What Can I Sell?

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When you need to make money quickly, one of the best options is to sell something. Depending on what you’re selling and how you’re selling it, it’s possible to make money today.

If some quick money sounds good, you may be wondering “What can I sell?

This article suggests 30 different possibilities that you may want to consider. Hopefully, these suggestions will get some ideas rolling for you and you’ll be able to find plenty of things that you can sell.

You’ll find a variety of different things on this list. Some will allow you to make money a little bit faster than others, but all offer the potential to make some extra money outside of a job.

Be sure to also see my article How to Make Money By Selling Your Stuff, which will help you once you’ve found something that you want to sell. You can also check out this list of selling apps that make it easy to sell your stuff.

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1. Unwanted Gift Cards

We’ve all received gift cards to stores, restaurants, or websites that we don’t really like. Instead of letting those gift cards sit around while you wait for the right time to actually use them, consider selling them to someone else.

Selling your unwanted gift cards is pretty easy. All you need to do is create an account at a website like Raise or CardCash. There are plenty of people who are interested in buying gift cards for a discount. You won’t be able to get the face value of the gift card, but you’ll get some money for it, and that’s better than just letting it sit around.

2. Gifts That You Won’t Use

In addition to gift cards, we’ve all been given gifts that we don’t really want or need. In some cases, you may be able to return the item to the store, but that’s not always possible (or maybe the return window has expired).

Those gifts that you don’t want are probably useful and valuable to someone else, so why not sell them?

3. Clothes That You Don’t Need

When was the last time you purged your closet and drawers? Most of us have a number of clothing items and accessories that have some value but are rarely, if ever, used.

There are a lot of different ways you can sell clothes. Of course, if you have a lot of stuff a yard sale is an option. But apps like Poshmark and Mercari are excellent resources that can be really helpful for selling quality items, and getting a decent price for them.

4. Jewelry

If you have any unwanted jewelry that you don’t wear (and doesn’t have sentimental importance to you), this can be a great way to make some money. Obviously, jewelry can be quite valuable, and there are plenty of people who are interested in buying.

5. Art

Do you have any artworks that you might consider selling? Like jewelry, art can be valuable and may give you the chance to make some good money.

6. Musical Instruments

A lot of people have old musical instruments that never get any use. These items have some value, and they can be really helpful for students or others who are looking to save some money by getting a used instrument instead of paying for a new one.

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7. Sporting Goods

Sporting goods can be valuable if they’re in ok condition, and they are usually not very hard to sell. Play It Again Sports is a popular store that buys and resells used sporting goods. Of course, you can also sell it on your own with Craigslist, the Facebook Marketplace or several other selling apps.

8. Baby/Kid Stuff

Babies and kids grow out of things so quickly that there’s always something new to buy. The good news is, that means there is always old stuff being outgrown that can be sold. This can include clothes, toys, games, furniture, and safety equipment.

As I’m writing this article, my wife is out meeting someone who is buying an item she listed on the Facebook Marketplace. We’ve got two kids and we’ve been able to sell (ok, so my wife is the one who has done most of the work) a lot of outgrown stuff. Yesterday it was some toys, today it’s a gate, tomorrow someone is coming to buy a crib. The money from selling this stuff comes in handy for offsetting the cost of the new things that need to be purchased.

9. Furniture

Furniture is a great thing to sell because some of it has value. If you have furniture that you don’t use or don’t need, that’s probably an easy way to make some money.

You may also be interested in this article on flipping furniture for profit, which involves buying or finding old furniture, improving it, and then sell it at a nice profit.

10. Electronics

Most of us go through electronics pretty quickly, and you may have several items that you no longer use just sitting around the house. Of course, some electronics have more value that others, but this can be a great way to make some extra money. You can sell it on your own, or use a website like Decluttr or Gazelle to make it fast and easy.

11. Tools

Tools are great for selling because they’re often worth something, and because you probably have several tools that you could easily part with. If you’ve ever bought a tool for a specific job and then never used it again, it may be a good candidate for being sold.

12. Books

Textbooks can be great for selling, if they are recent and still up-to-date. The price of new textbooks is outrageous, so there is plenty of demand for used textbooks.

Other types of books can be sold too. The typical books won’t be worth a lot of money, but getting rid of shelves or boxes full of books that you’re not using can be as much about decluttering as it is about making money. Decluttr and BookScouter are good places to sell your unwanted books.

13. CDs and DVDs

How many CDs and DVDs do you have that you never listen to or watch? Why not sell them?

Like books, CDs and DVDs often aren’t the most valuable items to sell (although it depends on what you have), but websites like Decluttr make it easy. I purged a huge box of CDs a few years ago before we moved, and I don’t think I’ve missed any of them.

14. Collectibles

There are any number of different things that could fall into this category, and what you have will depend on your own interests. Of course, some collectibles may mean something to you and you might not want to part with them. But since collectibles can be valuable, you may want to at least consider how much you could get.

15. Baked Goods

If you have some baking skills, you might be able to make baked goods that you could sell. Baking cakes and cupcakes for parties can be a great side hustle, and you may be able to start making money quickly by placing an ad on Craigslist or checking with friends and family.

16. Handmade Crafts

You may also be able to make some handmade crafts that could be sold quickly. Etsy is, of course, a hugely popular platform for selling these types of products. You may be able to start selling items quickly there, but since there is a lot of competition it can take some time to build up your seller profile on Etsy. If you need to start making sales faster you could try Craigslist, Facebook, or selling locally through a yard sale or flea market.

17. Custom Designs

If you have some design skills you may be able to sell products featuring your designs with the help of Merch by Amazon, CafePress, and Teespring. You can create designs that will be used on tshirts, mugs, calendars, and other types of items.

18. Firewood