The Best Side Hustles for Teachers

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Best Side Hustles for Teachers

Are you a school teacher looking for ways to make extra money? Or maybe you’re looking for a summer job? Either way, you’re in luck!

There are plenty of side hustles that are perfect for teachers. Keep reading to find out what some of the best options are.

The Best Side Hustles for Teachers

1. Sell Your Lesson Plans

If you’re a teacher, chances are you’ve spent a lot of time creating lesson plans. Maybe you’ve done some online research for inspiration in the past, or maybe you’ve even purchased pre-made lesson plans to save some valuable time. Why not sell your own lesson plans to other teachers? There are a few websites where you can do this, such as Teachers Pay Teachers.

Not only will you make some extra cash, but you’ll also be helping out other teachers! This is an ideal option if you’re looking for a way to make extra money on the side throughout the year. You probably won’t make a huge amount from it, but you could build a small passive income stream by using the lesson plans you already have. If you’ve been teaching for a long time, you may have a large collection of lesson plans that could be sold.

2. Tutoring

Working as a tutor is a natural fit for a teacher. You can use your knowledge and experience to help struggling students in a particular subject. You can work with students one-on-one, or you could even offer group tutoring sessions.

You could offer your services locally for in-person tutoring, and you can also provide tutoring services online and work with students who aren’t in your local area. Many platforms offer online tutoring jobs, which could be an easy way to get started.

Alternatively, you could find your own clients and run your own tutoring business. You may be able to find your first few clients just by talking to the parents of students at your school.

Tutoring could be a year-round side job for you, so the income potential is strong. Plus, it’s a great way to use your skills and knowledge to help others!

3. Teach Online

There are several companies and websites that hire teachers for online classes. These jobs can be part-time or full-time. If you’re already teaching locally full-time, you may be able to find a part-time gig that fits your existing schedule.

Some of the part-time online teaching jobs offer a lot of flexibility. For example, VIPKid allows teachers to set their own schedules. In this case, you would be teaching English online to children, but there are various opportunities available from other companies and institutions.

Working as an online teacher offers solid income potential and the opportunity to use your skills and experience, making it one of the best side jobs for teachers.

4. Become an Adjunct Professor

Adjunct professors typically teach one or two classes per semester at a local college or university.

The workload is usually much lighter than that of a full-time professor, so it’s a perfect way to ease into retirement or as a second job to supplement your income if you’re already working as a teacher.

If you’re interested in becoming an adjunct professor, the best way to get started is by contacting the HR department at local colleges and universities. They should be able to give you more information about the hiring process and what qualifications are needed.

Community colleges are an excellent place to start. There are many community colleges throughout the country, so hopefully, there’s one in your area.

5. Sell Printables

Printables are extremely popular on marketplaces like Etsy, and there are also a lot of possibilities for creating printables related to teaching or education.

You could create printables for teachers to help with their own organization. You could create printables that teachers would hand out and use in the classroom. You could create printables for parents to help with keeping homework and other responsibilities organized. And, of course, you could also create printables that students could use in some way. The possibilities really are endless.

Creating printables may sound hard, but thanks to Canva, anyone can create attractive printables that others will love. Once you’ve created some printables, you could sell them on Etsy, another marketplace, or your own website. Selling on your own website is easier than you might expect, thanks to platforms like Shopify and SendOwl.

Great Side Hustle
Passive Income with Printables - Free Workshop! Passive Income with Printables - Free Workshop!

Access this free workshop and learn how to generate passive income by selling printables on Etsy. You'll learn about the types of products that sell, how to get your Etsy shop set up, and how to make sales and ensure that your shop is a success.

This is the perfect side hustle if you:

  • Want to work from home
  • Don't have much time
  • Like the idea of selling on Etsy
  • Don't have prior experience

6. Start a Blog

If you’re passionate about education and want to share your own ideas and insights, then starting a blog could be the perfect side hustle for you. A blog can be a great platform to share your thoughts and connect with others interested in similar topics.

Plus, if you build up enough traffic, you could earn money from your blog through advertising or affiliate marketing. You could also sell digital products like e-books or courses.

Of course, starting a blog does require work upfront. But once it’s up and running, it can be a great way to make some extra money on the side. Who knows, it may even turn into a significant income that surpasses what you earn as a teacher.

Although education is an ideal topic for your blog due to your experience as a teacher, you could start a blog on another topic if you prefer.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, please read How to Start a Blog.

7. Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube is a huge platform with billions of users, and it’s also a great place to make money. You could start a YouTube channel related to teaching or education.

If you’re a science teacher, you could start a channel where you perform fun science projects. If you’re a math teacher, you could start a channel that works through interesting math problems with real-world examples. If you’re a history teacher, you could create a history-focused channel. Regardless of your specialization, there are opportunities.

Or, you could start a channel on another topic that you’re passionate about. For example, if you love baking, you could start a cooking channel. If you love crafting, you could start a DIY channel.

The key to making money on YouTube is to grow your audience and get people to watch your videos. You’ll make money from advertising revenue and potentially also from affiliate marketing and direct sponsorships.

8. Start a Podcast

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular, and they’re a great way to connect with people who share your interests. If you start a podcast related to teaching or education, you could interview teachers, discuss current educational topics, or chat with other educators about ideas and best practices.

You could also start a podcast on another topic that you’re passionate about. For example, if you love sports, you could start a podcast about your favorite team. If you love video games, you could start a gaming podcast.

Monetizing a podcast is similar to monetizing a blog or YouTube channel. Once you have an audience, you can make money through ads, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

To learn more, please see A Practical Guide to Creating a Podcast.

9. Create an Online Course

If you’re an expert in a particular subject, you could create an online course teaching others what you know. This is a great teacher side hustle if you’re passionate about education and want to share your knowledge with others.

Creating an online course does require some work upfront, but it can be a great way to make passive income. Once the course is created, you can sell it over and over again with a limited amount of ongoing work.

And, thanks to platforms like Teachable, creating an online course is easier than ever. You don’t need any experience or technical skills to get started. And as far as money goes, the income potential from courses is outstanding. This potentially lucrative side hustle could even become a full-time work-from-home job.

To learn how to create and sell an online course, see Online Course Masters.

10. Write a Book or E-Book

If you have some writing skills, you could write a book or e-book. This is a great option if you have an interesting story to share or valuable information to teach.

Writing a book may seem like a daunting task, but it’s more realistic now than it’s ever been. Thanks to print-on-demand and self-publishing platforms like Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), anyone can become an author. You no longer need a book deal with a publisher, and you don’t need to order and pay for a large run of books to be printed. Instead, Amazon will print and ship the books as they’re sold. You can also sell your book in digital e-book format through KDP.

Of course, writing a book will require a lot of time upfront, but it may not be as bad as you think. Many self-published books, especially e-books, are relatively short.

Aside from the money, writing a book could also be a good career move for you. Your book may open up new opportunities or help you to become recognized within your field.

For a comprehensive guide on self-publishing, see From First Draft to Bestseller.

11. Use Your Skills as a Freelancer

If you’ve got some skills that others need, you could start freelancing and make money on the side. In fact, the income potential from freelancing is excellent.

There are all sorts of freelance services you can offer, so it’s just a matter of finding one that’s a good fit for your skills. For example, you could write, design, code, etc. You could also work as a freelancer by consulting.

Freelance writing is a popular option because many gigs pay well, and it’s easy to get started. It’s one of the best side jobs for teachers because of the income and flexibility.

As an educational consultant, you could help clients with all sorts of things, such as designing curriculum, selecting instructional materials, or improving test scores. You could also consult with businesses on employee training or development programs.

The key to making money as a freelancer is to find clients who are willing to pay you what you’re worth. Once you’ve built a portfolio of happy clients, you should have no trouble finding new work and making a great income.

12. Teach Summer School

If you’re a teacher, you could earn extra income by teaching summer school. While you would lose some of your time off, you’ll see a significant boost to your income. It’s also an excellent way to stay sharp and keep your skills up-to-date during the summer break.

You may be able to find summer teaching opportunities at the same school where you work full-time. If not, there are probably summer opportunities at other schools in your local area.

13. Take Online Surveys

There are all sorts of online surveys you can take to earn some extra money. While you’re not going to get rich with this method, it’s easy money, and you can do it in your spare time year-round.

You can take surveys while watching TV in the evenings, when you have a period with no teaching commitments, at lunch, or whenever you have some time to spare. All you need is your smartphone, and you can earn rewards anytime.

Many survey sites also provide other simple ways to earn rewards and money. For example, you may earn points for watching videos, playing games, or installing apps.

There are a lot of sites that offer paid online surveys, but our favorite options include:

14. Become a Delivery Driver

If you have a car, you could make extra money by becoming a delivery driver for companies like DoorDash and Instacart. These companies always look for drivers to deliver groceries, food, and other items to customers in their local area.

The requirements for becoming a delivery driver vary by company, but you’ll generally need to be at least 18 years old and have a clean driving record. You may also need to pass a background check.

Payment varies by the company as well, but most will pay you per delivery plus tips. The earnings potential is good, especially if you can do deliveries during peak times like lunchtime or early evening.

DoorDash is our favorite delivery option because it’s available in thousands of cities and towns. Also, DoorDash allows you to use any vehicle, so you won’t be disqualified if you have an older car.

15. Rent Out Storage Space

If you have some extra space in your home, you could make money by renting it out as storage space. This is a great option if you live near a college campus, downtown area, or other location where people always look for storage.

You can list your storage space on Neighbor. The rental process is easy, and you can set your own rates and rules.

Neighbor allows you to rent out a basement, attic, garage, shed, spare bedroom, and just about any unused space.

Renting out storage space is a great way to produce extra income without doing much work. And, if you have a larger space, like a basement or garage, you could make a lot of money.

Excellent Side Hustle
Rent Out Storage Space for Passive Income Rent Out Storage Space for Passive Income

Neighbor makes it easy to earn extra cash by renting out storage space in your basement, attic, garage, or even a shed. Make extra money each month without needing to spend time on a side hustle.

  • Earn thousands of dollars per year
  • Very little time or effort required
  • Neighbor markets your space to people in your local area
  • Set your own rates
  • Neighbor handles all the payments for you

16. Work for an After School Program

If you love working with kids, you could make extra money by working for an after-school program. The programs may be run by the school district, or they could be privately run.

After-school programs typically run from around 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, although the specifics will vary. You may be asked to help with homework, supervise activities, or lead a class.

The pay for after-school programs varies depending on the location and the type of program. It’s not the most lucrative option, but it’s a good way to earn additional income by extending your working day by a few hours.

17. Coach Sports Teams

If you’re a sports fan, you could earn extra money by coaching a youth sports team. This could be a team for the school where you work or another team.

The pay for coaching varies depending on the sport and the level of the team. However, most youth coaches do it more for the love of the game and the desire to work with the kids than for the money.

Obviously, sports are seasonal. So this is a side gig that may last for a few months, but it most likely won’t be year-round unless you’re coaching a few different sports. This may be a good fit if you want to make some extra money now but don’t want a long-term commitment.

18. Become a Referee

You could also make some money by refereeing games. You can referee youth games, high school games, or even college games. The pay for referees varies depending on the sport and the level of the game.

This is another seasonal side hustle, so it’s not going to be a year-round gig. But if you love sports and want to make some extra money, this could be a great option for you.

You’ll need certification to referee at higher levels and in some leagues, but there are many youth referee gigs available that do not require certification.

19. Become a Proofreader

If you’re a good speller with a sharp eye for detail, you could make money by proofreading documents. This would be one of the best side hustles for English teachers, but any teacher with good grammar skills can do it.

There are a lot of online proofreading jobs, or you could freelance and find your own clients if you want to maximize your income potential.

The pay for proofreading varies depending on the company, but most will pay per hour or word. The earnings potential is good, especially if you can find long-term clients.

20. Write and Publish on Medium

If you like to write, you could make money by writing articles and publishing them on Medium. You can write about anything that you’re passionate about, and there’s a good chance that someone will be interested in reading what you have to say.

Medium pays its writers based on the number of views their articles receive. So, if you’re able to write popular articles, you could potentially make a lot of money.

This is a great option for teachers who want to make extra money but don’t want to dedicate the next 6-12 months to growing their own blog from scratch. Medium already has a massive audience that you can tap into very quickly.

21. Start a Facebook Group for Teachers

If you’re looking for a great side hustle for teachers that you can do in your spare time, you could start a Facebook group for teachers. This is a great way to connect with other teachers and help them out.

You can use your group to answer questions, share resources, and provide support. You could make money by promoting and recommending products within the group as an affiliate or through direct sponsorships.

To succeed with this method, you’ll need to build and maintain a large and active group. But once the group is thriving, you’ll only need to moderate discussions within the group.

22. Dog Walking

This side hustle requires a little bit of physical activity, but it’s a great way to make some extra money if you love dogs. You can start your own dog walking business or sign up with a dog walking app like Rover.

After spending all day in the classroom, you may enjoy getting some fresh air and going for a walk. Why not take a dog with you and turn it into a business?

23. Teach Music Lessons

If you’re a music teacher, you could make extra money by teaching private music lessons. You can teach in your home, at the student’s home, or even online.

This is a great way to earn extra income using your skills and experience. And if you enjoy teaching, it can be a fun side hustle as well.

Final Thoughts on the Best Side Hustles for Teachers

With a little creativity, you can probably think of many more ways to make some extra money and supplement your teacher salary, but hopefully, these ideas are enough to get you started.

The best way to find side hustles that work for you is to experiment and try different options. Once you find something that you’re passionate about and that generates income, stick with it and grow your business. Good luck!

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