothes

One of the best ways of getting started selling on Poshmark is to sell some of your own clothes. This will not only help you to avoid investing your own cash on stock but also clear some of the clutter from your closet.

Take some time to spring clean your closet and separate the items that you no longer wear. The items need to be in good condition, and you will need to accurately represent them in your listings.

Selling some of your own clothes will make creating your listings a little easier, as you’re more familiar with each item. It will provide a practice ground for listing descriptions, and you won’t need to worry too much about profit margins, while you get used to the fees and charges applied to each sale.

2. Take Great Photos

Most people are visual, so it’s crucial that you take great photos of the items you want to sell. The cover shot will be the first thing that users see and will often determine whether a user will follow you or even buy the item. You need to create a good first impression to demonstrate to buyers that your listings are superb.

Taking photos for your listings need not be complicated. The app is set up so you can take photos with your camera, but take some time to set up a good shot. Make sure that your item is carefully laid out on the right color background to draw the eye to your item.

Try to choose a background that will complement your item rather than overshadow it. However, if you’re unsure, use a white background that will highlight the details of an item and allow the true colors to be captured.

Don’t just rely on your first shot; take some practice shots and scroll through them to pick the best one for your listing. While this will only take an extra minute or two, it could mean the difference between a sale and your item lingering in the unsold category.

3. Be Honest With Your Listing

Your Poshmark reputation will take a long time to build, but can quickly be destroyed, so it’s crucial that you’re honest will all of your listings. Take some time to examine your items carefully and make a note of any flaws. Most buyers will not be dismayed by a loose button or a seam that needs minor repairs, but they need to know in advance.

Unless you’re very confident in your mending skills, don’t try to correct any flaws, as a bad repair is less appealing than a flaw and could compromise the value of your item.

If there is a flaw in your item, it’s worth highlighting this to your potential buyer in the photos so the buyer can see that it is only minor and will not affect wearability.

4. Be Detailed With Your Listing

Buyers will not only want to know the brand name of your item, but also other important details, such as measurements and color. Most of these details will be on the label, but if the label has become worn or is missing some information, do a little research. This will help your potential customer have a clearer idea of what the item looks like and if it will be suitable.

It’s also important to use keywords in your item to attract buyer attention. Add as many keywords to describe your item as possible in the title and description space. So, don’t just say “black cocktail dress,” instead say “Givenchy Strapless Puff-Sleeve Midi Dress in Midnight Black.” This will ensure that your listing is found by as many potential buyers as possible.

5. Establish Your Niche

There are two types of niche on Poshmark; your marketing niche and your product niche. Your marketing niche is how you promote your Poshmark closet. Fortunately, Poshmark has features to automatically share listings on linked social media platforms, but as a beginner, your focus is likely to be establishing your product niche.

While some people list all types of items on Poshmark, others focus on one specific type of thing. What you list on Poshmark will depend on your niche objective and your brand. So, before you list an item, think about whether it goes with everything else you’ve listed or intend to list. You should also aim for items that will deliver a profit once all the fees, unit cost, and other offers have been taken into account, yet still, match your Poshmark niche.

Try to think about how your niche will develop as you continue selling on the app. If you do have items that you want to sell, but that don’t fit into your niche, be aware that Poshmark does not allow multiple accounts, so you may need to sell them elsewhere. There is no point in compromising your brand by listing inappropriate items, so plan your listings carefully.

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6. Share Your Own Listings

We touched on this above, but sharing listings is a crucial part of your marketing niche. One of the special characteristics of Poshmark is that it is linked to social media platforms, and sharing your listings will help you to gain attention.

You should not only share photos of your new listings, but also pictures of how you package your items. Buyers will appreciate colorful tissue or cute cards that you include, and it helps them to know what to expect if they purchase from you.

You can also post comments from your happy customers, so you build your reputation and your brand. Don’t forget to ask your customers to tag you when they post selfies wearing the items you sold them.

7. Share Other People’s Listings

Poshmark is a community, so while it is tempting to solely focus on your own listings and your own sales, you should also participate by sharing other people’s listings. You should share listings and pictures of your Poshmark purchases.

Remember that Poshmark is a selling and social app. If you want other users to share your listings, you need to return the favor and pay it forward. As you become more established, you will get to know other sellers and will often share each other’s items. These shared items will show up in the user’s feed.

However, be sure to only share listings that you’re interested in and that match your brand. If you’re promoting yourself as specializing in a cocktail dress niche, sharing listings for trainers is not likely to fit your brand.

8. Create a Share Schedule

When you share a closet, they will usually share back, and these shares will show up on their follower’s feeds. So, it’s important to harness this potential, but this can be a little daunting for beginners. The best way to combat this is to create a share schedule. This timetable will allow you to create a structure for your shares, so you don’t forget to share, and your followers will come to rely on your schedule. Poshmark is a social app, and it relies on connecting and supporting others in the community.

9. Post to Instagram

Instagram is an important social media platform for all Poshmark sellers. In fact, Poshmark has made it easier to share your closet with your followers. Sharing is easy, and you can simply click the “Share My Closet” button and select Instagram. You will then see pre-populated text fields, and you can choose your preferred filter and post.

Instagram will allow you to promote your Poshmark items and help you to reach a larger audience. You can also promote certain items or highlight sales or promotions. So, if you don’t already have an Instagram account, be sure to set one up and link it to your Poshmark closet.

10. Frequently Add Items to Your Closet

While it can be tempting to list items as and when you feel like it, this will not help to promote your closet. To be taken seriously as a Poshmark seller, you need to be frequently adding items to your closet. Although you may want to clear your closet, it is better to plan your listings according to trends and seasons. No one is likely to buy your winter coat in July, so this listing will just linger in your Poshmark closet.

Remember that for your closet to stand out among the massive amount of listings, you need to stay active, and frequently adding items to your closet will help you with this. Fortunately, you can use a template to make your listing process quicker and better. A template will also help you to be more consistent with your listings, improving the quality.

11. Plan for Negotiation

There is always an element of negotiation when you sell any item. Whether you’re buying a car from a local lot or buying something from Craigslist, buyers and sellers expect negotiation, and the same thing applies to Poshmark.

So, when you create your listings, you need to set your price to allow for negotiations. This means working out your costs and setting your price higher to create room to come down. However, be sure to have a firm figure of the lowest price you can accept, or you may inadvertently make a loss.

To set your prices, you will need to look at the condition and popularity of the items. So, there is no point in setting your price at $50, if other sellers are selling the same item at $30. However, if you don’t create some wiggle room, you won’t be able to take advantage of the Price Drop Notification and Make an Offer features.

Where possible, include the original item price, so you can highlight what a great deal is offered with your listing. You may even find that some people are prepared to buy your item at your full listing price without negotiation.

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12. Become a Suggested User

Suggested users are active Poshmark community members, consistently representing the values of the app. To be a suggested user, you need to understand the value of the platform and show a willingness to share your knowledge with others. Suggested users support the Poshmark community users, helping to maintain an encouraging atmosphere.

In return for being an SU, you’ll get some cool perks. Firstly, you’ll be included in the list of closets to follow given to all new Poshmark users and suggested to users while using the app. This list is affectionately known as “the wheel,” and each time you feature on the wheel, you’re likely to get several hundred new followers. This means that once you’re an SU, you’ll automatically get more followers with little to no extra effort.

There is a list of requirements to achieve SU status. This can vary, so you’ll need to check the latest terms and conditions. Generally, you need to have held an account for a minimum of three months, follow all of the Poshmark rules, and have at least 25 items listed in your closet. You will also need to have a minimum number of sales, have decent photos, and demonstrate that you’re social. This doesn’t mean liking everyone on the app, but that you leave comments, ask questions, welcome new sellers, share listings, and follow others.

If you feel that you meet the criteria, you should send an email to Poshmark, and they will check your account to see if you’re eligible.

13. Answer Questions Promptly

While many people will find everything they need to know in your listing, some potential buyers will have questions. So, if you want to secure a sale, you need to be responsive and answer questions promptly.

Be sure to take a professional approach to your answers. Even if someone is asking you a silly question that is answered in your listing, take a little time to answer it politely. Although this takes a little time, if an interested buyer needs more information or requests additional photos, aim to address these issues in a timely manner to encourage a sale.

There are some potential buyers who are tire kickers and are not likely to actually buy an item but treat each question as a potential buyer who may buy your item. Check the app periodically throughout the day and take the time to answer questions as and when they come in.

Many people consider Poshmark to be a great way to sell a few unwanted items and pick up some bargains. However, with a little consideration, you can develop Poshmark into a lucrative side gig. Once you start building your closet with items, you can host sales and promotions to boost your visibility and encourage new buyers. You can even create bundled discounts for buyers who buy more than one item.

Once you establish your reputation and brand, you may even develop an even greater passion for Poshmark and be able to replace your full-time income. This will allow you to become a social media influencer and make your living helping people to find their latest wardrobe must have at a great price.

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