23 Free Food Apps to Download Today

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Free Food Apps

When times are great, the term “free food” is a treat. In more trying times, free food can be a real help.

Many apps have been an amazing addition to our lives, including these amazing free food apps.

If you’re hunting for a great deal or a free meal, it may be just a couple of taps away on your phone. Many popular restaurants even have their own dedicated apps and they reward you with free food for a simple download!

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Free Food Apps

Let’s start with some high-profile brands that allow you to access free food deals and offers to save money.

Krispy Kreme

If you sign up online for the Krispy Kreme rewards program or download the company app, you get a doughnut for free. After that, every purchase that you make will earn you points that can be converted to free doughnuts in the future. Krispy Kreme informs you about deals and offers that they have in-store.

Baskin Robbins

Who doesn’t get excited by the idea of free ice cream? Downloading the Baskin Robbins app gets you a free scoop of ice cream and information on other promotions, offers, and the latest deals. The notifications must be allowed to access these features and you get to know when the company has a new flavor or discount.

This may not seem like a big deal, but unlike other companies, Baskin Robbins has new promotional deals virtually every day. There are flavors of the month promotions and you can sign up to their email list for advanced notifications on upcoming deals.

Simply download the Baskin Robbins app, get your free scoop, and if you use T-Mobile Tuesday’s gift codes, they can be redeemed for ice cream too!

Dairy Queen 

The Dairy Queen app allows you to earn 10 points for each dollar spent at participating locations on orders that qualify. The points can be redeemed for food or other treats that you want to purchase in-store or as deliveries. The points you earn and the rewards that you want can be tracked within the app at the “Rewards” tab on the navigation bar.


The “Rita’s Rewards” program allows its guests to earn rewards when they make a purchase. Users can also share their experiences and write reviews on their preferred social networks. The app can be downloaded and guests will earn a free Italian Ice regularly on the eighth visit. As an added bonus, on the first day of spring, app users can claim a glass of free punch.


7-11 has a company app that rewards you with 800 points when you download it. These points can be redeemed for a variety of foods and beverages, including 2-pack cookies, fudge brownie, a donut, a medium coffee (or similar hot drink), taquito chips, a medium iced coffee, a medium Slurpee or a Big Gulp.

But, the savings don’t end there, you will earn a point with every dollar spent and bonus points for specific menu items.

Auntie Anne’s 

The Auntie Anne’s app will give you a free pretzel when you make an initial purchase of $1 or more. Then you get a free pretzel when you earn 250 points. To put this into some perspective, $1 is worth 10 points.

As an added bonus, there are rewards and special offers that you receive via the app and even a surprise for your birthday too.


When you sign up for the Mcdonald’s restaurant app, you get an exclusive buy-one-get-one-free offer and discounts on menu items. The app will give you regular coupons and other free offers and these exclusive deals change on a daily basis.

The free app menu is easy to use, you can make orders and payments easily and this makes your fast food even faster. If you’re curious, you can look at the current Mcdonald’s deals on the company website.


There is no free perk when you download the Chick-Fi-A app, but you can still earn some free tasty food based on your purchases. It’s possible to earn some free food when you make food purchases via the app or in-store.

If you have a cow calendar, you can link it to the app and get a monthly free food item, The Chick-Fi-A app works on iPhone and Android devices and there are download links on the main company website.


The Wendy’s app gives you access to some exclusive offers, such as buy-one-get-one-free. At the moment, you can use a code inside Baconator pringle cans to get a free Baconator at Wendy’s via the app. The offers change regularly and the app also allows you to order online and pick up your food when you want it. The app can be downloaded from the main Wendy’s website.


Download the Sonic app, verify the account and you will get three free offers immediately. They are a $1.99 Wacky Pack kids meal, a coupon for 50% off Blast, and a medium slushie. The process is simple and you can be enjoying your meal deals in next to no time.

Taco Bell

The official Taco Bell app can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple Store and you get 10 points for each dollar you spend on the order subtotal, less discounts and any taxes.

When you reach 250 points, you achieve the “Hot Tier” which is $25 to spend at a Taco Bell restaurant. As you rack up successive “Hot Tier” levels, you get an extra free reward, such as Crunchy Taco, the Cheesy Toasted Breakfast Burrito. Cinnamon Twists, a Medium Fountain Drink, or a Bean Burrito. On your birthday, you will get an email with free gift code for Cinnabon Delights that you can redeem with the month.

If you achieve 2,000 points during the calendar year, you move up to the “Fire Tier” level. At this stage, you earn 11 points for each dollar spent and all the offers previously discussed above. The “Fire Tier” opens up access to other rewards too, such as the Doritos Locos Tacos, a Regular Baja Blast Freeze, Chips and Nacho Cheese Sauce, and the Chalupa Supreme.

Every person that joins the Taco Bell Rewards Program at the beta testing stage also gets a free seasoned beef Dorito Locos Tacos as an extra incentive. This free offer is valid for 14 days and it can be redeemed via the app or at the store/drive-thru pickup at participating Taco Bell restaurants. This offer will expire automatically when stocks are exhausted.


Signing up for the Quiznos app will earn you a $5 discount on your initial app order. When you order you get $1 per point and 25 points can be redeemed for 15% off your meal. If you have 50 points, you will get a free meal combo and on your birthday you get a buy one get one offer on an 8-inch sub.


Subway offers one of their classic subs to customers that purchase a 30 oz drink and sign up for their weekly text offers. The total cost is $1.80 for the drink at the time of writing this article, but this is a bargain for a drink and a great sandwich.

The signup process is easy and the full details are on the company website. When you’ve signed up, Subway sends the confirmation, and when you reply, you get a link to click. Just make sure you click the redeem link when you’re ready to check out to get the offer.

Another program you can sign up for is the Subway Rewards Card which is found at certain stores. If you eat frequently at Subway, this is a good deal. You get 1 point for each $1 spent and these earnings can be redeemed for Subway food.


Chipotle Rewards members earn 10 points for every $1 they spend in the dedicated app, online, or in the restaurant. The points can be redeemed for any item on the menu and you only need a couple of visits to get a free chips order.

As a member, you can redeem points to support nonprofit partners such as the National Young Farmers Coalition, if you’re in an altruistic mood.

Buffalo Wild Wings

There is no initial reward when you sign up for the Buffalo Wild Wings “Blazin” rewards program. But, rest assured, the points that you earn can rack up very quickly.

Every time you check-in at the restaurant you earn 10 points plus an extra 100 points for each $10 you spend on your meal. The points that you earn can be redeemed for free food items and if you dine regularly you will be eating a free meal in no time.


When you sign up with Friendly’s, you get a free medium sundae and another free sundae after every five medium sundaes you order.

You’ll also earn points that can be redeemed for free food and 75 points equals $5. During your birthday month, you’re rewarded with another free sundae and you can get free food delivery if you use the code FREEDELIVERY when you order.

Friendly’s will also keep you up to date with their latest offers and promotions.

Panera Bread

New members of the “My Panera” program get unlimited regular and iced coffee during summer. The app also has other promotions during different months, such as a free daily coffee or bagel.

There’s a personalized reward structure built into the app which will tailor the free food offers to things you like and order regularly. The app is easy to use and account holders can save their meals ahead of time and then order them with a few clicks.

As an added bonus there’s a built-in map that shows you the nearest Panera location.

Red Robin

Red Robin has a “Royalty” reward program. You get nothing when you sign up, but there are some amazing deals. Any customer can get bottomless fries, but a Royalty member can get bottomless rewards when they dine.

The app is structured to reward frequent Red Robin customers. Every 10th food item is a freebie and you get $20 off the price of a meal on every sixth visit. During a birthday month, the member gets a free burger and the company donates 1% of the amount you spend to a school of your choosing after you join.

Red Lobster

The Red Lobster Rewards app uses a simple 1 point equals $1 system which is easy to track. Order your food in the app, at your local restaurant, or on the company website. You get 75 points when you sign up and you get a freebie when you reach the 125-point threshold.

There are new selections every month and regular visitors will earn reward points quickly. There are also extra benefits, including special offers, coupons, inside information, and a free birthday treat. There is a platinum membership tier that has double points on the “To Go” orders and other promotions to explore.

TGI Fridays  

When you sign up for the TGI Fridays app, you earn a free appetizer or dessert with a coupon that’s sent to you via email. This only takes a few minutes and it can be redeemed through your email and then you can earn points every time you order food.

There is a variable reward structure for food items, such as a free burger for 80 points, a free dessert for 50 points, and more.


Starbucks has a basic rewards program, you can earn a free meal item or beverage for 125 points. The company also has a free birthday drink and you can earn extra stars if you pass set challenges, such as ordering a specific drink five times or more in a single week.

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Dunkin Donuts 

When you download the Dunkin Donuts app, you can earn 5 points for every $1 you spend. The points can rach up quickly and your reward is a free drink or a doughnut. The app will send you a special offer on your birthday as an extra treat.

Jamba Juice

When you activate your Jamba Juice account, the company will reward you with $3 off your next order. This is enough to get a free pastry, but most of the smoothies cost more than $3 and you will need to make up the difference.

There are further discounts when you rack up 35 points and you earn points every time you order. Jamba Juice will celebrate your birthday with a free smoothie as a thank you.

Discounted Food Apps

While there are ample restaurant apps offering a freebie, if you’re not keen on the above companies, there are still ways that you can access free and discounted food.


Ibotta is an app that allows you the earn cashback rewards on purchases you make from over 300 online and in-store retailers. If you like to save money, you need this app.

There are many ways to earn cashback and you can find offers in-store that are filtered within certain brands. Once you find something that you like, you can visit the store and make the purchase and then upload the receipt to earn the cashback.

The app cross-references the offers that you select with purchases that you’ve made automatically. There may even be offers where you can earn full cashback on select items.


The Flashfood app can be used to find discounted surplus food items in your vicinity. You can browse available deals that may be up to 50% off and select the food items immediately.

Then you pay via the app with a Visa debit card or major credit card.

Once you’re done, simply visit the store, confirm the order details and pick up your food items from the Flashfood zone.


The Foodprint app is free to download and you can start using it immediately to rescue food that would otherwise be wasted.

The food will be located nearby, it’s within the expiration date, but it must be eaten to free up space in the inventory.

You can order the food items, pay for them via the food app and then visit the location for a fast pick-up. This is a great way to enjoy a tasty and discounted meal and prevent food waste at the same time.

Final Thoughts on Free Food Apps

Whether you’re after a free treat or need some help dealing with the increasing cost of living, there are some great platforms that offer free and discounted food. Many free food apps are free to download, and they’re easy to find, particularly if you have favorite restaurants or brands.

So why not give a few a try and you can get your hands on some treats that will taste even more delicious since you didn’t need to pay!

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