Mobile Apps for Making and Saving MoneySaving money doesn’t have to be painful and difficult. There are a lot of easy, little things we can do to start saving money, or even to make some extra money. On this page you’ll find more than 50 mobile apps that awesome for making or saving money in different ways.

What I love about using some of these apps is that it takes very little effort. With more than 50 apps featured here you’ll have plenty to choose from. But if you try to use them all I’m sure you’ll get overwhelmed very quickly. Start by picking out a few that seem like they would be easy for you to implement with only minimal changes to your life, and you should start to see the benefits pretty quickly.

I’ve broken the list into two different sections. The first 10 apps listed are the ones I recommend the most, and anyone can benefit from them. Many of them have special sign up bonuses as well.

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Beyond the top recommendations you’ll also find more than 40 other apps that are great options as well. It’s likely that not all of them will be relevant to you, but I’m sure you’ll find at least a few that could be very beneficial.

Most of the apps are free, but there are a few that require a fee. Each app is marked as free, or the price is listed. And feel free to leave a comment and suggest other apps that you think should be added to the list.

You may also be interested in my list of 100 websites for saving money. There is a little bit of overlap with this list because a few are both websites and apps, but the lists are mostly different resources. 

My Favorite Mobile Apps for Making and Saving Money

Here are my top 10 picks that should be useful for just about anyone.

1. Ebates


Ebates is a website and mobile app (free, plus a $10 bonus if you sign up through this link) that makes it easy to earn cash back for shopping at your favorite websites and stores. You can earn cash back on things you would need to purchase anyway at sites like Amazon, Ebay,, Jet, Groupon, and thousands of others. You can even get cash back for in store purchases and for travel and vacations.

There’s really no reason not to use Ebates. It’s very easy, and you can save money on many things that you need to buy. I’ve been using Ebates for a while and it’s definitely something I recommend.

→ Sign up for Ebates through my link and you’ll get a $10 bonus! Sign up here to get the $10 bonus.

2. Ibotta


Ibotta (free, plus a $10 bonus if you sign up through this link) is a must-have app for anyone who likes to save money. From inside the app you can find money-saving offers from your favorite stores in categories like restaurants and bars, clothing, beauty and wellness, pharmacy, travel, convenience, specialty, and much more. If you’re heading to a store just search by the name of the store and see what offers are currently available.

Last week I needed to buy something at Lowes so I searched Ibotta for Lowes and there was a 5% cash back offer! I easily saved $5 on a $100 purchase. After you make the purchase you simply use your phone to photograph/scan the receipt. They verify the receipt and credit your account. It’s really easy to use and you can get cash back for things you would be buying anyway. You get paid out by PayPal, Venmo, or you can choose a gift card.

→ And to make it a total no-brainer, Ibotta offers $10 just for signing up! Sign up here to get the $10 credit.

3. Checkout 51

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 (free) is easily one of my favorite apps. It focuses specifically on saving you money on groceries. All of us have to buy groceries, so why not save some money? Basically it works by giving you cash back for things that you purchase. Each week there are different specials. Some of them are general and the cash back can be earned regardless of what grocery store you shop at. Other offers are for a specific store.

You can easily save a few dollars each trip to the grocery store. A lot of the offers are for name brand products. We don’t buy many name brand products, but the general savings are not for a specific brand, and they’re usually on things that we buy anyway, so everyone can easily save money with Checkout 51. Last week I got $0.50 for buying a can of beans, $0.50 for buying a jar of pasta sauce, $0.50 for buying bagged salad/lettuce, and $0.50 for buying celery. All of those offers applied to any brand, so it was a very easy $2 cash back on things that I would have bought anyway.

Just choose the offers that you want, take a photo of your receipt, and once it is verified they’ll credit your account. You get paid by check once you reach $20.

Get a free Checkout 51 account here.

4. Swagbucks


With Swagbucks (free, plus a $10 bonus if you sign up through this link) you earn credits for things like taking surveys, shopping (cash back), watching videos and playing games. You can then redeem those credits for gift cards to your favorite stores. It’s easy to use, and at times, even fun.

Once you are logged in to the app you’ll see the different opportunities that are available to you and how much you can earn. It’s a great way to make some money in your spare time.

Create your Swagbucks account to get the $10 bonus.

5. TopCashback


TopCashback (free) is very similar to Ebates. You can earn cash back on purchases from a wide variety of different websites and retailers. It’s a great option, although I do have a slight preference for Ebates because I find it a little more user friendly, and TopCashback doesn’t offer the $10 bonus like Ebates does.

Sign up for TopCashback here.

6. BeFrugal


BeFrugal (free, plus a $10 bonus if you sign up through this link) is another cash back app like Ebates and TopCashback. With BeFrugal you can earn cash back at thousands of different websites, and they also have some exclusive deals and offers. BeFrugal offers a $10 bonus for signing up. To quality for the bonus you’ll need to earn $10 in cash back.

Claim your $10 bonus and sign up for BeFrugal here.



DOSH (free, plus $5 bonus if you sign up through this link) is a cash back app that works a little differently than the others. You don’t have to photograph/scan any receipts, and you don’t have to click through the app to make your purchases. You’ll link your debit card or credit card to DOSH and earn cash back for the eligible purchases that you make at stores, restaurants, and for travel.

Sign up through this link and you’ll get a $5 bonus for linking your credit or debit card (you’ll get the extra $5 when you get cash back for the first time).

8. Qapital


Qapital (free, plus a $5 bonus if you sign up through this link) is a great app that helps you save towards your goals and makes savings fun. You can set up a variety of different types of rules that will trigger savings (transferring money from your checking account), and it will build up in your Qapital account. One of the great things about this app is the flexibility and possibilities for these savings rules. For example, you can set up a rule that if you spend less than $20 a week at Starbucks it will save the difference for you. You can set up goals and rules that will be fun and motivate you. And Qapital accounts are FDIC insured.

Sign up through this link to get an extra $5 when you make your first deposit.

9. Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy

Use Gas Buddy (free) to find the best prices on gas near you. You can also complete challenges to win gas cards, but really the main benefit is finding the lowest price on gas.

Get Gas Buddy here.

10. App App

The app (free) gives you all the great coupons you want right on your mobile phone. No need to print or clip coupons.

Get the app here.

Other Money Saving Mobile Apps

And here is a look at more than 40 other apps that are also great for saving or making money in different ways.

11. Receipt Hog

With Receipt Hog (free) you can use your phone to photograph receipts of all kinds and from all stores. You’ll earn coins as rewards, and you can also use coins for taking simple surveys and from playing the “slots”. I’ve been using it recently and it’s kind of a fun app. I simply photograph receipts for things that I buy and after just a few weeks I can already see the credits adding up.

12. Receipt Pal

Receipt Pal (free) is very similar to Receipt Hog. You’ll take photos of your receipts and submit them to earn rewards.

13. Walmart Savings Catcher

Walmart is known for low prices, but the Savings Catcher app (free) helps to ensure that their prices aren’t beat. After you buy something at Walmart you can photograph your receipt and Savings Catcher will go out and search for lower prices on the items that you bought. If it finds a lower price for an item you’ll get an eGift card for the difference. It’s a great way to save a little bit of money with almost no effort.

14. Target App

If you shop at Target you’ll want to get their app (free). You can find sales, including exclusive savings and offers.

15. Shopkick

With Shopkick (free) you’ll earn reward points (they call them “kicks”) for things like walking into stores, scanning barcodes, making purchases, submitting receipts, viewing products online, and watching videos. You can then cash in your kicks for gift cards.

16. MyPoints

MyPoints (free) is another app that allows you to earn points for a variety of things like shopping online, reading emails, taking surveys, watching videos, playing games, and more.

17. Fetch Rewards

With Fetch Rewards (free) you can scan your grocery receipts and earn points for purchasing certain brands and products. You can then redeem your points for a variety of different rewards.

As far as grocery apps go, I like Checkout 51 much better than Fetch Rewards, but if you’re buying the brands of products that are a part of Fetch Rewards it can be an easy way to earn something extra.

18. Southern Savers App

The Southern Savers app (free) lets you find coupons and current deals to save money. Plus, you can create shopping lists.

19. SavingStar

SavingStar (free) is a great app for saving on groceries. It’s similar to Checkout 51 in that you can pick certain offers.

20. Favado

Favado (free) helps you to save on groceries by finding the best deals and comparing prices.

21. BerryCart

BerryCart (free) is a grocery app specifically focusing on organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO foods. You’ll pick the offers that you want, snap a photo of the receipt, and earn cash back.

22. Field Agent

Field Agent (free) is an interesting app. You download the app and create your profile. Then you can find jobs near you that involve simple tasks like visiting a store and taking a photo or answering a few questions. The jobs typically pay between $1 – $12 and you’ll have 2 hours to complete the job. You’ll want to choose jobs that are on your way, otherwise you’ll be spending too much time and money driving around.

23. Gigwalk

Gigwalk (free) is kind of similar to Field Agent. Through the app you’ll create a profile and apply to gigs. The gigs will take somewhere from a few minutes to a few hours and you’ll earn $3 – $100 per gig.

24. Shopalong

Shopalong (free) allows you to get paid for completing small assignments while you are out shopping.

25. Drop

Drop (free) is a cash back app that is somewhat similar to DOSH. You’ll link your credit or debit card to Drop and earn points for your purchases. You can then cash in your points for gift cards.

26. Punchcard

Punchcard (free) allows you to get rewards for shopping at many different stores and restaurants. Take a photo of your receipt and earn points that can be redeemed for prizes.

27. Wallaby

Wallaby (free) keeps track of your spending habits and helps to maximize your credit card rewards. It will tell you the best card to use for your purchases, and present you with exclusive offers.

28. Mobee

With Mobee (free) you can find secret shopper missions near you. When you complete the simple missions you’ll earn points that can be used on gift cards and rewards. Use referral code Q8Z4 to earn 300 free points when you sign up.

29. Larky

Larky (free) will give you mobile alerts when you are near discounts that are available, based on your memberships and loyalty programs.

30. Shoptagr

With Shoptagr (free) you can save products that you want to buy from most of your favorite online retailers. The app will notify you when any of the items go on sale or come back in stock. You can also create a wishlist to share with your friends.

31. reebee

reebee (free) will allow you to browse sale flyers from a wide variety of stores, create your own shopping lists, and search products to see where they are on sale.

32. Flipp

Flipp (free) provides you with all the weekly sales flyers, plus many coupons. You can also create your own shopping list and take it with you in the app.

33. Trim

Trim (free) automates ways to save you money. It analyzes your accounts to find ways to save you money on subscriptions by canceling subscriptions, negotiating bills, finding you better insurance, and more.

34. Digit

Digit (free for 100 days, then $2.99 per month) will help to automate your savings. It evaluates your income and spending to determine the perfect amount to set aside each day. You’ll also earn 1% cash back on your digit savings.

35. Dobot

Dobot (free) helps you to save. You’ll create your savings goals, including a dollar amount and a date when you need it, and it will transfer small amounts each week from your checking account to a Dobot savings account.

36. Tip Yourself

Tip Yourself (free) allows you to easily move money from your checking account to your “tip jar” by tipping yourself for whatever reason you want.

37. Debitize

Debitize (free) helps you to avoid paying interest and late fees on your credit card. Each day that you make a credit card purchase it will deduct that amount from your linked checking account, and at the end of the month it will automatically make the credit card payment for you.

38. Stash

Stash ($1 per month, first month free) is an app for those who want to get started investing. You can start with as little as $5. The app will help you to pick an investment strategy and you can continue to learn with the help of tips and articles.

39. Acorns

Acorns ($1 per month)  is a micro investing app that allows you to get started by investing your spare change. You’ll connect it to your debit and credit cards, and whenever you make a purchase it will round up to the next dollar and invest the difference. You can also ad to your account any time, or set up recurring investments.

40. Stockpile

Stockpile ($0.99 per trade) is another app for beginner investors. You can buy fractions of shares for as little as $5, rather than needing to buy an entire share of stock. There are no monthly fees, but you will pay $0.99 per trade, which can add up if you are doing a lot of small trades.

41. Lucktastic

Lucktastic (free) is an app that lets you play games and try to earn/win tokens that can be redeemed for gift cards.

42. Paribus

Paribus (free) saves you money by finding refunds that are owed to you. You’ll link it to the email account that you use to make online purchases, it will analyze receipts and look for refunds or price adjustments that should be applied.

43. Best Parking

Best Parking (free) helps you to find the best prices for parking near your location or in a particular area.

44. App Trailers

With App Trailers (free) you can watch trailers for apps and earn rewards with gift cards and cash.

45. Clashot

Use your phone to take photos and publish and sell the photos with Clashot (free).

46. 6ya

6ya (free) is an app that connects experts with people needing help or advice. You can sign up to be an expert and make money by taking calls from people who need your help. There are a huge number of categories, so there’s probably some expertise you have that you could make money from. The categories range from automotive, to pets, to firearms, to furniture and decor, to baby gear, to health & wellness, to business, and much more.

Apps for Buying and Selling

All of the apps below allow you to sell your own items, or save money by buying second-hand items from others. I won’t give a description for each one because they’re all pretty similar in that you can create an account and list your own items, or search/browse items being sold by other people. All of these apps are free.

  1. Poshmark (clothing and fashion)
  2. letgo
  3. OfferUp
  4. 5miles
  5. Mercari
  6. Trove (home furnishings and furniture)
  7. Cash4Books

Start Using a Few of These Apps

Now that you’ve browsed through this list of apps, pick a few that look like they could help you save or make some money and start using them today. Also, if you know of other good apps please feel free to leave a comment.

And if you’re interested in saving money be sure to check out my article 101 Practical and Realistic Ways to Save Money.

Mobile Apps for Making and Saving Money