200+ Awesome Blog Post Title Templates for Powerful Headlines

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Blog Post Title Templates

One of the most important skills for any blogger is the ability to write headlines that capture attention and interest. With so many different blogs and websites out there, you’ll need to convince and entice readers to give your content a chance.

The job of the blog post headline is to get browsers on social networks or Google search results pages to click through to your content, and then to begin to read the text of the article. Once that visitor arrives at your site/blog, the title becomes less important than the content itself, especially the introduction and opening paragraphs.

Although the post title or headline is just a few words, it’s not always easy to write. In fact, writing effective headlines in today’s world of short attention spans and massive amounts of content is quite challenging.

If you struggle with writing headlines, like I do, one of the best ways to improve your skills is to study the titles and headlines that other websites and blogs use to capture your attention.

In many cases you can use blog post title templates to create highly effective titles and headlines, regardless of the niche that your blog covers.

Recently I’ve been compiling a lot of headline templates so I can put them to use when I’m struggling to create an effective headline on my own. I decided to turn this collection into a post and publish it so other bloggers can benefit from these blog post title templates as well.

Simply fill in the blanks with keywords that are appropriate for your content or niche and you’ll have headlines that are capable of gaining additional exposure for your blog.

This list can also be really helpful for brainstorming and coming up with plenty of blog post ideas on just about any possible topic.

Blog Title Templates

Here are the title/headline templates, organized by type of post.


Writing detailed guides is a great way to provide your readers with valuable content that will keep them coming back for more. These in-depth, long-form guides also often rank well in Google searches and can serve as pillar content that helps to grow your blog and establish your reputation.

1. The Ultimate Guide to __________

2. A Comprehensive Guide to __________

3. The Complete Guide to __________

4. The Definitive Guide to __________

5. Beginner’s Guide to __________

6. An Essential Guide to __________

7. In Depth Guide to __________

8. Detailed Guide to __________

9. A Practical Guide to __________

10. A – Z Guide to __________

11. A Quick Start Guide to __________

12. Everything You Need to Know About __________

13. All About __________

14. Cheat Sheet to __________

15. Step-by-Step Guide to __________

16. Ultimate Checklist for __________

17. __________ Survival Guide

18. __________ 101

19. __________ Terms Demystified

20. The Ins and Outs of __________

List Posts:

List posts are extremely effective, and the possibilities are endless. Social media users tend to love lists, so a good list post has a chance to go viral on sites like Pinterest. Here are plenty of ideas that you can use to create powerful list posts.

21. X Surprising Ways to __________

22. X Practical Ways to __________

23. X Painless Ways to __________

24. X Brilliant and Unconventional Ways to __________

25. X Convincing Reasons You Need to __________

26. X Reasons You Should Care About __________

27. X Effective Tips for __________

28. X __________ Tips for Beginners

29. X Best __________ Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

30. X Smart Ways to __________ You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

31. X Keys to the Perfect __________

32. X Common Myths About __________

33. X Shocking Things You Probably Don’t Know About __________

34. X Little Known Facts About __________

35. X Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started __________

36. X Things You Need to Know Before __________

37. X Things About __________ That You Won’t Learn in School

38. X Important __________ Lessons You Didn’t Learn in School

39. X Facts About __________ That No One Has Ever Told You

40. X Inspiring Quotes on __________

41. X __________ Quotes to Motivate You

42. X Ways to Stay Motivated on Your __________ Journey

43. X Awesome __________ Tips to Try Today

44. X Easy Habits for Success with __________

45. X Surprising Habits That Will Make You __________

46. X Bad __________ Habits and How to Break Them

47. X Ways to Increase Your __________ by 50%

48. X Proven Ways to __________

49. X Undeniable Reasons Why __________ Works

50. X Ways to Conquer Your Fear of __________

51. X Unmistakable Signs You’re Headed Towards __________

52. X Signs You Need Help with __________

53. X Tips for Surviving __________

54. X No-Nonsense Tips for __________

55. X Small __________ Changes That Have Big Results

56. X Common  __________ Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Make

57. X Amazing Resources for __________

58. X of the Best Websites for __________

59. X Top Blogs on __________

60. X Must-Read Books on __________

61. X Top __________ Podcasts

62. X __________ Trends for [Year]

63. X Lessons I Learned in My First Year of __________

64. X Simple Steps to __________

65. X Tips and Tricks to __________

66. X Amazing __________ Hacks

67. X DIY __________ Hacks

68. X Weird but Effective __________ Hacks

69. X Genius Hacks We Use to __________

70. X Things You Can Do Today to Start __________

71. X Things to Do Right Now to Improve __________

72. X Do’s and Don’ts for __________

73. X Ways to __________ Like a Pro

74. X Tricks to Take Your __________ to the Next Level

75. X Insanely Simple Tricks to __________

76. X Clever Ways to __________ That You’ve Never Thought of Before

77. X Clever Ways to __________ Every Single Day

78. X __________ That are Proven to __________

79. X Hard Lessons I’ve Learned About __________

80. X Reasons You are Failing at __________

81. X Devastating __________ Mistakes to Avoid

82. X Ridiculous __________ Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

83. X Clever Tricks to Avoid __________

84. X Genius Ways to Create Your Own __________

85. X Habits of Highly Successful __________

86. X Things Every __________ Needs to Know

87. X Essential Skills to Become a __________

88. X Insider Tips for Success with __________

89. X Questions You Must Ask Yourself About __________

90. X Questions to Ask Before Hiring a __________

91. X Ways to Know for Sure if You Need a __________

92. X Undeniable Reasons Why __________ is Better Than __________

93. X Reasons Why I Never __________

94. X Critical Steps to Achieve __________

95. X Steps I Took to __________

96. X Smart Strategies for __________

97. X Easy Ways to Stop __________ Before It’s Too Late

98. X Ways to Turn __________ into __________

99. X Quick and Easy Ways to __________

100. X Creative Ways to __________ That Will Change Your Life

101. X Signs that __________ is __________

102. X Things Your __________ Won’t Tell You

103. X Common Questions About __________ Answered

104. X Important Benefits of __________

105. X Amazing Ways to __________ without __________

106. X Foolproof Ways to Supercharge Your __________

107. X Ridiculously Awesome Ways to __________

108. X Unique Solutions to __________

109. X __________ Rules You Must Follow

110. X Things to Do if You’re Serious About __________

111. X Things You Should Do Every Time You __________

112. X of the Best __________ for __________

113. X Things Every __________ Should Own

114. X Ways to Master Your __________

115. X Ways to Jump Start Your __________

116. X Free Alternatives to __________

117. X Ways to Prevent __________

118. X Ways to Protect Yourself from __________

119. The 10 Commandments of __________

120. The Complete List of __________

121. A Massive List of __________

How To and Problem Solving:

“How to” articles and tutorials that solve problems for your readers are effective for attracting traffic. They’re also great for convincing those first-time visitors that your blog is worthy of repeat visits in the future. Search engines also love “how to” articles since many people are searching for answers and solutions to their problems.

122. How to Succeed at __________, Even if You’ve Failed in the Past

123. How to Do __________, Even if You’ve Never Tried it Before

124. How to __________, Even When You Don’t Feel Like it

125. How to __________ in X Easy Steps

126. How to __________ the Right Way

127. How to Get More __________ in X Simple Steps

128. How to Get Rid of __________ Forever

129. How I Got __________ for $X

130. How I __________ in 7 Days

131. How We __________ in Less Than 1 Year

132. How to Master __________ in 30 Days

133. How to Become a __________ Expert, Starting from Scratch

134. How to Start a __________ in X Simple Steps

135. How to Start __________ in Less Than an Hour

136. How to __________ in Less Than an Hour a Day

137. How to Improve Your __________ in X Days

138. How to __________ Fast by Using __________

139. How to __________ with These X Easy Changes

140. How to Teach Your Children __________

141. How to Never Worry About __________ Again

142. How to __________: X Methods that Guarantee Results

143. How to __________ on a Budget

144. How to __________ without __________

145. How to Skyrocket Your __________ in X Steps

146. How to Overcome Your __________ Fears

147. How to Get Rid of __________

148. How to Conquer These __________ Challenges

149. How to __________ and __________ at the Same Time

150. The Easiest Way to __________

151. One Simple Way to __________

152. The Cheapest Ways to __________

153. X Practical Ways to Solve Your __________ Problems for Good

154. The Most Effective Solution for __________

155. Beginner __________ Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Curiosity Invoking:

One of the best ways to create an effective headline is to capture the curiosity of the reader. You can do this by talking about a controversial issue, taking an unconventional perspective, and simply by using creative titles that create an emotional response.

156. Why You Need to __________ Before __________

157. Why You Should Never __________ Until __________

158. Why I Don’t Agree with __________

159. Why the Experts are Wrong About __________

160. X Things __________ Doesn’t Want You to Know

161. X Dirty Little Secrets of __________

162. X __________ Secrets Exposed

163. The Best Solutions for __________ That You Never Knew About

164. The __________ Myth That is Holding You Back

165. Want to __________? Here’s How

166. Forget __________. Try __________ Instead.

167. X Confessions of a __________

168. The Unfiltered Truth About __________

169. What You Absolutely Need to Know About __________

170. Why You Should Never __________, and Why You Should __________ Instead

171. __________ Won’t Make You __________

Product Reviews / Roundups:

Product reviews are a staple for many bloggers that make money with affiliate marketing. Here are some ideas that you can use to create effective headlines for your reviews.

172. The Best __________s Under $100

173. The Best __________s for Beginners

174. __________ vs __________: The Winner Revealed

175. What’s the Difference Between __________ and __________?

176. X Ways to Know if __________ is Right for You

177. The Amazing __________ You Need to Try Today

178. The X Best __________s Compared

179. X Reasons Why You Will Love __________

180. An Honest Review of __________

181. Detailed Reviews of the Top 10 __________s

182. How __________ Can Help You to __________

183. Why __________ is My Favorite __________

184. X Cheaper Alternatives to __________

185. __________ Alternatives: Everything You Need to Know

186. __________ Review: Is it the Best __________ Money Can Buy?

187. Buyer’s Guide: Best __________s for [Year]

Expert Roundups:

Group interviews and expert roundups are very effective for creating compelling content, and also for networking with others in your niche/industry. While expert roundups are common in the blogging and internet marketing niches, they’re not so common, but equally effective, in most other niches.

188. X __________ Bloggers Share Their Favorite __________

189. X __________ Experts Reval Their Best Secrets

190. X __________ Experts Share Their Advice

191. X Experts Share Their #1 Tip for __________

192. X Experts Reveal How to __________

193. X Experts Share Their Biggest __________ Mistakes

194.  __________ Bloggers Share Their __________ Successes and Failures

195. X __________ Pros Share Their Best Tips for Beginners

196. X __________ Pros Share Their Favorite Tools and Resources

197. X Expert Opinions on Why __________

198. X Experts Discuss the Future of __________

199. X Expert Tips for __________


A few simple ideas that you that allow you to create challenges that can elicit participation and engagement from your audience.

200. 30-Day __________ Challenge

201. 52-Week __________ Challenge

Putting it into Action

You may want to bookmark this page so you can come back to it in the future when you’re struggling to come up with a good title for a new blog post. You can also use the list today to brainstorm countless ideas for posts that could be added to your blog.

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