15 Awesome Ways to Get Free Google Play Credits

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How to Get Free Google Play Credits

If you have an Android smartphone or mobile device, you’re likely to be familiar with the Google Play store. This fantastic resource has apps and extensions for practically all your entertainment and business needs.

However, before you get download happy, you need to be aware that the costs of these apps can start to really add up, which can lead to an unpleasant surprise when your credit card bill or bank statement arrives.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways that you can benefit from free Google Play credits, and we’ll show you how easy it is to get them.

What Are Google Play Credits and How Can You Use Them?

According to Google, Play is a digital distribution service that serves as the official app store for Android and its operating system. The Google Play store allows you to browse through all the apps developed using the Android software development kit that are published through Google.

While there are lots of free apps and extensions on the Google Play store, many require payment to download your chosen app. Many people link their credit card to their Google account, and this is used as a payment for any Play store purchases, but with Google Play credit, you don’t need to worry about lots of charges hitting your bank account.

Google Play credit is similar to a store gift card (see our ideas for free gift cards here). You receive a physical card or a code that can be used to add to your Google account. You simply go into your account settings and select redeem to enter the gift card details.

When you have Google Play credit, you can use them to buy any apps or extensions for your smartphone or mobile device. You can also use the credit to purchase movies, magazines, TV shows, or music that you find in the Play store or any in-app purchases.

How to Earn Free Google Play Credits

1. Swagbucks ($10 signup bonus)


One of the best ways of earning free Google Play credits is Swagbucks. This platform is very well regarded and allows you to earn points for watching videos, playing games, taking surveys, surfing the internet, and even online shopping.

Once you’ve accumulated enough points, they can be redeemed for a Google Play credit. Currently, you need 2,200 points to earn a $25 gift card for Google Play, but there are also redemption options.

Swagbucks not only has a high Trustpilot score, but it is also one of the few ways that you can earn Google Play credit without the need for a smartphone app. Additionally, Swagbucks is offering a $10 introductory bonus when you sign up.

With just a little bit of effort in your spare time, you can easily earn points at any time.

Signup for Swagbucks here to get the $10 signup bonus.

2. Mistplay


If you enjoy playing video games, then Mistplay could be the ideal way for you to earn free Google Play credits. Once you download the Mistplay app, you can choose a game to download and start earning.

The games on Mistplay have different play periods that vary from a minute or two to five minutes. There are also different achievement requirements to accomplish and get units. Once you complete play or make an achievement, Mistplay will notify you and ask for opinions on the game and answers to questions about your gameplay experience. For this feedback, you will be rewarded. Many game companies and developers use Mistplay for market research, and your comments may influence tweaks to the app before it is officially launched.

Depending on the game, you can earn 20 to 200 points, with the specific value determined by the amount of playtime and the milestones or achievements reached. Once you have accumulated points, you can redeem them for Google Play credit, with a conversion rate of 1500 points being approximately $5. You can also earn 50 bonus points for every referral using your unique affiliate code. Additionally, once your referral points reach 200, you will receive a 100 point bonus.

Getting started is simple; you just need to download the Mistplay app and start downloading and playing games.

Get Mistplay here.

3. My Points ($10 signup bonus)


MyPoints has been around since the mid-1990s, and this online panel is open to U.S residents for free. After sign up, you can start earning points immediately by completing surveys, reading emails, watching videos, and playing games. However, you can also earn points by shopping online and taking advantage of local deals. MyPoints has over 2,000 retailers where you can earn points according to your purchases. You can also earn through voucher purchase and Groupon.

My Points also allows you to print coupons that you can use at your local stores to enjoy savings and accumulate points.

There is also a referral program, where you will receive 10 percent of qualifying points of any friends you refer and you can send unlimited invitations.

The minimum redemption balance is 480 points, which is currently $3, and these can be exchanged for a variety of gift cards.

Signup for MyPoints here to get the $10 bonus.

4. Mobile Xpression


MobileXpression is a free app that pays you rewards based on your mobile internet usage. The more you use your phone, then the more points you will accumulate. So, if you don’t want to be bothered logging in to complete tasks, this is an ideal “set it and forget it” option.

Mobile Xpression works on Android and iOS devices, and you will receive rewards weekly, with a selection of gift card options. If Google Play gift cards are not available, you can opt for an Amazon gift card and then redeem it for Google Play credit.

The main way that you earn with Mobile Xpression is through data collection, but there are occasional surveys to make additional cash. Each week, members are also entered into a prize draw, with previous prizes including digital cameras, iPads, and cash.

Sign up for MobileXpression here.

5. Ibotta


Ibotta is compatible with most grocery stores and allows you to buy your regular items and earn cashback that can be redeemed for Google Play credit (or your choice of rewards). You will need to keep copies of your receipts, so you can scan them after you finish shopping. However, you can also activate in-app offers for your preferred stores to get further deals. You can get cashback on generic or name brands and even when you shop online using the app.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, Ibotta will give you a $10 when you redeem your first offer.

The amount of cashback varies, and there are special offers or deals continually updated to the app. You can browse through the offers before you head out for your weekly grocery shop, but you don’t need to keep the app open. You can simply add the coupons to your Ibotta basket and make a note of the items on your shopping list.

You can also earn Google Play credits by referring your friends to Ibotta. When friends sign up using your unique referral code and redeem a qualifying offer, you’ll receive $5. There is no cap to how many people you can refer, so you can earn while helping all of your friends and family members to enjoy cashback.

Sign up for Ibotta here.

6. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards allows you to earn points each time you shop and purchase items from over 250 popular brands. The platform has partnered with lots of popular grocery stores and retailers, so you can earn free Google Play credit just by doing your regular shopping. Fetch Rewards deals directly with brands rather than stores for great deals and offers.

Once you join Fetch Rewards by downloading the app, you will need to keep your grocery receipts to scan and calculate your points. Base points are earned whenever you purchase an item from the listed brands, with the point total determined by the value of the item. However, you can also earn bonus points if the price of your chosen item exceeds the target price.

Fetch Rewards also offers special offer bonuses to increase your points total. For example, you may have a 20% back offer if you purchase an item worth $10 that gives you 10,000 points and an additional 2,000 for the cashback.

There is also a referral program where you can earn 2,000 points for each successful referral.

Sign up for Fetch Rewards here.

7. Prize Rebel


Another good option to get free Google Play credit by watching videos and completing surveys is Prize Rebel. This platform has surveys from nine different networks, so you don’t need to join lots of different platforms, as you can work from one place. You can also earn points for watching videos and signing up to offers. There are both paid and free offers, but if you do need to spend money, the points offered typically offset your purchase price.

One of the attractive features of Prize Rebel is that you can earn points for referring friends. However, unlike many other platforms, you will earn 20 percent of your friend’s lifetime points. When your friend reaches 100 points, you’ll get 20. You will have a unique invite link on your profile that allows your friends to join and earn “best friend” status.

The amount of Google Play credits you can earn depends on the tasks you complete. Some activities will pay more than some others, but before you start a survey, you will be shown how long it should take and how many points you will earn. So, you can maximize your earnings by sticking to higher-paying surveys.

Prize Rebel will also give you ten points for completing your profile, and this will also allow the surveys to be tailored to your interests and demographics. One point is roughly a cent, so you can quickly start to rack up Google Play credits.

Sign up for Prize Rebel here.

8. InstaGC

InstaGC or Instant Gift Cards offers more flexibility in how you can earn your Google Play credits. The platform rewards you points for shopping online, watching videos, searching the web, and completing surveys. There are occasional bonus point opportunities such as visiting specific websites, listening to music, or participating in product trials.

What makes InstaGC stand apart is that the redemption structure is very simple. There is a ten-point introductory bonus for signing up, and your points balance translates as 100 points are equal to $1 in gift cards. You can redeem your points as $10, $15 or $25 Google Play gift cards. You can also boost your points balance by referring friends, with 110 points for each friend.

Sign up for InstaGC here.

9. S’More

Most of us lose track of how many times each day we unlock our smartphones. However, you can translate these seconds of your time with S’More. This platform allows you to accumulate points by having ads on your screen unlock. You can simply use your smartphone as normal and still get paid.

Whether you click on an ad or just unlock your phone to continue using it, S’More will pay you 10 cents a day, just for having it installed. Additionally, ads may occasionally pop up while you’re using your device, but you can just swipe them to continue your phone activity. You will need to use S’More for at least ten days before you can redeem your points, and points will expire if they are not used within a month.

S’More also offers a 50 point introductory bonus, a referral program, and other ways to earn additional points. S’More is partnered with market research companies so you can answer questions based on your interests and demographics. While surveys are not available all the time, you can receive up to 100 points per survey.

Sign up for S’More here.

10. FeaturePoints

FeaturePoints rewards you with points for downloading free apps and trying them for just a minute or two. The featured apps are constantly changing and include books, music, game, and messaging apps. You can also earn points watching videos.

Once you have accumulated sufficient points, you can redeem your balance for Google Play credit, online gift cards, or paid apps. Google Play credit is available in a $10 or $15 gift card format.
You can also boost your balance by referring friends. Unlike many platforms, FeaturePoints awards you 50 percent of the points your friends earn, which is one of the highest referral bonuses around.

Currently, 600 points is worth $1, so you will need at least 6,000 points to earn a $10 Google Play gift card. While this may seem like a lot of points, if you’re downloading apps and offers most days, you should be able to reach this amount quite quickly.

Sign up for FeaturePoints here.

11. Google Opinion Rewards

One of the easiest ways to earn Google Play credits is to get them directly from Google. When you sign up for Google Opinions, the survey team at Google will send you questionnaires, and you will receive credit for each of these surveys you complete.

You may receive multiple surveys each week, depending on your interest, and you can earn up to $1 for each survey. However, some weeks, you may only receive one invitation, depending on how many surveys are available in that particular week.

These surveys are created by Google, so they are different from many other online surveys. You may be asked your opinions on your favorite soft drinks or politicians or even your favorite logo designs. So, if you like sharing your opinions, Google Opinion Rewards may be the perfect way for you to earn free Google Play credits.

Sign up for Google Opinion Rewards

12. Bananatic

Another platform that will pay you rewards to playing games is Bananatic. You can earn bananas (points) for game quests, watching sponsored ads, testing mobile apps, social media shares, writing articles, recording videos, and shopping online. Practically any online activity will earn you bananas, making it a fun app for all. You can redeem your bananas for gift cards, including Google Play credits.

If you’re feeling creative, you can even put this to use to earn more bananas. You can create videos or write articles that will earn you rewards. You will need to link your YouTube account to Bananatic and upload your video to accumulate your points. The rewards for each video will vary according to the length of the video. Points for articles depend on your membership level; basic members earn 100 per article, while premium members and master members earn 200 and 500 points respectively. Your articles need to write unique content in a variety of topics ranging from game tutorials through to game events, competitions, or news about patches. Basically, anything related to the Bananatic site can form the basis of your article.
Aside from the points, you will also be credited with experience points to level up your account.

Sign up for Bananatic here.

13. Jobs 2 Shop

You may have heard of mystery shoppers, but have no idea how you can become one, but Jobs 2 Shop can provide access. You can be paid to mystery shop your local stores and restaurants. You can also use Jobs 2 Shop to make money signing up for offers, playing games, and taking surveys.

The Jobs 2 Shop platform matches its users with assignments from mystery shopping companies, including restaurants, retailers, and other establishments. Every assignment includes step by step instructions, and you may need to purchase a specific item. You will need to keep your receipts to be reimbursed, including parking or other expenses. This can be an easy, fun way to earn a second income, with dozens of assignments to choose from.

While Google Play credit is not listed as a payment method, you can earn PayPal payments and then buy gift cards using your earnings.

Sign up for Jobs 2 Shop here.

14. AppNana

AppNana is a basic app that allows you to earn nanas or points by downloading games and apps. You will earn 400 points a day that you log into your AppNana account with additional points for simple activities such as playing Candy Crush or even downloading a Facebook app.

Simple tasks will earn approximately 1,000 credits, while more complicated tasks can earn up to 60,000 credits. Some tasks require just downloading and playing a game for a few minutes, while others have more specific requirements. For example, you may need to attack a level 3 monster in the game you download. You may get points for completing this task, and it may also unlock levels or available apps to download.

You can redeem your reward points for a variety of gift cards, including Google Play or for paid apps at the AppNana store.

Sign up for AppNana here.

15. GrabPoints

This reward site is relatively new, but it has established an impressive user base in just four years. Currently, over four million people are using GrabPoints, and the platform has paid out over $5 million.

You can earn GrabPoints by completing simple online tasks, including answering surveys, watching videos, and taking offers.

GrabPoints has developed a reputation for being both reliable and fun, offering high payouts. The minimum withdrawal is very low at just $3 and fast payout processing.

Sign up for GrabPoints here.

Bonus: Register Your Chromecast Devices

If you’ve just bought a Chromecast, you may find that you can earn Google Play credits just by registering the product. To see if you qualify for any offers currently available, download the Google Home app. In the app, you will be able to see how much Google pays for buying and registering specific devices. This will allow you to compare the bonus offers before you make a purchase. In some cases, you may receive up to $25 of Google Play credit from just one offer.


As you can see, there are lots of legitimate ways that you can get free Google Play credits. Many of these platforms reward you for completing your regular activities or doing tasks in your spare time. Many of us can find a few minutes to complete a survey, watch a video, or play a game that can earn points towards Play credits. This means that Google Play credits are simple to earn around your regular routine. So, before you run up your credit card bill by downloading all your favorite apps and movies, why not rack up some free Google Play credit and enjoy all the activities for free.

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  • Access alternative investments
  • High-yield treasuries accounts
  • Social community of investors
  • User-friendly interface
  • Commission-free trades of stocks, ETFs, options, and ADRs
  • Powerful screening and charting tools
  • Free real-time level 2 data
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • AI monitoring
  • AI-powered price forecasts
  • Free investing courses
  • Commission-free trades of stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrency
  • Buy fractional shares for any amount
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