Drop App Review: The Easy Cashback App

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Cashback websites and apps like Rakuten (formerly known as Ebates) and TopCashback are very popular, and with good reason. These programs make it very easy to save money on purchases that you need to make anyway, and who wouldn’t like that?

With the rise in popularity, more and more cashback apps have become available. One of the newer cashback apps is Drop. The main appeal of Drop is the ease of use, and the fact that earning cashback is essentially automated with Drop. All you need to do is sign up for a free account, link it to your credit or debit cards, and you’ll be able to start earning cashback from your purchases. No clipping coupons, scanning receipts, or claiming offers.

It’s that easy.

You might have a few questions about how it works before getting started. How can you earn money with Drop? What stores can you shop at with Drop for rewards? How much money can you save and make with Drop? Is Drop safe to use? Here in our detailed review of the Drop App, we’ll answer these common questions to aid you in deciding if it’s worthwhile to use.

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What is the Drop App?

You might be familiar with money-saving websites and apps like Ibotta, Paribus or Swagbucks. Each one works differently, but the purpose is to allow users to save money on things they buy.

Drop is a similar cashback program, however, its focus is on providing you with cashback from everyday shopping that you already do. No need to spend extra time trying new offers, watching videos or taking surveys – just earn cashback from your everyday purchases.

You are probably familiar with rewards programs offered by major credit card companies. The rewards program from Drop is similar, and you can actually stack it with credit card rewards to get multiple levels of rewards for the same purchase.

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Once you have linked your debit card, you can get access to cash back offers through the app, and also select up to 5 “Power Offers”, or your chosen stores that you shop at often to get cash back on all the purchases you make there.

Before we get into all of the specifics, here is a quick overview of the pros and cons of Drop.


  • Easy cash back that is basically automated
  • Quick and easy to sign up
  • You can stack the cash back with credit card points and other rewards
  • Several popular retailers and restaurants participate in the program
  • Other offers give you ways to earn more points
  • Redeem points for as little as $5 in gift cards


  • You have to link it to your credit or debit card
  • No option to redeem your points for cash (only gift cards)

How Does the Drop App Work?

When you sign up for a free Drop account, you will be asked to select 5 retailers or restaurants for your Power Offers. This is very important. After you select the 5 that you want, you won’t be able to change them. You will automatically earn cash back from your purchases at these retailers or restaurants (assuming you pay with a card that is linked to Drop), so you’ll want to chose the ones that allow you to earn the most cash back.

Choose the places where you spend the most money. For example, my power offers are Walmart, Target, Walgreens, McDonald’s, and Dunkin Donuts. I earn Drop points for all purchases made at those places, as long as I am paying with a credit card that is linked to my Drop account.

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How Can You Make Extra Money with Drop?

There are 6 ways in which you can benefit from making and saving more money as a member. They are:

1. Power Offers

To redeem rewards with Power Offers, you need to link your debit card or bank account to the Drop App. Once you’ve linked your account, you can select up to 5 of the available stores that you regularly shop at and earn rewards every time you shop at the selected retail stores. Some of the Power Offer stores include major retailers like Target, McDonald’s, Whole Foods Market and 7Eleven among many others.

2. Referring Friends & Family

After you’ve opened up your free Drop account, your profile will have a unique referral code. For every person you refer to the Drop app, you will get $5 and your referral will also get $5. The downside to this is that Drop caps the number of people that you can refer to a maximum of 10 referrals, or $50 earnings potential.

3. Take Advantage Of Mobile Offers Within The App

The mobile offers are different from the Power Offers in that they are separate offers that come and go for each partnered company. These offers are usually for online purchases and will give you a set amount of points within the Drop app for the respective offer. An example of an available offer might be earning 20 points for every $1 you spend at Walmart. The available offers within the app are many, and in almost all major stores with almost any shopping category such as electronics, grocery, clothing, etc.

4. Earn Rewards Through Drop’s Integration Partners

Integration partners are partnered rewards companies that offer extra points when signing up or linking your account to Drop. One example is Rocketmiles, a program that rewards you for booking hotels and flyer miles. When linking your Rocketmiles account to Drop, you will get rewarded through both companies.

5. Special Offers

Within the Drop app you will be able to view offers by category. One of the best ways to earn Drop points is to take advantage of these offers. For example, you might be able to earn a few thousand points for simply installing an app or creating an account somewhere. These types of offers allow you to rack up points quickly.

6. Check For Regular Rewards Updates

Many of the available offers are regularly updated, and it’s worth checking the app on a daily basis to see what is available as it may go quickly. It’s also good to check the updates with the integration partners, as those may occasionally change over time as well, and will allow you to always be doubling up on your available rewards points through integrated partners.

How Much are Drop Points Worth?

As you build up your points balance with Drop, you can choose to redeem them for exclusive offers and gift cards. The conversion rate is 1,000 Drop points = $1. While that may sound like it’s not much, keep in mind it’s relative to the amount of points you earn for each offer. Many of the offers for cashback are 10-20 points per dollar, which comes out to 1-2%. If you think of it like a cashback credit card, it’s not bad. And if you consider that you can earn Drop points and credit card rewards for the same purchase, it’s even better.

In order to redeem your points with Drop, you need to save up at least 5,000 points, or $5 worth of rewards. Once you have at least 5,000 points, you can select from a list of multiple popular gift card offers at some well-known retailers, but you’ll have more options if you wait until you get 10,000 points or more. Among the many available redemption offers are gift cards with companies like:

  • Amazon
  • AMC Theatres
  • Domino’s
  • Best Buy
  • iTunes
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Target
  • Groupon
  • And many more…

Among the selection of redemption options are many popular restaurants, hotels, and gift cards with popular brands like Adidas and Nike. Unfortunately, free Google Play credits is not one of the redemption options.

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How Do I Sign Up For Drop To Start Earning Cashback?

Signing up for Drop is completely free and takes less than 5 minutes to set up. All you need is your email address, basic contact info. You will be directed to sign into your bank account to link your accounts to start earning. To get started, follow the steps below to set up your free Drop account:

  1. Sign up here. You can choose to sign up with Facebook, or through your email account.
  2. Link your bank account by searching for your bank and logging in through their secure API link.
  3. Select your “Power Offers” which are companies that you will get rewards for shopping at regularly. You can select up to 5 Power Offers.
  4. Start earning points with Drop and redeem your points for gift cards.

Setting up your account is fast and easy to do, they take you step-by-step within the app on how to set up your account, so no technical skills or knowledge is needed. Just access to the internet and your basic contact info.

Is Drop Worth It?

Drop is unique in that it allows you to get cash back for everyday shopping that you already do with their Power Offers. Most cash back companies require your time in order to earn money, while Drop gives you easy access to rewards for your purchases.

Is it worth it? While you aren’t going to get rich off using Drop, it’s certainly worth taking 5 minutes to set up and you will get rewards points automatically. Drop doesn’t take any time away from your day and earns you money automatically. In other words, it’s free money!

I love Drop because I can use it in addition to getting rewards through credit cards, and because it takes no time or effort once it is set up. The only reason not to use Drop is if you are concerned about the safety or security issues of linking the app to your credit or debit cards.

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