15 Best Sites and Apps Like Mercari to Sell Anything Online

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Sites and Apps Like Mercari

It’s never been easier to sell your unwanted items online, but choosing the right platform can be a challenge. There are many options, including eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Etsy, and lesser-known apps you may be less familiar with.

One of these is Mercari, a Japanese app that has been operating since 2013. Mercari has gained a lot of traction in the U.S. in recent years and is now one of the most popular. It’s a great online marketplace to sell various items, such as electronics, automotive parts, office supplies, toys, games, musical instruments, vintage items, and more.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Mercari and fifteen other sites and apps like Mercari to help you make an informed choice.

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Mercari Overview


It’s free to list your items for sale on Mercari, but when those items sell, the platform does take a 10% listing fee and a 2.9% + $0.30 payment processing fee. This may seem cost prohibitive, but this is one of the most popular e-commerce sites with many useful features for sellers and buyers. Let’s take a closer look at the four main features of Mercari in more detail:

1.   Mercari Authenticate

If you have something expensive to sell and you want to ensure that you get the right price, it can be authenticated by Mercari experts. This process takes less than 48 hours, and the fee is only $5. Some photos of the item are required.

2.   Instant Pay

The payment method is quick and easy. When the buyer has received the item and left a rating for the seller, the seller can leave a rating for the buyer, and the funds are sent to their account. Cashing out is simple. There is a $2 processing fee for instant cash out, and direct deposit transfers to a bank account are free if they exceed $10. A direct deposit will take up to five business days to complete.

3.   Shipping Protection

Buyers pay for shipping, including $200 shipping protection, with each prepaid label. This covers items that may be lost or damaged in transit to the buyer.

4.   Mercari Now

At the time of writing, Mercari Now is only available in select locations. Mercari Now applies to items that weigh less than 50 lbs and fit in a car trunk. These items can be delivered directly to the buyer’s door via Postmates.

As you can see, Mercari has some standout features, but the fees are steep, and some sellers may want to consider the selling sites and apps covered below.

Best Sites and Apps Like Mercari to Buy and Sell

Now, let’s look at the best apps like Mercari to sell or resell things online.

1. eBay 

A multi-billion dollar company, eBay is the most established and recognizable buy and sell online platform. It’s an ideal Mercari alternative, as most people have used eBay to buy or sell goods.

The eBay search and filter function makes it easy to find what you want, and it’s still one of the best online marketplaces. Sellers can offer used and new items for sale in their store, and the app is available in the App Store and Google Play. The app makes it even easier to track purchases, shipping, and other information.

That said, eBay fees have risen over the years, and many people have switched to other alternatives on our list. But if you’re selling items that justify the higher transaction fees, it’s probably still worth your time to consider selling on eBay. With so many people using eBay for online shopping, it can’t be ignored.

2. Poshmark

Poshmark is a well-recognized online marketplace with prolific resellers. Unlike Mercari, which is a general marketplace, Poshmark focuses on clothing, shoes, and accessories. If you plan to sell anything outside these categories, you’ll need to use other platforms.

The Poshmark app is a competitive marketplace where buyers can still snag a bargain outfit. Poshmark encourages sellers to set high prices for unique and designer items, and they may even remove a listing if it’s too similar to items already on sale on the app.

Poshmark charges 20% on items that sell for over $15 or a flat $2.95 rate for items that sell at lower prices. The company can supply pre-paid shipping labels at a price, and the shipping process is fast and simple to understand.

In summary, Poshmark is one of the best apps to sell clothing and other fashion items if you don’t mind paying the 20% selling fee. But you can’t sell anything outside of those categories.

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3. OfferUp

OfferUp is a viable Mercari alternative to buy and sell stuff. The shipping costs are eliminated because the focus is on local listings and in-person pickup. OfferUp acquired Letgo, which was a similar app for local selling. The app now has a much larger user base.

You can sell most second-hand items on OfferUp, including antiques, appliances, collectibles, and more. The listings are completely free, and you get to keep 100% of the money you earn.

The only OfferUp charges incurred are when you want to ship an item you sold. The app charges shipping costs and associated service fees for each item sold.

OfferUp has subscriptions for sellers who want to sell locally. A monthly payment improves the visibility and promotion of items for sale across the site. If you want to turn online selling into a regular side gig or replace a full-time income, this is well worth the cost.

Meeting through OfferUp is safer because the app uses the TruYou authentication system for local buyers and sellers alike. If you’re meeting someone to make a sale, you know exactly who that person is. That said, it’s still a good idea to take a friend or let someone know where you’re going and who you’re meeting.

Another safety tip is to check the OfferUp ratings and reviews to see the reliability of a buyer before you plan a trip to meet them. All messaging between the buyer and the seller is done within the OfferUp app. The company is partnered with police stations to identify surveilled meeting spots. If you want good security features and you plan to sell items locally, OfferUp is hard to beat.

4. Etsy

Etsy has gained a solid reputation over the years as the place to sell handmade and vintage items and bespoke products. It’s currently one of the best apps for online shopping and selling artsy crafts and pieces.

Some of the most popular categories on the Etsy platform include artwork, stickers, apparel, jewelry, wedding gifts, party supplies, and many more. But many people are surprised to learn that you can buy a wide variety of mass-produced items too.

Etsy charges a $0.20 listing fee for each item and a 5% transaction fee if the item sells. The shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the seller, and many sellers make slight price increases and offer “free shipping” as an incentive to buy.

It’s fair to say that Etsy has a niche customer base, and selling ordinary items is less popular. But if you enjoy crafts, upscaling items, and sourcing handmade or vintage items, you’ll feel at home on Etsy. As you make sales and deliver good customer service, you’ll garner ratings and reviews to boost your reputation with potential buyers.

As a seller, you have complete control over your Etsy storefront and the prices you charge. But be warned, the competition on Etsy is extremely fierce.

In summary, if you want to build a long-term selling platform for handmade, bespoke, or unique items, Etsy is well worth your consideration.

5. Depop

Depop is another clothing resale app that has a style of its own. Many fashion bloggers and social media influencers use the Depop app to sell their old clothing items to their loyal followers. This is only possible because Depop has social features you don’t find on many similar apps and sites.

Depop users can follow people who are similar in size and have the same tastes in fashion. When that person decides to update their closet and sell some clothes, followers will be the first to know.

Many Depop sellers use the app alongside TikTok, Instagram, and other popular image-oriented platforms. So, when they get a large following, they can sell their clothing items and make some extra cash.

Depop charges 10% on successful sales. All transactions are carried out via PayPal, which is secure for currency exchanges.

If you have a significant online presence and an interest in selling secondhand fashion items, Depop is a natural fit.

6. Shpock

Shpock is a selling app that offers a viable alternative to Poshmark and Mercari. This is especially true if you want total contactless buying and selling activity for your items. Shpock can be used to make and receive grocery deliveries, take online classes, access medication services, and sell stuff online.

For many people, Shpock is their primary platform to access various goods and services.

At this time, Shpock is only available in the UK, but this may change in the future, and it’s well worth checking this app to see if it’s a good fit for your lifestyle.

7. StockX 

StockX is an online marketplace that specializes in sneakers. Streetwear, collectibles, handbags, and accessories are offered for sale. But interest in these items is limited, and most visitors are there to find their favorite sneakers.

As a seller, you can sell various items easily via the free app found on the App Store and Google Play Store. The platform is known for selling authentic items, and it’s reliable to use. It’s a viable alternative to eBay and Mercari for a select range of niche items.

8. ThredUP

ThredUP is a clothing resale site where you can sell secondhand clothes and ship them to the company. As you might expect, you will get low prices for the items you sell. But there’s no need to photograph and laboriously list every item you want to sell.

Certain apparel with a low resale value will earn the seller around 5% of a prospective sale, but this can rise to 80% if you have a bag of high-value designer clothing items.

As a bulk seller, the payment system works differently than other apps and sites where clothes are sold. Clothing that’s on trend will garner up-front payments. Anything that doesn’t sell immediately is sold on consignment, and you don’t get any money until the items sell. This is a significant drawback if you want to earn some fast cash, but it’s an easy way to make money with no effort if you’re not in a hurry to get paid.

In summary, you’ll make more selling in-demand items on Mercari, Poshmark, or other platforms if you’re seeking faster sales and an active income stream.

9. Vinted 

Vinted has a lower profile than a popular selling app like Mercari, but it’s still worthy of consideration. This app charges nothing for selling items, and there’s even the capability to swap clothing items with other Vinted members. This “Smart Swap” feature does incur a small fee, simply insurance to ensure that both parties engage in fair trading.

If you’re looking for an app or site to make serious money selling items, Vinted is not a great option. The traffic is pretty low compared to the other options on our list, and making sales can be a chore.

But if you’re interested in joining a niche site with no-fee sales and a quirky swapping feature, there’s no comparison. If you’ve tried to sell an item elsewhere without success, it’s always worth listing it on Vinted to see what happens.

10. The RealReal

The RealReal is one of the best-selling apps if you have designer and luxury clothing items to sell. It’s possible to generate passive income because The RealReal will do a lot of the work for you when you’re ready to sell clothes, handbags, and other accessories.

The selling process is simple. Package the items you want to sell and ship the package to The RealReal or schedule a pickup. The RealReal team will authenticate the items and list them on your behalf. The company will create the listings, photograph the items, and set the prices. This is far less work than using Mercari.

As a seller, you get to keep 85% of the profits, and this is a pretty good deal when you consider that The RealReal does most of the work for you.

Most items on the site sell in less than a month, and it’s possible to make some fast cash. If you’re selling high-end clothing, The RealReal is probably the best option if you don’t have much time to spare.

11. Vestiaire Collective 

Vestiaire Collective is another online selling platform focused on selling high-end luxury items from well-known brands like Hermes, Celine, Louis Vuitton, and others. Sellers have a lot of freedom when selling their items, and they can set their own prices.

There are some useful tips on the platform to ensure that you’re setting a fair price that will translate into a sale. Vestiaire Collective is a popular marketplace for fashionistas hungry for pre-owned designer and luxury items.

The commission on sales is 12-15%, with a payment processing fee of 3% depending on the item sold. If you sell items for less than $100, a flat fee of $12 is charged.

This is a great option if you’re selling high-end items and have time to create your own listings to maximize your potential profits.

12. Curtsy 

Curtsy is a relatively new iOS-exclusive app that specializes in selling clothes for Gen-Z and Millennial users who don’t want to meet face-to-face. The app charges a 20% fee on all completed sales, or $3 if the item is sold for less than $15.

No free shipping kit is available. Instead, it is offered complete with ten mailers for $2.99. But if you sell many items, you can get a better deal by purchasing the 100-200 mailer packs for less than $20. To put this into perspective, the 6×9 and 12.5×15 polymailers are a great fit for most clothing items you’re likely to sell on Curtsy.

Although the fees are on the high side, Curtsy is popular and easy to use if you want to sell clothing items to younger women. There’s a referral program you can join if you enjoy using Curtsy and want to share your experiences with prospective users.

13. Chairish 

One of the best apps like Mercari, Chairish is an online marketplace for antique, vintage, and used items. Some popular categories include artwork, furniture, lighting, decor, pillows, and many more.

Many designers visit Chairish to source hard-to-locate items. If you enjoy hunting for unique pieces, you should enjoy using the platform. Some items sell fast, and others may be subject to offers that buyers like because everyone wants to score a bargain.

14. SidelineSwap 

SidelineSwap is a niche online selling platform specializing in sporting goods and associated accessories. Sporting equipment can be expensive, and there’s a ready market for people looking for used sporting goods and accessories.

Some popular sporting categories on SidelineSwap, include apparel, basketball, baseball, football, hockey, golf, skiing, tennis, snowboarding, footwear, and many more. SidelineSwap has been continuously operating since 2012.

It’s free to create a listing, and if you make a sale, the buyer pays for the shipping fee. There’s a two-tier lifetime structure for sales which determines the fees that you pay as follows:

  • 0-5 sales: The seller pays 12% of the listing price.
  • 6+ sales: The seller pays 9% of the listing price.

Payments are made via PayPal or direct deposit, and this is one of the best-selling apps to use if you have sports apparel and equipment you want to sell.

15. Craigslist

One of the best Mercari alternatives, Craigslist is a well-established selling platform geared towards fast local sales. It’s possible to choose between in-person sales or shipping, but it’s most popular for local sales.

The design of Craigslist is famously ugly. However, the site is fully functional, and it’s easy to find what you want. The platform is designed to be a low-pressure selling environment, and you don’t need a following, fancy storefronts, or branding to secure a quick sale.

When you’re planning to meet in person, there are always risks to consider. Taking a friend along and meeting in public locations is an absolute must.

There are no fees to sell on Craigslist, and you can start selling quickly. All you need to do is create a free account and list your first item

This is a frills online selling environment. There are no protections or rating systems for buyers and sellers. If you’re not getting a local sale with Facebook Marketplace, give Craiglist a try, but safety must be the first consideration before you arrange any meeting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which app is best for selling things online?

Mercari is a great app to sell excess items to reduce clutter in your home and make extra cash. But there are niche selling apps and sites that have a ready market for certain items you may be selling. For example, Poshmark is ideal for selling clothes.

Is there a better app than Mercari?

As you can see from our comprehensive list, there are many online selling platforms. Your success in selling certain items may depend on where you decide to sell them. As a rule of thumb, try to sell your item on Mercari, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or another well-known platform first, and switch to a niche app if you don’t get the sale.

Is it cheaper to sell on eBay or Mercari?

Mercari has lower selling fees than eBay in virtually every product category. This makes it a more attractive option for many online sellers.

Is Mercari better than eBay?

Mercari is a beginner-friendly platform where you can list select items to make fast sales without racking up high fees. Mercari is also easier to use when it comes to understanding seller rules and shipping items. However, eBay is more popular in the U.S., so it offers the potential to reach a larger audience.

Who pays for shipping on Mercari? 

When you sell with Mercari, you get to decide if you or the buyer is paying for shipping. If you choose to handle the shipping yourself, Mercari has shipping labels, or you can make your own.

Can I get scammed when I use Mercari?

There have been customer complaints about poor service with Mercari, but the site is as secure and safe to use as any well-known modern e-commerce platform.

Final Thoughts on Mercari Alternatives

Mercari and the other apps and platforms covered in this article make online selling easier than ever. Getting extra cash for old stuff you don’t want anymore is a great way to reduce the clutter in your home. Selling online does involve some work, but it can generate a lot of cash quickly, and it can be turned into a lucrative side hustle or a full-time business.

I hope I’ve sparked some ideas to get you up and running selling items online. Always remember that the sites and apps like Mercari listed in this article are free to join. If your items are not selling, you can switch anytime.

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  • Access alternative investments
  • High-yield treasuries accounts
  • Social community of investors
  • User-friendly interface
  • Commission-free trades of stocks, ETFs, options, and ADRs
  • Powerful screening and charting tools
  • Free real-time level 2 data
  • User-friendly mobile app
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  • AI-powered price forecasts
  • Free investing courses
  • Commission-free trades of stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrency
  • Buy fractional shares for any amount
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