20 Services You Can Offer as a Virtual Assistant

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The appeal of working as a virtual assistant (VA) has grown considerably in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. The prospect of working from the comfort of your own home, choosing your own working hours, and earning a good wage while doing so, is enticing to most.

You might write this off as impossible, or you might feel that you don’t possess the skills or experience to gain work as a virtual assistant. More than likely, this is not the case. Many jobs offer transferable skills that can be utilized as a virtual assistant, and with a range of websites offering freelancers the opportunity to connect with potential clients, it couldn’t be easier to get started.

Detailed below are twenty services you could offer as a VA. These skills are in-demand and even if you don’t have extensive experience in any of these areas, there are plenty of online courses offering basic training in each of them (we recommend Skillshare as a great resource). Keep reading to find out how you could be monetizing the skills you already possess as an online virtual assistant.

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Services to Offer as a Virtual Assistant

1. Administration

Administrative tasks are the basis of most virtual assistant roles. It is probable that part of your job will require administrative skills to some degree. This could cover sending and replying to emails, filing and organizing documents, updating policies and personal information, as well as a huge range of other tasks depending on your experience and your client’s needs.

This type of work is expected of most VAs, so some experience in this field is desirable to most clients. However, there are many online courses to be found offering basic training in administration. So, if you feel that you lack knowledge in this area, you could always complete one of these prior to seeking VA work.

2. Finance

Financial roles cover tasks such as the production or payment of invoices, handling payments, tracking over-due payments, and ensuring all outgoing payments are made on time. Finance is arguably one of the most important parts of most businesses and must be handled carefully. You should therefore only offer this type of service if you are experienced and confident that you are able to take on this responsibility.

That being said, there is a plethora of software and spreadsheets available to download which can assist with this type of work, meaning it can be added into your workload without taking up too much of your time.

3. Bookkeeping

The preparation of annual or quarterly taxes may not sound like the most enthralling job to all of us, but again, it is a vital part of all businesses and must be effectively maintained throughout the year.

The nature of this work means that a great deal of trust and transparency is required between you as the contractor and your client. Proven experience and positive client feedback from previous jobs could reassure your new client that you are capable of managing this role.

Given the skilled nature of this job, you might find that offering this as one of your services could increase your employability and mean you are able to charge higher rates of pay for your services.

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4. Tech Support

As our world continues to move online and more and more businesses are reliant on the internet and digital technologies to aid the running of their day-to-day affairs, tech support is in increasingly high demand.

If you are able to manage, maintain, and repair IT systems it is well worth adding this to your list of services when applying for virtual assistant jobs. Faults and issues in this area can be detrimental to a business’s engagement and sales, so having someone on the team who is able to diagnose and repair these issues is incredibly useful to most clients.

5. Transcription or Minute Taking

Again, transcription is considered a skilled job and the ability to transcribe pieces of audio efficiently and accurately is a desirable skill to have as a virtual assistant. You might be required to transcribe meetings or conferences. Alternatively, if you are skilled in minute taking, you could be required to keep notes within these settings.

Transcription does require some basic equipment such as a foot pedal and a good quality headset, and while working as a contractor you are likely to have to provide these yourself. 

6. Customer Service

By working as a virtual assistant, you might be asked to take on some customer-service based tasks. Responding to customer queries via email or telephone, answering messages on social media, blogs and websites, or handling complaints and customer feedback could all fall under this category.

This type of work can be time-consuming, so it is worth considering whether or not you can realistically fit this in alongside your other responsibilities. Offering to take on some but not all customer service tasks may be a good way of negotiating with your client, meaning that you are still able to provide other desirable services within your work hours.

7. Event Planning

If the planning of events falls within your skill set, you might consider adding this to the list of services you are able to provide as a VA. Depending on your client’s needs and their line of work, you could find yourself planning conferences and meetings, parties or networking events, company field trips, or product launches and advertising events.

While this role can be exciting and greatly rewarding, it is also demanding and can be high-pressure. If you choose to offer this service, ensure that you are able to manage your time effectively and you know exactly what areas of this role you are personally responsible for.

8. Project Management

Managing and overseeing projects might involve devising and implementing strategies within the business, applying for funding or managing budgets and finances, delegating tasks to other members of a team, or providing analysis and project feedback to your client. More often than not, Project Management roles are likely to demand a combination of each of these elements.

If you are experienced in project management, this is a skill that many employers find to be useful and desirable in a VA.

9. Scheduling

Scheduling might fall under the general administrative tasks involved within your role as a virtual assistant. But, if your client is particularly busy, or the business holds multiple events and projects throughout the year, scheduling may be required as a separate job.

Within this role, you might manage your client’s personal calendar and plan in events, meetings, and other engagements. You might also be responsible for the wider scheduling of the entire company. This could involve scheduling events, ensuring no collisions or oversights, and checking that all tasks and projects throughout the business are being completed on time.

10. Travel Planning

If your client or other employees are required to travel a lot in their line of work, they may require a designated travel planner. If you have experience in building relationships with travel agents or companies and are able to acquire cost-effective and efficient modes of transport, this could be a great skill to add to your repertoire.

Travel planning and general scheduling are likely to go hand in hand to ensure there are no oversights in terms of the client’s calendar and engagements they are required to attend throughout the year.

11. Writing

One of your roles as a VA may involve writing of some type. This might be copywriting for websites or blogs, creating copy for newsletters or marketing materials, or generating text for a number of other purposes.

If you’re an experienced writer this is a great service to offer clients. It means content can be produced within the company, rather than sourcing text from elsewhere. Often this saves time and money and is a particularly valuable skill to have in this line of work.

12. Sourcing or Creating Content

If writing is not a strong point within your skill set, you might alternatively offer the service of sourcing copy from creators outside of the company. This can also be done for other types of media or content such as photography, videography, music, illustrations, and graphic design.

Taking on this role means networking with other creatives and forming collaborative relationships. It could also entail negotiating on prices and deadlines. You might also be required to approve the content prior to publishing.

13. Proofreading

Proofreading is an important job in many businesses. You might find yourself proofreading marketing materials, social media posts, website copy, or any other text which is being published throughout the business.

While online platforms such as Grammarly are available to aid in this task, many clients prefer to delegate this task to someone within their team. If you’re taking on this role, you will need a good understanding of the language and grammar required, as well as the tone of the text and the intended audience.

14. Editing

Much like proofreading, editing is a vital part of content creation and publishing. Depending on your expertise, you could offer photo editing, video editing, or copy editing. Each of these roles requires skill and is therefore in high demand. If you are able to offer one or a combination of these, it could increase your employability significantly.

Depending on your client, you may also need to acquire your own software with which you are able to edit. If you already have a preferred software option, it is worth disclosing this with the client to ensure they feel this choice is compatible with their needs.

15. Graphic Design

Graphic design is another in-demand skill. If you are able to assist the client in designing logos and branding materials, this is considered extremely valuable. As a skilled graphic designer, you may also be able to charge higher pay rates, given that this job requires a high level of skill and your own software.

Again, offering this service as a virtual assistant means your client will not need to outsource this work, saving them time and money and increasing your employability significantly.

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16. Marketing

Marketing management or assistance is imperative within all businesses. This is really an umbrella term and could entail a huge range of tasks and responsibilities. You could help with SEO optimization, the production of press releases, advertising campaigns, promotion, or sales.

As a VA, your role is likely to be linked to marketing in some capacity. So even if you don’t have direct marketing experience, which may be desirable to some clients, you’re likely to pick up some basic skills in this area through your work as a virtual assistant.

17. Press Releases

Press releases are considered a cost-effective method of marketing and can be very useful in garnering attention or brand-awareness.

Not all clients require the use of press releases, but those that do understand the importance of these documents and their intended outcome. Depending on the business or client you are working for, having experience writing and producing press releases could be an extremely useful skill.

18. Social Media Management

In recent years, social media has cemented itself at the center of all marketing and advertising campaigns. It is vital that brands now have up-to-date, engaging, and informative social media platforms. As a virtual assistant, being well versed in the use of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even YouTube is an invaluable skill to have.

You might be in charge of creating content for social media, replying to comments and messages on these platforms, updating information, or devising and carrying-out social media based marketing campaigns. In the competitive online marketing world, social media is the most useful tool we have, so offering this service to your client is likely to hugely increase your chances of employment.

19. Website and Blog Maintenance

Much like social media, websites and blogs are also very useful tools in generating audience engagement and brand awareness. Offering services such as website or blog management might include updating online content, web design, managing blog forums, replying to messages, and seeking ways to improve SEO optimization.

Part of this role may also entail working with affiliate links and categorizing content. If website or blog maintenance or management is a service you are able to offer, your client is likely to expect you to cover each of these areas either independently or as part of a wider team.

20. Research

Business and the marketing and optimization of businesses are inherently competitive, so a good deal of research is required to ensure that your business is at the forefront of current trends and consumer needs. If your client is looking to improve their SEO ranking, audience engagement, brand awareness, or overall sales, market research is the key starting point.

Should you offer this service, you could find yourself researching current social media trends and influencer content, analyzing data and analytics, tracking competitive businesses, amongst a host of other research-driving tasks. If you’re web-savvy and have a good understanding of marketing and sales, research is a great service to offer your clients as a VA.


Working as a virtual assistant is engaging and rewarding work which offers the added benefit of complete flexibility to work wherever, and often whenever you choose.

By choosing just a few of these skills to offer to potential clients, you could find yourself in employment as a virtual assistant sooner than you think. And if you’re looking for help or training, be sure to see our reviews of the best virtual assistant training available.

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