Rebatest Review: Is It a Legit Way to Save on Amazon?

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Cashback sites can be super useful for anyone who frequently makes online purchases. With the popularity of Amazon, it’s clear that these days, a huge number of us are choosing to buy our goods online.

And what could be better than getting these goods for free? By using cashback sites, you could earn up to 100% cash back rewards on your Amazon purchases, potentially saving you a huge amount of money on your online purchases.

In this Rebatest review, we’re going to take a look specifically at a popular website that lets you earn cashback rewards and rebates on selected products.

Rebatest Review: What is Rebatest?

Rebatest is a free membership platform that lets consumers try out and review new Amazon products in exchange for up to 100% cashback; essentially allowing them to receive and try new products for free.

As well as earning cashback rewards, Rebatest also offers users the opportunity to earn cash in other ways, such as referring friends, taking part in competitions, and regularly logging into the site, and making purchases.

How Can I Save on Amazon with Rebatest?

To provide cashback rewards to their users, Rebatest partners with independent sellers on Amazon who are willing to offer products to shoppers in exchange for reviews or feedback.

Let’s continute our Rebatest review and take a look at the process of earning cashback with Rebatest…

Step 1: Sign Up

To get started with Rebatest, you will need to create an account on the website. Anyone who is over the age of 18 and currently residing in either the US or the UK can create an account. To do this, simply head to Rebatest and sign up using your Google, Facebook, or Email account.

Signing up is completely free and Rebatest usually offers some commission or points-based rewards in exchange for signing up and completing some basic tasks. These points will come in useful a little later when you’re ready to start making purchases.

Step 2: Find a Product

Once you have created your account and verified your email address, you can start looking for products to review.

You can either use the search bar to look for specific products or go to the different categories and browse for products that interest you. There’s a huge range of products available through Rebatest, with categories including Health & Beauty, Electronics, Sports & Outdoors, Home & Garden, as well as many more.

Each listed product shows the original price and the price after cashback, with many of the products available with 100% cashback, meaning you’ll receive a full refund after following the next few steps.

Step 3: Make a Purchase

Once you have chosen the product that you want, you will need to apply for it through the Rebatest site. Simply click to apply and Rebatest will contact the seller for approval. If the purchase is approved, you’ll then be able to use a ‘buy it now’ button which will take you directly to the product on the Amazon website where you can purchase it as normal.

This is where your rewards points will come in handy. Each product will be listed with a number of points required to carry out the purchase. Typically, the products that have the highest cash value will require the largest number of points. If you don’t have enough points in your account, you won’t be able to purchase that product.

After purchasing the item, head back to Rebatest and add the order number to your account. The purchase will then be placed under review until it is confirmed by the seller.

Step 4: Post Your Review

After the purchase is confirmed and you have received the item, you’ll need to upload your short review of the product to Rebatest. Typically, they will ask for any pros, cons, suggestions, and a short description of the product.

Rebatest will then verify the review within 48 hours and the cashback will show in your Rebatest account within another 48 hours.

Step 5: Cashout

Cashback can be cashed out into your PayPal account. Rebatest states that this will take a maximum of seven working days. 

Is Rebatest Legit, and Can I Get Free Products?

Cashback sites in general can seem a little too good to be true, you might be wondering what’s in it for the seller? That’s probably why you’re readying this Rebatest review. Why would they willingly allow consumers to receive their products for free?

Well, the sellers that list their products with sites like Rebatest might do so for a few different reasons. Firstly, they might simply be looking for genuine user feedback on their product. This is a great way of incentivizing purchasing and carrying out effective market research.

Secondly, they might do so to increase sales and in turn improve their ranking on Amazon. As far as Amazon is aware, this is a regular purchase and no refund has been given through their site, so the product shows as being popular and is likely to move up the rankings, listing higher on the search page and receiving more exposure to other potential consumers.

From the Rebatest website, it’s difficult to find any solid information about when or where Rebatest was founded or where the company is based. Currently, there is also no information about who owns Rebatest and they don’t have a Better Business Bureau listing, which might be a little disconcerting to some users.

But is Rebatest a legitimate cashback site?

Put simply – yes, Rebatest does appear to be a legitimate cashback website.

Despite the limited information about the company online, Rebatest has many positive reviews from previous users. Currently, they have more than 250,000 active members and have provided savings of more than $11 million.

Rebatest Pros and Cons

Now that we have established that Rebatest is in fact a legitimate company that offers users the chance to earn cash and receive free products, let’s weigh up the pros and cons of using this site.


Rebatest Has a Generous Rewards Scheme

Rebatest claims that you could earn up to $1,000 simply by making referrals on their site. Whenever you share a referral link with someone and they sign up and make their first purchase, you will earn $5. You will also earn an extra $20 for every ten referrals, $50 for 20, $80 for 30, $150 for 50, $500 for 100, and $1,000 for 200 referrals.

So, by referring lots of potential users to Rebatest, you could end up earning a serious amount of money with very little work.

Wide Range of Products Available

Rebatest has a huge range of products on offer across numerous different departments. With more than 1,000 products listed at any one time, it’s well worth using the site and checking for any offers before making Amazon purchases. The chances are, you will be able to purchase the product or a similar one through Rebatest and save yourself some cash.

No Subscription Fees

Rebatest currently only offers a free membership service with no paid-for add-ons, so, you can get access to all of the site’s features for free. 


Long Cashback Process

One of the primary complaints Rebatest users have is the length of time it takes to actually receive the cashback reward.

On average, it takes around twelve days from applying to purchase the product to having the cashback in your PayPal account. With lots of verification and approval waiting periods to go through, it can be a pretty lengthy process.

The Points Scheme Means Not All Products Are Accessible

Because points are needed to purchase many of the items on the site, not everyone will have access to all of the products. If you’re looking to make a larger purchase, you might need to wait until you have accrued enough points to do so.

Limited Online Info

The lack of company information that is available on the website is likely to raise suspicions and might put lots of people off of using the website. While Rebatest is a legitimate company, it would be nice to have a little more clarity around who they are and why users should trust them.

Rebatest Alternatives

If you like the idea of saving money on Amazon, you’ll love knowing that there are several other sites similar to Rebatest for deep discounts and rebates on Amazon. Here are some of our favorites, and you can see even more in our list of Amazon rebate and coupon sites.


RebateKey is the best website to use if you’re looking for huge savings on Amazon. Just like Rebatest, you can get rebates up to 100% off the purchase price. We prefer RebateKey to Rebatest because the selection of offers is better and because the process of use the site is much more straightforward. It doesn’t use a point system like Rebatest and there are no requirements for leaving reviews or feedback. It’s also more user-friendly. Please read our RebateKey review to learn more.


Rebaid is very similar to RebateKey, and it’s another site that we like better than Rebatest for Amazon rebates. The main difference between RebateKey and Rebaid is that the selection of offers at Rebaid currently isn’t quite as good as what you’ll find at RebateKey. However, if you want to save money at Amazon, Rebaid is definitely worth your time and you can find some outstanding offers there. Read our Rebaid review for more details.


Vipon is a huge marketplace that offers discounts on products sold at Amazon. You won’t find 100% off deals here, but the savings can be pretty significant, depending on the product and the specific offer. One of the nice things about Vipon is that it uses coupon codes instead of rebates, so you’ll save money at the time of purchase rather than paying full price and waiting for a rebate. Read our Vipon review for more details.

Vipon: The Biggest Selection of Discounts on Amazon Vipon: The Biggest Selection of Discounts on Amazon

Vipon provides a massive collection of coupons and deep discounts on products sold at Amazon. You can easily save 20% - 60% on thousands of different products. It's the biggest and best selection from any Amazon deal site.

Rebatest FAQs

How can I earn more points at Rebatest to gain access to more products?

Earning more rewards points with Rebatest is pretty straightforward. Carrying out simple tasks like verifying your email address, adding a phone number, linking your Amazon profile and PayPal account will all give you points.

It can become a little more tricky to earn lots of points after the initial signup process when each of these steps has been completed. However, you can also earn points by sharing your activity on social media, referring friends, leaving Amazon reviews, and making purchases, so it’s not too difficult to rack up your points.

Will Rebatest also refund any shipping costs and PayPal fees?

No, Rebatest will not provide refunds for any Amazon shipping fees or PayPal transaction fees. This means that you might not be able to recover every penny spent on the purchase. However, if you have an Amazon Prime account it is easy to find items that have free shipping, but unfortunately, the PayPal fees may be unavoidable.

So, is Rebatest a Good Cashback Site?

All in all, yes Rebatest does appear to be a legitimate, reputable company that offers excellent cashback deals to its users. Anyone who makes frequent purchases on Amazon will be able to make good use of this site, with a wide range of products and various ways of earning cash and points to maximize your potential savings. 

Rebatest Review: Final Thoughts

If you like saving money on Amazon (who doesn’t?), Rebatest is a site you might want to try. There are definitely plenty of offers you can take advantage of. However, we like RebateKey and Rebaid much better than Rebatest for Amazon rebates. The selection of offers is better, especially at RebateKey, and those sites are also much more straightforward and simple to use. We hope the Rebatest review has helped you to decide if the site is worth your time.

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