7 Convincing Reasons to Become a Virtual Assistant in 2021

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Virtual Assistant Working from a Laptop

Working as a virtual assistant (VA) is one of the best money-making opportunities in 2021, for several different reasons. Maybe you’re on a quest to transform your life and regain control of your daily schedule. Maybe you’re looking for a side hustle that will enable you to earn more and live a more comfortable life. Or maybe you’ve seen the huge increase in the number of people benefitting from online remote work in recent years and are hoping to capitalize on this yourself.

Whatever your reasoning, 2020 has been a challenging year for many businesses and employees alike, so it makes sense that more and more of us would begin looking to digital technologies in an effort to increase job security and overall stability going forward.

Virtual Assistants provide a broad range of services, usually on a freelance basis. Whether you’re completely new to this kind of work and are looking to get started on your VA journey, or you’re an experienced professional, remote Virtual Assistant jobs are more in-demand than ever before. Now is a great time to consider remote working as a solution to your financial or work-life woes.

With the new year approaching, here are seven reasons to consider becoming a Virtual Assistant in 2021:

1. Flexibility

Any job that allows work to be completed remotely means more flexibility, freedom, and control over your own life. Being able to work from wherever you choose is a prospect that feels out of reach to many people, but the reality is it’s much more realistic than you might think.

Maybe you’ve got dreams of traveling the world but can’t see a viable way of financing this. Remote work could be the solution. Or maybe office life just isn’t for you and you prefer the idea of working in a quaint little coffee shop, making a living while people watching and coming and going as you please. As long as you have access to a computer and a stable internet connection, you’re free to work from wherever you choose.

As well as location, remote working often means you’re able to choose your own hours and take back control of your schedule. This means a better work-life balance and the ability to fit your work around any other responsibilities you might have.

Virtual Assistant jobs are especially flexible as they entail so many different roles and tasks. As a Virtual Assistant, you’re able to choose the services you want to offer and the hours you’re able to commit. 

2. Excellent Income Potential

As with any freelance work, pay rates vary massively. There are definitely some lower-paying Virtual Assistant jobs out there, but there is also the potential to earn a substantial amount in this line of work.

Pay generally depends on your level of experience. Those with extensive qualifications or proven prior experience in an administrative or assistant role are able to ask for higher rates of pay, as is the case in most jobs. So, this means that if you’re just starting out with your Virtual Assistant career, you might need to take on some lower-paying jobs to gain that experience and prove to employers that you know what you’re doing and consistently provide high-quality services.

This makes a lot of Virtual Assistant jobs great for beginners, as the plethora of jobs available online means entry-level jobs aren’t hard to come by. Once you’ve built up your experience, it’s possible to earn a great wage with Virtual Assistant work.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average work-from-home Virtual Assistant in the US earns more than $67,000 per year. This varies depending on the individual, but there’s no doubt that strong income potential exists.

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3. Use the Skills You Already Have

If you have prior experience working in an office setting, whether that’s in administration, finance, HR, customer service, or any other role, it could not be easier to make the transition to online Virtual Assistant work.

As a virtual assistant, you’re able to offer services that suit you and can negotiate with clients if they require more from you. Services commonly provided by Virtual Assistants include bookkeeping, transcription, administration, customer service, tech support, project management… the list goes on.

Most businesses will require one or a combination of these services and if you are skilled in any of these areas, you could be earning a good amount by offering your expertise to online clients.

This is great for those looking for part-time work alongside their regular job or other responsibilities, or for those looking to make the leap into full-time online work.

4. High Demand

We’ve all felt the effects of the pandemic in recent months, and without a doubt, it has led to most companies rethinking the way they run their businesses. One thing it has shown us is that almost all work is incredibly precarious, and the best way to ensure job security and the sustainability of businesses is through online means.

Digital technology allows us to stay in contact and carry out work remotely. Now more than ever, clients are looking to outsource elements of their business affairs to remote workers in an effort to withstand current restrictions and challenges.

While we’re all hoping for a return to normality sooner rather than later, it’s evident that this is one byproduct of the pandemic that is likely to stick around. For clients, it means more stability and less disruption to the running of their business, and for remote workers, it means more job opportunities and an increase in income stability and security.  

5. There are Many Different Services You Can Offer

With so many services offered by Virtual Assistants (see this list of 20 services you can offer as a VA), it’s a great opportunity to choose something that you enjoy. Finding value and enjoyment in your work means you’re more likely to do an excellent job and also improves your overall outlook on life.

Many of us have had to work a job that we didn’t enjoy at some point in our lives, feeling the Sunday evening dread of working another week in a job that we don’t find rewarding or engaging. That is not what remote working is about. Remote working is about taking back control of your life, doing what you love, and maximizing your earning potential.

If you’re looking into remote virtual assistant work, it’s likely because you enjoy the nature of the work and are looking for more flexibility in your daily life. Whatever service or services you choose to provide, if it’s something you find engaging, you’re likely to be much more inclined to work harder and earn more.

6. Long-Term Growth Potential

As a freelance Virtual Assistant, you’re investing in yourself and your own business, rather than lining the pockets of a corporate CEO or a large scale business.

There are a huge number of side hustles or earning opportunities out there that offer quick and easy money, but is there room to grow professionally? Delivery jobs, dog walking, and online surveys, to name a few, are great if you’re looking to earn a little extra cash alongside your daily job or your studies, but by becoming a Virtual Assistant you’re also constantly broadening your expertise and knowledge and in turn, increasing your employability.

Whether you’re looking into Virtual Assistant work as a short-term earning solution, or as a long-term career path, there is plenty of room to grow, excellent earning potential, and it looks great on your resume.

7. Develop Transferable Skills

Following on from the previous point, many employers value this kind of work highly when considering applicants for a range of jobs. Whether you’re hoping to embark on a career in social media management, marketing, or a range of other sectors, your work as a Virtual Assistant will provide you with skills that are transferable and extremely useful in many lines of work.

Not only does remote working experience show you to be self-motivated, highly co-operative, and able to work independently, but it also shows potential employers that you have a range of skills and experience working in the digital field.

If you’re looking for a side hustle or a short-term job, make it’s something that will aid you in achieving your future career goals. Virtual Assistant work is an excellent choice.

Learn More About Becoming a Virtual Assistant

Now that you’ve considered the many benefits of working as a Virtual Assistant, you’ve probably got a pretty good idea of whether this is likely to be a good fit for you and your lifestyle.

If you’re interested in learning more, this free online workshop is an excellent resource.

Free Workshop - 5 Steps to Become a Virtual Assistant Free Workshop - 5 Steps to Become a Virtual Assistant

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The workshop covers information regarding how you could use the skills you already have to earn a consistent wage, as well as tips and advice on how to become a successful Virtual Assistant. It’s completely free and is a great way of learning more and increasing your knowledge before embarking on your career as a Virtual Assistant.

Without a doubt, Virtual Assistant jobs require a lot of hard work, particularly for those just starting out. But, the work is often highly rewarding and engaging and allows you the freedom, flexibility, and control that many of us crave in our working lives, as well as the chance to maximize your income.

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