Freelance Services to Offer

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Whether you’re looking for a way to make some extra money on the side of an existing job or looking for a business idea that could lead to a full-time income, offering a service is a great option.

There are countless different services that you could offer as a freelancer, and in this article, we’ll look at 25 realistic options. We’ll also look at some of the most convincing reasons why you might want to offer a service, and how you can go about promoting your services.

When it comes to different ways to make money and side hustle ideas that you could pursue, things like blogging and starting an online business tend to get the most attention. Since I’ve been blogging full-time for more than 10 years, of course, I think these are great options. But service-related businesses also present plenty of opportunities and should not be ignored.

Reasons to Offer a Service:

Here are just a few of the most significant reasons why you may want to consider a service-related business as a freelancer:

  • Start making money right away. Unlike starting a blog or an online business where it will take months until you start making anything.
  • Earn a good hourly rate. The rate you are able to charge will depend on several factors like the specific service you’re providing and the amount of experience or skill that you have, but the potential is very good.
  • Flexible work and schedule. As a freelancer, you can work around your existing schedule, so it’s possible even if you have a full-time job.
  • Potential to grow into a full-time income. All of the services listed in this article provide the potential to grow into a full-time income, or you could offer a few different services to get to that level.

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Services That You Can Offer as a Freelancer

Now, let’s take a look at some of the specific things you could be doing as a freelancer. Of course, this list covers just some of the options. There are plenty of other things you could do, so use your creativity.

Throughout this article, I’ll link to several different courses at Skillshare that teach the skills needed to work as a freelancer in these different fields. If you’re not familiar with Skillshare, it’s a membership-based site that provides access to thousands of different courses (currently more than 28,000 courses). Members get access to all of the courses for a small monthly fee, and best of all, you can sign up for a free two-month trial. If you’re interested in learning more about the topics covered in this article, Skillshare can be a great resource.

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1. Freelance Writing

In my opinion, one of the best opportunities for making money online is to work as a freelance writer. One of the great things about the opportunity to work as a freelance writer is the fact that there are opportunities in almost every industry or niche.

With millions of blogs and websites publishing new content every day, there is a great demand for content, and for quality writers. Many of the freelance writing gigs that are available for blogs and websites will involve on-going work, so if you land a few clients, you won’t need to be constantly looking for new gigs.

The pay for freelance writers can be all over the place. There are definitely low-paying gigs that are not really worth your time. But there are also some that will pay much better rates. In fact, some freelance writers earn six figures working from home with a flexible schedule.

→ To learn more, check out Freelance Writing 101: Build a Successful Writing Career on Skillshare.

2. Content Marketing

Content marketing is similar to freelance writing, but it usually goes a few steps further. Most freelance writers will write the article, and then their work is done. Content marketers will usually write the content (or outsource the writing) and then also provide some additional services to increase exposure for the content. Your services as a content marketer could involve promoting the content on social media, search engine optimization and building links to the content, or blogger outreach.

→ To learn more, check out Content Marketing Masterclass on Skillshare.

3. Copywriting

Copywriting typically involves writing advertising or sales copy. You could be creating sales pages for website owners, writing sales copy for emails, writing brochures and other marketing material, or any other type of text that is geared towards converting readers into customers, or leading them to some other action (like signing up for an email list).

The skills needed to be a successful copywriter are more specialized as compared to working as a freelance writer, but you can also earn more money. If you have experience with copywriting through your job, this can be a very valuable skill to offer as a freelancer.

→ To learn more, check out Copywriting for Beginners on Skillshare.

4. Blog Editing

Many bloggers hire editors to make sure that blog posts are up to a certain standard before being published. This is especially common for blogs that rely on a lot of freelance writers to create the content. Some blog editors will also write some of their own content, but others focus strictly on editing.

To work as an editor, you’ll need good skills related to spelling and grammar, as well as an attention to detail. Communicating well with writers is also an important part of the job. Most blog editors will also handle the administrative tasks related to the blog content, such as managing the publication schedule and actually publishing the articles when they are ready.

5. Web Design

I’m especially fond of this one because its how I first started making money online. There are millions of small businesses and non-profit organizations that need help with their website design. Typically, hiring an agency is too expensive to be a viable option for many small businesses and non-profits, and freelancers can fill this gap. As a freelancer, you can charge a lower rate than an agency because you have very little overhead, and you can still earn a very nice income from it.

→ To learn more, see my article How to Make Money as a Web Designer.

6. Web Development

While web designers are responsible for the look and feel of a website, web developers focus more on the coding. You’ll definitely need coding skills, although that can be learned.

Some designers and developers will handle the visual aspect as well as the coding, but developers may also handle things like coding mobile apps, more complex database-driven websites and web apps, as well as software development.

→ To learn more, see Web Development Fundamentals: HTML and CSS on Skillshare.

7. WordPress Setup

These days, many businesses and individuals use WordPress to manage their website. Some freelancers offer services related to everything from installing WordPress, to customizing themes, to providing ongoing maintenance and support.

Although anyone can use WordPress without the need to hire a professional designer or developer, some people don’t have the time or desire to handle the details themselves, and they’ll gladly pay a freelancer to handle things for them.

Some freelancers use this as an alternative to mor