How to Make Money Blogging for Beginners

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Are you new to blogging and wondering how you can actually go about making money from a blog?

Are you looking for a way to make money online and considering starting a blog as one option?

Blogging can be a great way to make money and grow your own online business. I started blogging back in 2007 while I was still working a typical corporate job full-time. It took me about a year and a half of consistent effort, but in late 2008, I was able to leave my job and pursue blogging full-time. Ever since then, I’ve been privileged to be able to earn a living as a blogger. 

Over the years, I’ve talked to a lot of different people who have an interest in doing something similar, but there’s a lot of mystery surrounding the topic of making money with a blog. If you don’t have any experience with blogging, you may have no idea how people actually make money with their blogs.

This article will serve as a guide for anyone who is new to the world of blogging and wants to learn more about how to earn income (full-time or part-time) with a blog.

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Why Blogging?

Since there are a number of different types of online businesses that you could start, I think it’s important to understand exactly why you’re choosing to start a blog before moving forward. There are a lot of different reasons that you might want to start a blog, but here are a few of the most common and most significant reasons. 

Work on Something That You Enjoy

You can start a blog on any topic of your choice. That means that you can build an online business around the things that interest you. Over the years, I’ve had blogs on several different topics and my most successful blogs all covered topics that interest me. I’m not a big fan of choosing a blog niche strictly for income potential because if you don’t enjoy the topic, blogging isn’t very much fun. 

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a way to make some extra money on the side or looking for something that can turn into a full-time income, blogging about a topic that you enjoy is a great way to make money. 

My favorite working days I’ve ever had in my life involved work for one of my photography blogs. I used to travel to different locations (I sold the blog, so I don’t own it anymore), hike, take photos, and then come home and do a writeup on the location. I loved my work because I was able to incorporate my photography and hiking hobbies into what I did.

Low-Cost Online Business

How many businesses that offer unlimited income potential can be started for less than $100

You don’t need very much money to start a blog. The only truly essential costs are for web hosting and a domain name registration, and that can be done for less than $100 for your first year.

While traditional, brick-and-mortar businesses can be a great way to make money too, there’s no comparison in terms of startup costs and risk. Starting an online business like a blog is the way to go if you’re looking for something that doesn’t require capital.

Unlimited Earning Potential

Despite the extremely low startup costs, blogging genuinely offers unlimited income potential. Many bloggers are earning six-figure incomes working from home, and some are even able to crack seven figures. 

And on top of the potential to make a great recurring income, building a blog also provides you with a valuable asset that can be sold if you decide you want to move on and do something different. I’ve sold several blogs in the past and this has been a huge difference between my work as a blogger and my work in previous jobs.

When I quit my full-time job as an auditor to pursue blogging full-time, I collected my final paycheck a week later and that was the end of my income from that job. But when I decide that I’m done with one of my blogs, I can sell it for a few years’ worth of profit.

There are plenty of people looking to buy blogs and other online businesses, so if yours is making some money, it’s an asset that can be sold.


Working as a blogger offers huge amounts of flexibility. You have flexibility over the number of hours that you work (although you’ll need to work enough to make money), the specific days and hours that you choose to work, where you work, and the type of work that you want to focus on.

Blogging is a career of choice for many digital nomads, which shows just how flexible it can be. You can work anywhere with an internet connection.

Not only does this flexibility allow you to travel, but it also gives you the freedom to choose where you live. About two years after I started blogging full-time, my wife and I moved to an area with a lower cost of living, which essentially gave us a raise. Now that we have kids, I also have the flexibility to schedule my work around family life. I still work full-time hours, but I’m able to do it in a way that is convenient for our family.

Ways to Make Money Blogging

It’s important to understand that simply publishing blog posts isn’t going to generate money, but there are many different ways that you can make money with a blog.

If you’re interested in blogging for the money-making aspect, you need to approach your work like a business, because that’s exactly what it is. Let’s take a look at the most common ways that bloggers make money.

Keep in mind that you can use multiple monetization methods at the same time. In fact, you’ll want to have a few different streams of income in order to avoid relying too heavily on one thing.

1. Affiliate Programs

Through affiliate programs, you can get paid for recommending products and services to your readers. You’ll register for an affiliate program and you’ll get special links to use within your blog content. Whenever a visitor clicks one of your affiliate links, you’ll receive credit for a purchase that the visitor makes, which will entitle you to a commission.

While affiliate programs are often linked to sales, some affiliate programs will pay you based on other actions aside from purchases. For example, you may earn a commission if the visitor installs an app or creates an account. The specific details will vary from one affiliate program to the next and will depend on the objectives of the company that is paying for the referrals.

Amazon has one of the most popular affiliate programs on the planet. You can sign up for Amazon Associates (that’s what they call their affiliate program) and use affiliate links to promote almost any product that’s sold on Amazon. Since customers can buy just about anything at Amazon, there are plenty of products to promote for blogs in any niche.

Amazon Associates

The commission that you’ll earn from purchases at Amazon is pretty low (different product categories will earn different percentages), but there are some significant benefits to promoting products from Amazon.

First, a huge percentage of your visitors already have an Amazon account and many of them are