10 Easy Ways to Get Free Starbucks Gift Cards

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Free Starbucks Gift Card

Gift cards are the next best thing after cash, and they’re becoming the standard form of payment for everyday online tasks.

Do you love going to Starbucks but hate spending the money? If you are looking for legit ways to earn free Starbucks gift cards, then you are not alone.

We’ve researched the top ways to earn free Starbucks gift cards, and the top 10 options are covered in this article. With just a small effort, you can easily and quickly earn a gift card for your next trip to Starbucks

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Top 10 Ways You Can Earn Free Starbucks Gift Cards

1. Swagbucks ($5 signup bonus)


Swagbucks is one of the most popular ways to earn free Starbucks gift cards by doing simple things like playing games, searching the web, watching TV or answering surveys. In return for performing these tasks, you will earn points, called Swagbucks or SB. You will also earn points when you shop from Swagbucks’ retail partners. They have thousands of partners and you can earn cashback from many of the purchases you already make.

You can quickly head over to Swagbucks.com to register. To earn a $5 signup bonus, register through this link.

Swagbucks is one of the easiest ways to earn gift cards. If you can set aside a few minutes of your time each day, then you can easily earn gift cards very quickly.

Basically, I focus on surveys, as it offers more points if you qualify for it. However, there are so many options available to earn SB. They have many special offers that provide generous rewards for things like trying new apps, signing up for a free trial of a service, or opening an account.

Swagbucks currently hands out over 7,000 gift cards to users daily. That’s about $344,876,194 worth of gift cards in total.

2. Ibotta


Ibotta is an amazing app that allows you save on just about any purchase. You will get cashback on purchases from grocery stores, retail stores, department stores, home improvement stores, clothing stores, and more on the Ibotta app.

Here’s how it works. You first have to download the Ibotta app. After downloading, open up the app and search for a store in which you plan on going to shop. If the store is listed, click on it to find out how you can earn cashback on your purchase.

Typically, you will receive cashback when you scan and upload the shopping receipts from participating department stores and grocery stores on the Ibotta app. There are about 341 participating merchants including popular retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Walgreens, CVC, Costco and many others. Online partners include iTunes, Jet, Groupons, and Boxed.

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With some stores, you can link Ibotta to a store loyalty card, which removes the need to scan and upload receipts. They also offer Pay With Ibotta, which allows you to actually pay with your credit card through the app for even more savings.

Once you have accumulated up to $20 in cashback, you can redeem it for Starbucks, Amazon or Best Buy gift cards. You can also opt for cash in PayPal or Venmo.

3. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie

Survey junkie is another great site to earn free gift cards for Starbucks. It’s similar to Swagbucks in that you can earn rewards for taking simple surveys. But unlike Swagbucks, Survey Junkie focuses exclusively on surveys.

You can earn gift cards on Survey Junkie every month by simply logging into your account every day and checking for new surveys. I get about $30 monthly by logging in whenever there’s a survey. You can also get email notifications so you know when new surveys are available (sometimes they don’t last very long, so it helps to act quickly).

You can complete the surveys in your spare time while on a bus, watching Tv or on break at the office. Compared to most survey companies, Survey Junkie has an amazing interface that’s easy to navigate.

Another great thing about the platform is that they tell you how much you will earn from answering the survey and how long it will take you. For instance, before you even begin a survey, you will know it will take 5 minutes of your time to complete and you will earn $1.20 for the task.

If you haven’t gotten an account already, then follow the link below to signup. The registration is completely free.

4. MobileXpression

MobileXpression is an internet research mobile app that uses the internet to conduct human behavior and market research.

It provides a source of passive income, as you are paid for just keeping the app running. You will receive credits each week, which you can redeem in form of gift cards, including Starbucks. You can earn about $50 per year from simply allowing the app to run on your phone.

Additionally, every week, MobileXpression users will be entered into a drawing for various prizes like digital camera, iPads, and kitchen items.

It’s important to note that the app collects your internet usage data, however, no personal or sensitive information is collected. If you are comfortable with that, you can follow the link below to signup for MobileXpression.

Registration is open to mobile users all over the world with iOS and Android devices provided you are 18 years or above.

Honestly, MobileXpression may be the easiest way to earn free gift cards.

5. MyPoints ($10 signup bonus)


The MyPoints app is similar to SwagBucks, and in fact, the two are owned by the same parent company. Like Swagbucks, MyPoints allows you earn points from simple tasks including:

  • Watching videos
  • Beta testing software
  • Performing web searches
  • Reading emails
  • Playing video games online
  • Shopping with coupons
  • Completing surveys

Every time you complete any of the listed tasks, you will earn points that can be converted to gift cards from any of over 70 retailers, including Starbucks and Amazon.

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The points required for a $5 gift card varies for each merchant. For instance, while you may need 600 points for a Dunkin Donuts gift card, you would need over 1000 points to get the same gift card from Starbucks.

The MyPoints signup process is quite easy, and you can get a $10 bonus. The program is mainly meant for people resident in the US and Canada. You can still signup if you aren’t a resident of either country, but you will only have limited ways to earn.

Once you signup, you can start earning by completing tasks and shopping. You can also earn by referring friends. When you refer people to MyPoints, you will be rewarded 10% of their qualifying points.

Upon accumulating sufficient points, you can either convert it to gift cards or have it transferred to your PayPal or Visa card account.

MyPoints - Cash Back and Rewards
Earn cash back from purchases at thousands of online retailers and earn rewards for simple tasks like taking online surveys, watching videos, and printing coupons. Sign up for MyPoints now for a $10 bonus!

6. InboxDollars ($5 signup bonus)


InboxDollars is very similar Swagbucks and MyPoints, and was purchased by their parent company earlier this year. It offers you a variety of tasks that you can complete to earn including the following:

  • Sharing your opinion in surveys and research programs.
  • Watching videos on your mobile phone or computer.
  • Performing internet searches.
  • Printing coupons.
  • Playing video games online.
  • Clicking and reading emails.
  • Cashback from shopping from a list of online retailers.

You will earn for each of these activities that you complete, and can request a withdrawal once you hit $30. They offer various payout options including Starbucks gift cards and PayPal.

The signup process is easy. You will be required to input your name and email address to complete the registration. InboxDollars offers a $5 signup bonus, so you will need to earn at least $25 to request a payout.

The company was founded in 2005 and has paid out over $50 million in rewards.

7. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards is a cashback app specifically for grocery shopping. While you can earn more cashback with Ibotta, Fetch Rewards is easier to use and requires less effort (see our comparison of Ibotta vs. Fetch Rewards here).

You don’t need to browse through the app and find offers that you want to claim. All you need to do is use the app to take a photograph of your receipts from grocery stores and Fetch Rewards will take care of the rest. You’ll earn points for each receipt, and you’ll earn bonus points if you’ve purchased items from certain brands (the list is available inside the app).

The best part is, you can use Fetch Rewards in combination with other cashback apps like Ibotta.

Once you’ve earned some points, they can be redeemed for your choice of gift cards. There are many different choices, including Starbucks.

Sign up for Fetch Rewards here.

8. PrizeRebel


PrizeRebel is an amazing app that rewards you for doing basic tasks. It offers several options that make earning very easy. You can watch videos, take surveys, complete simple offers or partake in their daily challenge program. If you put in a couple of hours, you are likely to earn a free Starbucks gift card within a day or two.

Prizerebel also has a referral program that rewards you of 10 – 30% of your referral’s earnings.

The signup process takes less than a minute. They also have a membership status tier from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The more points you earn, the higher you climb on the tier.

There are hundreds of gift card options including Starbucks, Amazon, Best Buy, Gap and Home Depot.

You need about 370 points to earn a $5 Starbucks gift card.

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Also, ensure to always check their Facebook and Twitter handles continuously. They post promo codes that you can input on the app to earn free points.

PrizeRebel has over 9 million members and has paid out about $19 million since 2017.

Signup for PrizeRebel here.

9. Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards

Yes, you guessed right. Microsoft Rewards is operated by Microsoft, and is a great way to earn free Starbucks gift cards completing simple tasks.

There are various options to earn including answering poll questions, searching on Bing, and opening pictures.

You can easily earn a $5 gift card monthly by simply logging into your account every day. You can also earn up to 150 points monthly browsing on Microsoft edge (5 points per hour).

They also allow you to earn points shopping on Microsoft and Windows stores. You will earn a point for every $1 you spend at either stores.

However, there are also limitations to the number of points you can accumulate in a day. You are in level one if you have earned below 500 points, and are limited to 50 points per day. However, if you have earned above 500 points then, you are in level 2 and are limited to 250 points daily.

While there are limited gift card options, you can redeem your points for Starbucks gift cards or at the Microsoft store.

Sign up for Microsoft Rewards here.

10. Starbucks App


Another great way to earn Starbucks free gift cards is from Starbucks itself via its app. The popular coffee house has its own reward program called Starbucks Rewards which allow customers earn stars when they make purchases with the company.

Whether you are a frequent customer or a once in a month customer, I advise you to sign up for the rewards program.

Once you signup, you will receive various bonuses including:

  • Free drinks on birthdays
  • 2 stars for every dollar you spend at the store
  • Invitations to special events.

You will also be able to place your orders ahead on phone from the Starbucks app and enjoy free in-store refills.

If you are looking for a deal, then having the Starbucks app is a great step. Starbucks usually offers free gift cards to members of its loyalty program.


Conclusively, earning Starbucks gift cards isn’t as difficult as it may seem. You can leverage on the apps listed above to keep enjoying great coffee from Starbucks.

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