Best Weekend Jobs

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If you’re looking to make some extra money on top of a full-time job or a busy schedule, a weekend job may be the perfect solution. Here you’ll find details on the best weekend jobs that will help you to make extra money without interfering with your existing responsibilities.

Some of the options listed here (in no particular order) are more typical jobs where you would be working as an employee. Others would involve freelancing or providing some type of service.

Most of these options will allow you to start making money pretty quickly, but there are a few that might take a little while before you’ll be able to start making money. Each opportunity has some pros and cons listed to help you to be able to choose the right opportunity based on your own situation.

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Best Weekend Jobs

1. Share Your Opinion

Taking online surveys is one of the most popular side hustles because 1) it’s extremely flexible, and 2) it requires no specific skills, so anyone can do it.

You won’t get rich taking surveys, so if maximizing your earning potential is more important to you than flexibility, you should choose something else on this list. But if you’re looking for an easy way to make some extra money with your weekend spare time, taking surveys can be a good option.

There are many different websites that allow you to earn money by taking surveys, but some of the best options are:

Pros of Taking Online Surveys:

  • Work whenever you have spare time, even if it’s just a few minutes.
  • No skills required. Anyone can do it.
  • There are a lot of different websites for taking surveys.
  • You can start making money quickly.

Cons of Taking Surveys:

  • Low earning potential per hour.
  • Some survey websites make you jump through hoops to find a survey that you’re eligible for.

2. Niche Website Creator

A niche website is a site/blog that you create around a very specific topic. For example, instead of having a website that covers outdoorsy topics, you could create a site specifically about camping. Most niche websites make money through affiliate programs (you promote someone else’s product, and you earn a commission whenever a visitor that you referred makes a purchase).

Many niche websites promote products from, so content on these sites will often include product reviews and “best of” lists. For a camping site, you might create articles like “top 10 Four-Person Tents” and “Top 5 Sub-Zero Sleeping Bags”.

Most niche websites, especially the quality ones, will also include other types of informational or entertaining articles to give the site some balance. For example, you could write an article “Top 10 National Parks for Camping” and “How to Pack for a Family Camping Trip”.

One of the great things about starting a niche website is the fact that you can work on it whenever you have the time, with as much or as little time as you have.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, see my free guide to creating niche websites.

Pros of Creating Niche Websites:

  • Create a website on a topic that you enjoy, so your work is more fun.
  • Great long-term income potential.
  • A lot of the work (like writing the articles) can be outsourced if you prefer.
  • Completely flexible.

Cons of Creating Niche Websites:

  • It usually takes 6 months or longer to start making money.

3. Blogger

Blogging can be a great way to make money online, full-time or part-time. If you have a busy schedule already, working on your blog on the weekends is a possibility.

There is no need to publish new blog posts every day, so if you have a good bit of time available on the weekends, you may be able to do all of the writing for the week on Saturdays and Sundays.

Blogging has been my full-time income since 2008, and prior to that, it started as a part-time thing (although I did work weeknights as well as weekends).

if you want to make blogging work as a weekend job, my recommendation is to avoid the most popular and competitive niches or take a very specific approach with a popular niche. For example, instead of starting a personal finance blog, start a blog that focuses exclusively on credit card rewards.

Taking a niche approach and targeting a very specific topic will make it easier for you to stand out and brand yourself, which is really important if you’re working with a limited amount of available time.

If you’d like to make money as a blogger, see my article How To Start a Blog, which will help you to get your blog set up in a matter of minutes.

Pros of Blogging:

  • Write about topics that you enjoy.
  • Unlimited income potential (could become a full-time income).
  • A blog can be monetized in several different ways.

Cons of Blogging:

  • You probably won’t make much money during the first 6-12 months.
  • Blogging in a popular or competitive niche will be very difficult if you’re only using weekend hours.

4. Transcription

Transcription work is available through a number of different websites/companies and allows you to work a very flexible schedule. Most websites that offer transcription work allow you full control over the hours that you work, although some do require you to work at least a certain number of hours to stay active.

If you have some typing skills, this can be an excellent part-time opportunity. If you only have time available on the weekends, you can accept work only during those times when you’re available and you can make extra money with your spare time.

Some transcription jobs pay well and some do not, so if you are just getting started, please refer to our list of best transcription jobs. We also have an article that covers the basic transcription equipment you’ll need to get started.

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please see How to Become a Transcriptionist for details.

Pros of Working as a Transcriptionist:

  • The work is extremely flexible.
  • There is plenty of work available.
  • Start making money right away.

Cons of Working as a Transcriptionist:

  • Only an option if you have good typing skills.
  • Some transcription jobs are low paying.

5. Freelance Writer

If you like the idea of blogging, but you don’t want to wait 6-12 months to start making money, working as a freelance writer could be a great fit for you. There are plenty of opportunities available for freelance writers, and many of them involve writing content for websites and blogs.

In my opinion, working as a freelance writer is one of the best and most realistic ways to make money online without a job.

One of the best things about being a freelance writer for blogs is that it will usually involve ongoing or recurring work. For example, you may be assigned to write one article per week or a few articles per month. If you have a few ongoing gigs you can spend the majority of your time doing the writing, and you won’t need to constantly look for work.

The pay for freelance writers can vary significantly. There are plenty of gigs that offer low pay, but there are also many gigs that pay very well. Some freelance writers are able to earn six figures.

If you’re working only on the weekends, you could find a few ongoing assignments writing for blogs and write a few articles (or just one) each weekend. With some decent gigs, you can easily make a nice chunk of change with your weekend hours.

Most freelance gigs are very flexible. You’ll probably have deadlines, but you can do the work around your schedule. If you work ahead of your deadlines, you could definitely do the job just on weekends.

If you want to learn more, please see my free guide to making money as a freelance writer.

Pros of Freelance Writing:

  • Plenty of opportunities.
  • Good income potential.
  • Start making money quickly.

Cons of Freelance Writing:

  • Income potential may be lower than running your own blog.
  • Not all jobs will pay well.

6. Search Engine Evaluator

It may be surprising, but it’s possible to make money by evaluating the results of search engines. The work is typically flexible, so you can do it around your existing schedule.

The flexibility is a little bit better than the income potential, but if you’re looking for a way to make some extra money in your spare time, it’s an opportunity that you may want to consider.

Companies like Appen, Lionbridge, and iStoneSoft hire search engine evaluators to work from home.

Pros of Working as a Search Engine Evaluator:

  • Flexible work that can be done from home (or anywhere with an internet connection).
  • Start making money quickly.

Cons of Working as a Search Engine Evaluator:

  • You’ll need to be hired by a company in order to get paid for this work.
  • Income potential is ok, but not as high as some other options on this list.

7. Website Tester

Many companies are looking for feedback on the usability of their websites, and you can actually get paid to test websites and share your feedback. The details will vary, but in many cases you’ll be recording your screen and talking into a microphone (could be your laptop’s built-in mic) while you are using the website.

You can sign up at websites like WhatUsersDo, Userfeel, and User Testing to be eligible for these opportunities. You can earn $5 – $60 per test.

The work is very flexible and can be a great way to make money from your spare time. The downside to only doing it on the weekends is that you may miss out on some opportunities that are gone before you get the chance to participate. It’s a great way to make some extra money, but does have a limited ceiling in terms of income potential.

Pros of Working as a Website Tester:

  • Start making money quickly
  • Flexible work that can be done from home.

Cons of Working as a Website Tester:

  • Your income will be limited by the number of tests available.

8. Web Designer

There are thousands of businesses and organizations that need websites or improvements to an existing website. If you have the right skills, you may be able to make some money on the weekends by taking on some web design clients.

If you’re doing it just on a part-time basis, most of your clients will probably be small businesses that have relatively small projects and budgets. Still, there is an opportunity to make some money with these types of jobs.

Did you know that it’s possible to make money as a web designer without even coding? With WordPress themes and plugins that make it easy to create custom designs and layouts (my favorite is Divi from Elegant Themes), you can set up websites without needing to code.

You can also turn a one-time client into recurring income by offering related services or maintenance packages. Many small business owners will need to update their website, but they may not want to take the time to do it themselves.

See this article (How to Make Money as a Web Designer) about Peti, who is making more than $1,000 per month as a part-time web designer without coding.

Pros of Working as a Web Designer:

  • Plenty of potential clients.
  • Good income potential.
  • Start making money as soon as you have your first client.
  • Can be done without any coding.

Cons of Working as a Web Designer:

  • If you’re only working on weekends, you’ll be limited to smaller jobs.
  • You may need to do some discounted or free work in order to build your portfolio.

9. Graphic Designer

If you have some design ability, there are plenty of projects available for graphic designers. You could offer logo design, book/ebook cover design, product packaging and label design, social media graphics, and more.

Much like web design, if you’re doing graphic design only on the weekends you will probably be limited to smaller jobs. But on the bright side, there are plenty of small graphic design jobs available and they offer decent income potential.

You can use sites like Upwork or to get started, but I’d recommend building your own portfolio website and try to get more clients directly.

Pros of Working as a Graphic Designer:

  • Plenty of work available.
  • Good income potential.
  • Start making money as soon as you have your first client.

Cons of Working as a Graphic Designer:

  • Gigs from sites like Fiverr and Upwork tend to be lower paying and come with a lot of competition.
  • Your job options will be more limited if you’re only working on the weekends.

10. Photographer

There are many different ways you can make money with photography (read about how I turned a photography hobby into more than $1 million), and there are some very good options for weekend warriors.

Wedding photography can be one of the most lucrative ways to make money as a photographer, and of course, most weddings are on weekends. While a lot of wedding photographers are full-time, some have other jobs during the week and only photograph on the weekends.

As a word of warning, I wouldn’t advise getting into wedding photography unless you know what you’re doing. It can be a high-stress job and there’s a lot of pressure to get it right, and you may not have a second chance if you miss the shot.

Another option is to take portraits on the weekends. This could include family portraits, kids, newborns, couples, maternity, seniors, or any other type of portrait.

One of the best ways to get started is simply by talking to family, friends, and co-workers. A lot of people are interested in getting photos from time-to-time (especially people who have kids), so finding your first few clients usually isn’t that difficult.

I have a friend who has a full-time job but sets up client photo sessions on Saturdays and Sundays. Sometimes he’ll block off several hours on a weekend and book sessions for 30 or 60 minutes at a local park (he promotes them to his Facebook friends). He’ll stay at the park all day, and clients will come to him whenever they have an appointment. He can take care of several clients in one day and make some decent money.

Pros of Working as a Photographer:

  • Good income potential.
  • Start making money as soon as you have your first client.
  • A lot of people in your personal network would be potential clients.

Cons of Working as a Photographer:

  • Can be high-stress (especially wedding photography)

11. Tasker

Earlier, I mentioned that taking online surveys is one of the most flexible ways to make extra money. Working as a tasker comes with a similar level of flexibility.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk allows just about anyone to make money in their spare time by performing a wide variety of tasks like categorizing data, moderating content, and taking short surveys. Other websites like Clickworker and Figure Eight offer similar tasking opportunities.

Once you are registered with Mechanical Turk or one of these other sites, you can pick up tasks whenever you have the time. Most of the tasks are very short, so even if you have only a small amount of time to work, you can still do something productive.

Although the work is extremely flexible, don’t expect to make a ton of money as a tasker. There is a lot of work available, but the pay is typically low. If flexibility is important, it can be a good opportunity. But most of the other options on this list will offer better income potential.

Pros of Working as a Tasker:

  • Extremely flexible. Work whenever you have the time.
  • Anyone can do it.
  • Start making money right away.

Cons of Working as a Tasker:

  • Low paying work.

12. Customer Service  Rep (From Home)

A growing number of companies are hiring customer service reps to work from home. You may be providing support by phone, email, or online chat. The details will vary depending on the job, but some opportunities allow you to work only on the weekends.

Websites/companies like Talk 2 Rep, Working Solutions, and Liveops are good places to start if you’re looking for this type of work.

Pros of Working from Home in Customer Service:

  • Guaranteed pay for your time (unlike starting your own business).
  • Work from home.

Cons of Working from Home in Customer Service:

  • Limited number of jobs available.

13. Rideshare Driver

Driving for Uber or Lyft is a very flexible side hustle that can be done whenever it fits into your schedule. If you’re looking to make some extra money on the weekend, this is a great option because of that flexibility.

Weekends can be a busy time for drivers, so it can be a nice weekend job that allows you to make decent money. Another perk is that you can start making money very quickly.

Pros of Being a Rideshare Driver:

  • Extremely flexible schedule.
  • Decent income potential just from working weekends.
  • Start making money quickly.

Cons of Being a Rideshare Driver:

  • Wear and tear on your car.
  • Gas and car maintenance will reduce the amount of money that you make.

14. Delivery Driver

Another interesting option for making money as a driver is to work as a delivery driver. You could work as a driver for a local restaurant, or work through an app like Door Dash, UberEats, GrubHub, or Postmates.

Weekends are a busy time for restaurants, so finding work as a delivery driver is not hard, and you can make decent money by doing it.

Pros of Working as a Delivery Driver:

  • Weekends are the ideal time to work and make money.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Start making money quickly.
  • You don’t need to have other people in your car (unlike rideshare driving).

Cons of Working as a Delivery Driver:

  • Wear and tear on your car.
  • Gas and car maintenance will reduce the amount of money that you make.

15. Server

Although the gig economy has opened up a lot of new opportunities and ways to make money with a side hustle, weekend jobs are nothing new. Working as a server at a restaurant has been a popular part-time job for decades, and it still presents a great opportunity.

Restaurants are extremely busy on weekends, which means better income potential if you’re working on tips. Servers at busy restaurants can do very well on the weekends, especially in the evenings.

Pros of Working as a Server:

  • Plenty of work available.
  • Decent income potential.
  • Start making money quickly.

Cons of Working as a Server:

  • Dealing with people.
  • To make the most money you will need to work on Friday and Saturday evenings.

16. Dishwasher or Cook

Restaurants need a lot of help on weekends and serving isn’t the only option. When I was in college, I worked weekends as a busboy and made pretty decent money by cleaning tables. I didn’t make as much as the servers, but I didn’t have to deal with customers or sing cheesy happy birthday songs.

Restaurants hire dishwashers, cooks, and other positions to fill the busy weekend shifts.

Pros of Working as a Dishwasher or Cook:

  • Start making money quickly.
  • Weekends are an ideal time to find shifts.
  • You won’t need to deal with customers.

Cons of Working as a Dishwasher or Cook:

  • The income potential is lower than what you could make as a server.

17. Bartender

Just like restaurants, bars are also busy on the weekends. And aside from bars, there are also a lot of events on weekends that provide even more work for bartenders. You’ll need to have some knowledge or experience, but you can get bartending training that will teach you what you need to know.

Pros of Working as a Bartender:

  • Start making money quickly.
  • Great income potential on the weekends.

Cons of Bartending:

  • You’ll need some experience or knowledge of how to make drinks.
  • Jobs can be a little harder to find than serving.

18. Costumed Character

Here is one that you might not have ever considered. Did you know you can get paid to be a costumed character for events like kids birthday parties? If you like having fun and entertaining others, this could be a great opportunity.

Since many events and parties are held on weekends, this is a perfect weekend job. You can try to find work on your own, or use a site like GigSalad to create a profile and attract clients.

Pros of Working as a Costumed Character:

  • Fun!
  • Most events are on the weekend.
  • Put your entertaining and dramatic skills to good use.

Cons of Working as a Costumed Character:

  • Your income potential will be limited by the number of clients/gigs you find.

19. Musician or DJ

Working as a DJ or musician is another great opportunity to make money on the weekends. Many events on the weekends need the services of a DJ or musicians, so there is work available. You’ll also have the potential to make good money.

Of course, to be paid as a musician you’ll need some skills. If you already have those skills, this could be a good way to put them to use to make some extra money.

As a DJ, you’ll need to invest in some equipment, but it is a legit business idea that can bring in real money on top of a full-time job. According to, the average cost for a wedding DJ is around $1,000. Not a bad way to make money on the weekends!

Pros of Working as a Musician or DJ:

  • Very good income potential.
  • Start making money as soon as you have your first client.
  • Working at events can be fun.
  • Plenty of events are on the weekend.

Cons of Working as a Musician or DJ:

  • You’ll need some skills.
  • You may need to buy equipment.
  • You’ll need to market your services to find your first clients.

20. Event Staff

So far we’ve looked at a few opportunities that involve entertaining at events, but those events also provide plenty of other types of jobs. You could work at weekend events as a ticket taker, food vendor, bouncer, or several other support staff roles.

You can look for opportunities with professional sports teams, college athletic departments, concert venues, theaters, and other businesses that host events or games.

Pros of Working as Event Staff:

  • Most jobs will pay hourly or per event, so you’ll be paid for your time.
  • Plenty of opportunities, especially in urban areas.

Cons of Working as Event Staff:

  • Work may be seasonal (example, sports teams).

21. Valet

Many events also provide opportunities to work as a valet or parking attendant. In addition to events, business like hotels and restaurants that are busier on the weekends can also open up some possibilities for these types of jobs.

The hourly rate that you’ll be paid as a valet probably won’t be very high, but you can make more from tips.

Pros of Working as a valet:

  • Plenty of opportunities on weekends.
  • Get paid for your time.
  • Start making money quickly.

Cons of Working as a valet:

  • Work may be seasonal.

22. Tour Guide

If you enjoy working with people, being a tour guide can be a great way to make some extra money. There are a lot of different possibilities. Cities and urban areas usually have a tourism industry to provides some job opportunities. Historic areas are also great for tours.

Of course, you could find a job with a local company that offers tours, or you could create your own tours. Websites like Vayable, Withlocals, and Tours by Locals allow you to create your own tours or experiences and offer them to travelers.

Pros of Working as a Tour Guide:

  • Variety of opportunities (work for a company or create your own tours and experiences).
  • Entertain tourists and travelers.
  • Start making money quickly (if you’re working for an established company).

Cons of Working as a Tour Guide:

  • Opportunities may be limited, depending on where you live.
  • Work may be seasonal.

23. Host/Cook

Another way to work in the travel and tourism industry is to host or cook meals. There are a few websites that allow you to create a profile so travelers can find it.

At Eatwith you can create your own dining experiences and host people in your home or at another location. At BonAppetour you can offer dining experiences, food tours, and cooking classes. At Feastly you can offer dining experiences.

Pros of Working as a Host/Cook:

  • Make money using your existing cooking skills.
  • Get paid to entertain travelers.

Cons of Working as a Host/Cook:

  • You’ll only make money if people book your experience.
  • Work may be seasonal.

24. Caterer

Another way to make money with your cooking skills is to work as a caterer. There are plenty of weekend events that need catering, so there are a lot of opportunities. You could either start your own catering business or get a job working for a caterer.

Pros of Starting a Catering Business:

  • With plenty of events being held on weekends, there are a lot of opportunities.
  • Decent income potential.
  • Make money from your existing cooking skills.

Cons of Starting a Catering Business:

  • May take some time to land clients and build up the business.

25. Self-Published Author

Do you like to write? You could write books and ebooks on the weekends and sell them without the need for a publisher. The easiest and most popular way to do this is to sell ebooks an Amazon.

There are a lot of hobbyists who are making very good money with self-published ebooks. The books can be fiction or non-fiction, so there are endless possibilities.

Although Amazon is the easiest option, it’s not the only option. You could also sell an ebook on your own website through a simple checkout with SendOwl. You can also self publish physical books with the help of Blurb or Lulu.

Pros of Self-Publishing:

  • Make money with a writing hobby.
  • Good income potential.
  • Amazon’s platform gives you access to a huge potential audience.

Cons of Self-Publishing:

  • You won’t start making money right away.
  • You won’t make money unless your book sells.
  • Even with Amazon’s massive audience, you’ll still need to do some marketing to get some momentum for your book.

26. Babysitter

Like serving, working as a baby sitter is one of those weekend jobs that has been around forever. Weekends are a busy time for many families and parents, and there will always be a need for babysitters.

If you like working with kids, babysitting can be a great way to start making some extra money quickly. Chances are, you probably already have some parents in your personal network who could use the services of a babysitter. You can also set up a profile on websites like to make yourself available to others.

According to PayScale, the average babysitter earns $10.22 per hour. It may not be the highest-paying opportunity on this list, but it’s not a bad way to earn some extra money on the weekends. It’s ideal if you want a few hours of work per weekend.

Pros of Working as a Babysitter:

  • Perfect for weekend work.
  • Start making money right away.

Cons of Working as a Babysitter:

  • You may be limited to a few hours here and there, and depending on what you want, it may not produce enough income.

27. Pet Sitter

Working as a pet sitter is another excellent opportunity. You can have pets at your house overnight for people who are traveling on the weekends.

Rover is an excellent resource that will allow you to create a profile and make it easy for pet owners to find and hire you. You could also offer to walk the pets for an additional price as an easy way to increase your income.

Be sure to check out my interview with Lily if you want to learn more about how to become a pet sitter.

Pros of Working as a Pet Sitter:

  • Rover makes it easy to promote your services and find clients.
  • Not that much work involved (with most pets).
  • Increase your income by also offering to walk the pets.

Cons of Working as a Pet Sitter:

  • You’ll need a house or apartment that is suitable for pets.
  • Not everyone wants extra pets in their home.

28. House Sitter

With many people traveling on weekends, there are some opportunities to get paid to be a house sitter. Some house sitting opportunities will only provide you with a free place to stay, but others will also pay you for simply staying at the house and keeping an eye on things. Most house sitting jobs involve a fairly small amount of work.

Pros of Working as a House Sitter:

  • Usually not that much work involved or required.
  • Free place to stay.

Cons of Working as a House Sitter:

  • Some jobs will only pay you with a place to stay.
  • Paying opportunities in the area where you live may be limited.

29. Electric Scooter Charger

If you live in a city or urban area, this is an opportunity that you should check out. Companies like Bird and Lime offer electric scooter rentals, and those scooters need to be charged when they are not in use. You can get paid to charge the scooters.

This is one of the easier side hustles that offers real earning potential. All you need to do is pick up some scooters that need to be charged, take them home and plug them in, and return them when they are charged. Some people are making hundreds of dollars per month by doing this. If you just want to work on the weekends your ceiling will be lower, but you can still make decent money without a ton of effort.

Pros of Charging Electric Scooters:

  • Easy work.
  • Opportunity to make decent money.
  • No skills of experience required.

Cons of Charging Electric Scooters:

  • Limited to certain cities (they are expanding quickly).
  • Work may be seasonal in some cities.

30. Furniture Flipper

Weekends are a great time to shop at yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores. You can find some old wood furniture at very low prices, then put in a little bit of work to fix it up, and resell it for a nice profit.

Wood furniture is ideal for flipping because you can significantly improve it with some paint and maybe some new finishes. That little bit of work will give it plenty of new life, and you can resell it for much more than you paid for it.

With a little bit of effort, you can find some very cheap or even free furniture that has potential. There are plenty of free YouTube videos that show you how to paint and improve old furniture. With just a few hours of work you can have a nice piece of furniture that someone will gladly buy. You can sell it through the Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or a number of other selling apps.

If you’re interested in this opportunity, see my interview with Virginia about flipping furniture for profit.

Pros of Flipping Furniture:

  • Great weekend job since most yard sales are on the weekend.
  • Good profit and income potential.
  • Start making money quickly.
  • The skills can be learned.

Cons of Flipping Furniture:

  • You’ll need to find low-priced furniture that can be flipped.

31. Handyman

Working as a handyman is a great service-oriented business that you could do on the weekend. This could involve things like painting, removing wallpaper, installing light fixtures, fixing things around the house, and other odd jobs.

Most likely, there are people in your personal network that could use the services of a handyman, so finding a few clients isn’t that difficult. You can also post to Craigslist or sign up at sites like Handy and Jiffy to find work.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average rate for a handyman is $18 per hour and Handy says you can make up to $45 per hour for jobs through their site.

Pros of Working as a Handyman:

  • Good income potential.
  • A lot of different types of services that could be offered.
  • Plenty of demand for the services.
  • Start making money quickly.

Cons of Working as a Handyman:

  • You may be limited to small jobs if you are only working on the weekends.
  • You’ll need some existing skills.

32. Referee

With a lot of recreational and youth sports leagues playing games on the weekends, there are opportunities to make money as a referee. Some leagues will require you to be licensed or certified, but that will not be the case with all leagues. I got paid to ref a youth basketball league when I was in college and I had no official training or certification.

Pros of Working as a Referee:

  • A lot of games are on the weekends.
  • You can make a good hourly rate (you’ll be paid per game, not by the hour).
  • Get paid to be involved in sports that you love.

Cons of Working as a Referee:

  • You’ll get yelled at a lot.
  • Opportunities may be limited if you are not certified.
  • Work will be seasonal.

33. Friend

Possibly the most interesting opportunity on this list is to make money by being a friend. Rent a Friend is a website that allows you to create a profile and other users can hire you to spend time with them. There is nothing sexual or illegal about it. People may be looking for a friend to join them for a concert, sporting event, lunch, party, or simply a walk.

The amount that you make will depend on a lot of factors, but Rent a Friend says that some people are making up to $2,000 per week by working full-time as a friend. Of course, working only on the weekends will limit your potential, but many of the people renting friends will be looking for something on a weekend.

Although some people are making good money as a friend, I wouldn’t expect to get rich with this approach, but it can be a good way to make a little bit of extra money.

Pros of Working as a Friend:

  • There is no real work involved, you’re just spending time with someone.
  • Weekends are an ideal time to offer your services.
  • You may get to do some fun things like going to the movies or attending events without paying for admission.

Cons of Working as a Friend:

  • You will only make money if someone chooses to hire you.
  • You may have some safety concerns.


Now that we’ve looked at a lot of different options, along with pros and cons of each, so should have some ideas about what you would like to do to make some extra money on the weekends. It’s time to take action and start making money!

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30 of the Best Weekend Jobs