How to Sell Used Appliances for Cash

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How to Sell Used Appliances for Cash

Whether you’re renovating your kitchen, want to upgrade to a more energy-efficient model, or are clearing out some storage, you’re likely to find yourself thinking about what you can do with your old appliances like washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, stoves/ovens, and microwaves.

Unless your appliance has stopped working, it may offer years of use for someone else. But how do you find a buyer?

Many of us have asked the question, “Where I can sell old appliances for cash?” or “Who buys used appliances near me?”. So, here we’ll explore some simple ways to get some extra cash for your old appliances.

Aside from selling your own appliances, used appliances are among the easiest things to flip for profit, so there is excellent earning potential here.

Ways to Sell Used Appliances

1. Craigslist

As the original garage sale website, Craigslist has been a household name for years and is considered to be the first choice for selling any item online. This is likely to be the best option when you’re looking to sell an old appliance near you. Craigslist allows you to cast a wider net to find anyone looking to buy an appliance near you.

The most attractive feature of Craiglist is the super easy to use interface. While the website may appear basic, it is easy to navigate even for first-time users.

2. Facebook Marketplace

It’s possible to harness the power of social media to sell your old appliance for cash. Facebook Marketplace allows you to post your item directly within the platform, so you don’t need to create a new user account or have to download a new app.

Facebook doesn’t charge a fee to list any items, and you can reach thousands of people living in your local area. Additionally, your buyer must have a registered account, so if there are any issues, it is a little easier to find out more about their identity.

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3. eBay

Most of us have used eBay for buying or selling something in the past, and while eBay is well suited to smaller items, you can also sell appliances. Although the listing process is a little more involved compared to some other sites and you do need to be a member, you may actually get a little more for your old appliance.

People will bid on your appliance, but you can set a minimum price and specify collection only to get the best possible price.

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4. Have a Garage Sale

If you want to get a little old school, you can sell your old appliance by holding a garage sale or yard sale. People still have garage sales, and it can be lucrative if you live in an area with its own neighborhood garage sale.

Garage sales can generate tons of traffic to buy your items, and it provides an opportunity to have a spring clean and clear more of your unwanted clutter.

5. VarageSale

If you like the idea of a garage sale, but don’t think that your neighborhood will generate much interest, there is the option of VarageSale. This company was started by a mom on maternity leave and is, in essence, a virtual garage sale.

The website is not complicated to use; you simply need a picture, a price, and a total for all the items you want to sell. So, you can still have that clear out and sell your old appliance and any other items.

6. 5Miles

5Miles is an innovative app that allows you to sell your used appliance locally. The app has an eBay-type design, so it is easy to use and simple to navigate. The premise of this app is to sell or buy items that are offered within five miles of your chosen location.

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7. LetGo

This is another app that allows you to sell an appliance for cash. An attractive benefit of this app is that you can log in and import your information from your Facebook account. LetGo is limited to an app, with no desktop compatibility, but it works as a mobile classified ad service a little like Craigslist.

8. OfferUp

According to Forbes, OfferUp is a leader in the “race to reinvent the Craiglist experience.” This app allows you to buy and sell locally from your mobile device. OfferUp is almost like a hybrid of Craiglist and eBay, making it easy to use and navigate.

9. Mercari

This site is a lot like eBay and allows you to buy and sell practically anything with the assurance of a money-back guarantee. If a buyer doesn’t receive an item, they can claim their money back. Although it is free to list your appliance or any other items, there is a ten percent fee that is applied to any completed sale.

Mercari also provides an option to print a shipping label for your buyer that is sent directly to you via email when a sale is agreed.

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10. Wallapop

Wallapop could be described as the ultimate flea market for mobile devices. The app can be used on iPhones, and Android devices and items are displayed based on the item location. This is a great way to locally buy and sell items, including appliances.

You can directly speak with buyers, meet locally, and have access to millions of people using the community. While your current location is displayed within approximately half a mile, your exact address remains confidential.

11. Shpock

Short for “shop in your pocket,” Shpock is an app that allows you to buy and sell a wide variety of items to people nearby. You can use Shpock to sell practically anything, including used appliances. The most attractive feature of this platform is that you can create a listing in less than a minute, so you can quickly create a listing with the minimum of fuss.

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12. College Bulletin Boards

Many college students get very tired of visiting communal laundromats or dealing with unreliable refrigerators, so advertising your appliances on college bulletin boards can easily generate some cash. Most students don’t really care about makes and models; they simply want an appliance that works.

Additionally, advertising on these boards can garner attention from property developers who specialize in student accommodation. Property management companies tend to prefer installing a working, used appliance as it is cheaper than buying a brand new appliance and more cost-effective than repeatedly sending out repair technicians.

13. Sell to a Local Appliance Store

There are lots of appliance stores that sell new and used appliances. Many of these retailers repair or recondition the machines, so if you lack the time to find someone who buys used appliances near me, this can be a good choice.

Rather than physically visiting each appliance store in your area, call them from home. This will help you to determine who will pay the most for your used appliance. It is also worth contacting appliance repairers who may want to buy your appliance for its parts that can be used on their repair projects. Even if your appliance is older, if it is working order, it may provide parts that are difficult to source elsewhere.

14. Scrap Metal Recyclers

If you’ve upgraded to a new appliance because your old one wasn’t operating correctly, you may still be able to get some cash. Recycling scrap metal can be lucrative; this is why you see trucks going through neighborhoods picking up metal garbage.

If you can take your appliance to a scrap metal recycler, you’ll receive a nice bit of cash. Scrap metal recyclers tend to pay cash based on the weight of the metal, so an old washing machine or refrigerator can add up to a tidy sum.

15. Contact Local Laundry Facilities

If you want to get rid of a washing machine or dryer, if they are in good working order, you may be able to sell it to a local laundromat. Laundry facilities are in the business of washing and drying clothes, so they often struggle to have enough machines on hand. So, if you are struggling to sell your appliances, it may be worth calling around to the laundry facilities in your local area. Even if your laundromat doesn’t want to buy your appliance, they may allow you to post an advert to find a buyer.

16. Local Utility Providers

Some utility companies will actually buy back old appliances to encourage purchasing more energy-efficient models. While it may only be $50, it is worth contacting your utility company to see if they will offer cashback on your specific appliance.

This can also be a great idea if you have multiple appliances that you want to get rid of if you’re remodeling your home. You may find that the cash back adds up to serious savings when you’re ready to purchase your new appliances.

17. Claim a Rebate

Finally, you may not need to find a buyer for your appliance to get some cash. There are quite a few companies who will give you a rebate on your old appliance. Energy Star has even made it easier to find qualifying deals with a rebate finder on its official website.

This means that you may be able to trade in your old appliance for money off a new energy-efficient model. So, when you start shopping for new appliances, be sure to ask retailers if there is any rebate program in place that will save you the hassle of advertising your appliance, and you can take the cash straight off the cost of your new appliance.

18. Get a Tax Break

In the same vein as a rebate, you can also get a tax break against your old appliance. If your appliance is in working order, you can donate it to charity and take a tax deduction in itemized returns. Some charities will collect the item, but others will require you to drop it off at a collection point. This includes Goodwill, the Salvation Army, and Habitat ReStores.

You’ll need to ask for a donation receipt to be able to take it as a tax deduction. If you are interested in getting a tax break for your old appliance, it is worth doing a little research for charities in your area that will accept used appliances.

Steps to Sell Your Used Appliances

If you want to get the most cash for your used appliances, there are some simple steps to help maximize your return.

1. Make Easy, Inexpensive Fixes:

There are some quick and inexpensive fixes that can immediately enhance the functionality of your old appliance. Even something as simple as replacing a gasket on your refrigerator can immediately help it to perform more efficiently. While it may seem counterintuitive to spend money on an appliance you no longer want, it will be more impressive and attractive to potential buyers. If there are no easy repairs for your appliance, don’t overlook the benefits of giving your appliance a really good clean. Refrigerators can immediately look more appealing when they are cleaned inside and out, and this can be reflected in your listing photographs.

2. Draft a Great Ad

Many people start listing their items on websites or apps without giving any thought to the wording of their ad. However, the wording really matters to capture the attention of potential buyers. Big corporations spend millions of dollars on their marketing, so you need to choose your wording carefully.

You will need to be honest about the condition of your appliance, but you can still use a great title and a compelling description to entice a buyer. So, take a little time to draft your ad before you start listing; look at the ads for recently sold appliances that are similar to yours. This will not only help you to competitively price your appliance but also look at the wording used to successfully obtain a sale.

3. Take Good Pictures

One of the fantastic aspects of selling online is that you can upload pictures. This allows you to showcase the condition of the appliance you want to sell. Some sites and platforms also allow video, so why not add a short video showing your washing machine spinning or your refrigerator lighting up. Many potential buyers will assume that if there are no pictures, the seller is trying to hide something, so take plenty of photos from different angles and pick the best ones for your listing.

4. Create a Complete Listing

Whether you’re listing on Craigslist, eBay or any other site, you need to create a complete, thorough listing. You need to tell people where the appliance is located and honestly describe the condition. However, be sure to point out any parts you replaced or improvements you’ve made. You should list the dimensions, age, and any other details. You can even link to the manufacturer’s website or user manual. You can then set an accurate price and state your payment preferences. Many people prefer cash on pick up, but some sites allow payment by credit card, which some buyers prefer.

5. Consider the Delivery/Collection Terms

While you are selling an appliance to someone who is relatively close to where you live, you will need to specify delivery or collection terms. With a large appliance, you’re likely to specify that the buyer needs to arrange a pickup, but if you have transport, you may appeal to more buyers if you advertise that you are willing to deliver within a certain radius. Remember that the more flexible you can be for collection, the more you will appeal to potential buyers.

6. Be Prepared to Respond Quickly

Once your item is listed or advertised, you need to be prepared to respond quickly to any inquiries. Remember that buyers may be contacting a number of sellers, so if you respond quickly, you’ll have a better chance of getting a sale. Whether you choose to have your phone number or email address as the point of contact, you will need to ensure that you are available for any potential buyers with questions or queries. Some people prefer to look at an item before they agree to purchase it, so answer any queries quickly as they may quickly turn into a sale.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, trying to get rid of an old appliance need not be a hassle, and you may even be able to generous some significant cash. So, before you think about dumping your appliance or having your local authority collect it from the curb, it is well worth doing a little research to find out how you can generate some cash.

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