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If you like saving money, I’m sure you love coupons. But if you haven’t been using coupons, it’s probably because you don’t want to spend hours finding coupons that will save you a few dollars.

I have good news.

There are a number of websites and apps that make it easy to save money with coupons. You won’t need to make it a part-time job, you simply need to know the best and most convenient places to find coupons, sales, and offers.

This post is a collection of the best coupon sites and apps, with the goal of making it easier for you to save money, even on a busy schedule.

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Best Coupon Websites and Apps

If you’re looking to save money, this list of websites and apps will give you plenty of sources for coupons.

1. DontPayFull

DontPayFull is a really useful website for finding coupons. You can find online coupons and promo codes, but not printable coupons.You can browse by store, search, or see a list of popular coupons and deals. You can also search for available deals by category. It’s a great resource for quickly finding legit coupons that will save you money.

The site also includes forums, and you can create a free account to participate in the forums or submit deals.

2. Ibotta ($10 bonus)

Ibotta is an extremely popular couponing app that makes it easy to save on the things you already buy. From within the app, you’ll be able to see a big collection of current offers. You can search for specific products or stores, or browse all of the available offers at a particular store.

When you see an offer that you’d like to use, all you need to do is tap to add it. After you’ve made the purchase you can use the app to scan your receipt and your account will be credited once it has been verified. Another option is to link your store loyalty cards to Ibotta, and it will be able to track your purchases without the need to scan receipts.

Using Ibotta is a great way to save on groceries, but there are also offers on clothes, cosmetics, cleaning products, and more. Before you go shopping (or when you’re in the store), just check Ibotta for the available offers at that store and you may be able to save some money very easily.

Some of the offers from Ibotta will be very general. You may be able to save on a purchase of any brand of a product (for example, milk), and sometimes there are offers for cash back on any purchase at a particular store.

Ibotta also makes it possible for you to save by shopping online. For the online offers, all you need to do is click through from the app and your purchase will be tracked and credited to your account.

Right now Ibotta is offering a $10 signup bonus for new users.

Sign up for Ibotta using this link to get the $10 bonus.

3. Checkout 51 ($5 bonus)

Checkout 51 is a coupon app especially for grocery shopping. It works in a similar way to Ibotta. You can browse offers by store or search for certain types of products. You’ll claim the offers that you want to use, and then after your shopping trip, you’ll use the app to photograph your receipt and upload to Checkout 51. Once it has been verified, your account will be credited.

The offers in Checkout 51 rotate weekly, so there’s always something new. Saving money with the app is pretty easy. Just check the offers before your shopping trips or when you are making your shopping list to see what is available.

Right now Checkout 51 is offering a $5 signup for new users. To get the bonus you will need to sign up using the link below. After the first offer that you redeem, you will be credited with an extra $2. The next three offers that you redeem will earn you an extra $1 each, for a total of up to $5. Those offers must be redeemed within 30 days of creating your account in order to earn the bonuses.

Sign up for Checkout 51 here.

4. Ebates ($10 bonus)

Ebates isn’t a typical couponing website, but it does make it very easy to save money on many of your purchases, especially for online shopping. To get started, you’ll create a free Ebates account and install the browser extension (not mandatory, but highly recommended). With the browser extension installed, whenever you’re browsing a website that offers cash back through Ebates you will get a notification. Simply click on that notification so Ebates can track your purchase and you’ll earn cash back.

There are thousands of website that offer cash back through Ebates, so many of the purchases you are already making will earn you cash back. You don’t need to change your shopping habits or buy things just to earn cash back (that would be a bad idea).

The amount of cash back that you’ll earn from Ebates will vary, but it can be as high as 40%! if you do much shopping online, you can easily save money consistently thanks to Ebates.

Another awesome feature of the Ebates browser extension is that it will automatically find coupon codes for you. There have been several times when I have been in the process of buying something and Ebates notified me of a coupon code that would save me some money on that purchase.  In this case, you’ll save money thanks to the coupon code and you’ll also earn the cash back.

Ebates also has some offers for cash back on in-store purchases, but at this time, you’ll find many more deals for online shopping. You can read more details in my Ebates review.

Right now Ebates is offering a $10 bonus for new users. All you need to do to qualify for the bonus is to make one purchase of at least $25 during your first 90 days. With 2,500+ stores in their program (including Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, Groupon, Target) you’ll have no problem making that one purchase.

Sign up for Ebates and get the $10 bonus.

5. Swagbucks ($5 bonus)

Swagbucks is another one that is not a typical couponing website, but it allows you to earn cash back in a very similar way to Ebates. Like Ebates, Swagbucks has a few thousand partner websites in their program and a browser extension that will notify you of cash back offers while you are browsing. Sometimes the cash back through Ebates is higher, and sometimes Swagbucks is higher.

With Swagbucks you actually earn points that they call swagbucks (SB), and then you can redeem them for cash, through PayPal, or gift cards. In general, 100 swagbucks is equal to $1, but there are usually some special offers that allow you to redeem your swagbucks for gift cards at discounted rates.

In addition to the cash back, Swagbucks also makes it possible to earn money from other things like surveys, watching videos, trying apps, searching, and more. For the purposes of this article, the cash back functionality is the most significant, and really, that’s were you can earn/save some good money.

Right now Swagbucks is offering a $5 sign up bonus for new users. To qualify for the bonus, you’ll need to earn 2500 SB within 60 days of siging up. That’s pretty easy to do, especially if you make a purchase through one of their partner stores. With thousands of stores in their program, you’ll have no trouble qualifying.

Sign up for Swagbucks and get the $5 bonus.

6. MyPoints ($10 bonus)

MyPoints is very similar to Swagbucks, and the two sites are actually owned by the same parent company. Like Ebates and Swagbucks, MyPoints has a cash back program for many of your online purchases. MyPoints also has a browser extension that will notify you of cash back opportunities while you’re shopping/browsing.

MyPoints also has a section on the site for coupon codes where you can find a wide variety of deals. They also have printable grocery coupons provided by

And like Swagbucks, MyPoints also has other money-making options that aren’t related to cash back or coupons, like taking surveys and watching videos.

Right now MyPoints is offering a $10 Amazon gift card as a signup bonus for new users. To qualify for the bonus, you’ll need to make $20 in purchases through their partner stores in the first 30 days. Like Ebates, and Swagbucks, MyPoints has thousands of partners, so meeting this requirement is easy.

Sign up for MyPoints and get the $10 bonus.

7. is a go-to source for coupons. On their site, you’ll find printable grocery coupons that make it easy for you to save money on groceries. You can even add coupons to your account via store loyalty cards, so you can save without printing the coupons. Right now, there are 31 stores that participate in this program (including Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Sam’s Club, and many grocery stores).

You’ll also find coupon codes that can be used for shopping online. And there are cash back offers for restaurants that can be searched by zip code. also has a really useful mobile app (iPhone or Android) that gives you access to all of the coupons without the need to print them. You can also link your store loyalty cards through the app for easier savings.

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8. The Krazy Coupon Lady

The Krazy Coupon Lady is an extremely helpful website for saving money. Details of new deals and offers are posted on the site almost every day. What I love best is that they show you how you can stack coupons with other offers to get very deep discounts, and sometimes free products.

The site has a large collection of coupons that you can easily browse by category. Some of the coupons can be printed, and others will be used through The Krazy Coupon Lady mobile app (iPhone and Android). You can also browse current offer by store or website.

If you’re new to couponing, The Krazy Coupon Lady is a good place to start because you’ll find plenty of explanation and instruction.

9. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is one of the best sites for finding deals like coupons, coupon codes, cash back, and gift card deals. You can search by store, website, or product to find the deals that you want. If you’ve ever searched for coupon codes for a specific website, you’ve probably come across RetailMeNot.

The site also has an Rx section that helps you to find the lowest prices on prescription drugs. There are also coupons available for drugs.

The “near me” section will use your location and find deals from stores and restaurants in your local area.

10. Flipp

Flipp is a great website that makes it easy to view more than 1,000 weekly ads from retailers. Just enter your zip code and you’ll quickly see the most recent ads and sale papers from the stores in your area. Flipp also has a convenient mobile app (iPhone and Android) that makes it easy to see the ads from anywhere.

At Flipp, you’ll also find printable coupons from many of your favorite products. Some of them will be matched up to specific stores where the product is on sale and it will show the price before and after the coupon.

Another cool feature of Flipp is that you can create and manage shopping lists. Keeping track of coupons and sales can be a lot easier when you have something like this to help you manage it.

11. Groupon

Groupon is a popular deal site where you can find special offers and savings on a wide variety of products, services, and experiences. There are local deals, getaways (travel deals), and more.

The selection and availability of deals changes frequently, so be sure to check the site often if you want to make sure that you don’t miss deals.

If you want to save even more money with Groupon, make sure you’re an Ebates user. You can get cash back from Ebates for your purchases at Groupon, and they often run special promos for extra savings or cash back.

12. LivingSocial

LivingSocial is very similar to Groupon. You’ll find deep discounts and limited-time deals for a variety of different products, services, activities, restaurants, and travel.

Some of the deals are specific to a local area, and others are not.

Ebates also offers cash back for your purchases at LivingSocial, so be sure you are not missing out on that easy cash back.

13. Slickdeals

Slickdeals is another deal site, but it’s different than Groupon or LivingSocial. Both Groupon and LivingSocial sell directly, so when you purchase something you are actually buying through their website. Slickdeals is an aggregator that links out to deals that can be purchased through other websites.

At Slickdeals you’ll find a massive collection of deals, and members/users can actually submit deals to be included. Other users vote on the deals and share feedback. Slickdeals editors curate the best deals to decide which ones get the most exposure. The community makes it a great resource, and the editors help to ensure that trusted, legit offers are shown.

You can search by deals at a particular store/website, category, or search for a specific product.

14. DealNews

DealNews is another website that curates deals and offers from around the internet. The deals that are showcased are handpicked by the DealNews staff, and only deals from reputable sellers are included.

You can view the hottest deals on the homepage, browse deals by category, or search for the deals that you want.

They also have a coupons section that can be browsed by store.

15. DealCatcher

DealCatcher is another curation site with new deals and coupons published daily. Some involve promo codes for online shopping, some are online sales that don’t require a promo code, and there are also printable coupons that can be used in store. You can easily filter the results to see any particular type of deal.

16. RetailMeNot Everyday (formerly RedPum)

RetailMeNot Everday is a great place for printable grocery coupons. What used to be has been moved to fall under the RetailMeNot umbrella.

You’ll also find some special offers, as well as deals at restaurants and on delivery.

RetailMeNot Everyday also sends a printed coupon book with offers from your local area.

17. Valpack

By using Valpack you can find both printable and online coupons. You may get a Valpack envelope of coupons in the mail, or you can simply go to their website.

You can find a lot of grocery coupons, as well as local offers. The local offers include things like restaurants, home services, professional services, auto services, and more.

There are also some online offers for many of your favorite stores and websites.

18. is a cash back site that is similar to Ebates in some ways. You can earn cash back for many online purchases, and the amount of cash back will vary depending on the website where you are making the purchase. also offers printable grocery coupons provided by and local deals provided by Groupon.

19. is another deal curation site that helps you to find the best offers from around the internet. You can browse by store, view circulars, check out local offers, and find seasonal/holiday promos.

At, you can also find printable grocery coupons, although the selection is pretty small compared to other sites.

20. SmartSource

SmartSource is a great website for finding printable coupons. You can search by zipcode, filter by brand or category, select the coupons that you want, and print them.

There is also a section for offers on loyalty cards, and these offers are provided by Cellfire. You can search by zipcode.

21. Ben’s Bargains

Ben’s Bargains is a curation site where you can find hot deals from around the internet. You can browse by category, brand, or store, and you can also search for the deals that you want to find. The deals are handpicked and updated frequently.

22. Brad’s Deals

Brad’s Deals is another site that curates deals so you can find the best offers. You can see recently-added deals on the homepage or browse by category. Of course, you can also search to find the deals that you want. You can also browse coupons.

Brad’s Deals also publishes shopping guides, which are basically collections of deals that are relevent for a specific upcoming holiday or event.

23. Amazon Coupons

Did you know that Amazon has a section of their site to spotlight available coupons? Amazon Coupons is a great place to find available coupons for all kinds of products sold on their site. All you need to do is click “clip coupon” for the ones that you want and you can easily add the product to your cart with the discount applied.

24. Honey

Honey is a free browser extension that automatically finds and applies the best coupon codes for you when you are shopping online. It’s free, quick to install, and then does the work for you.

Coupon Blogs

The websites in this section are blogs that frequently post deals, coupons, and offers. The deals you’ll find here are similar to what you would find from sites in the previous section, but since these sites function a little bit differently I wanted to put them in a separate section.

25. publishes a few new deals and offers most days. Many of them are sales on products at

26. FTM (For the Mommas)

FTM publishes many deals each day. Some of the opportunities combine sales and available coupons to get great prices, or even freebies. If you want to find the best deals and take your couponing to the next level, FTM is a great resource.

27. Passion for Savings

Passion for Savings publishes online deals, online freebies, and printable coupons. You can view deals by category or brand, or simply browse the latest deals on the homepage.

28. Southern Savers

Southern Savers publishes a variety of deals including Amazon sales and promos, other online deals, and printable coupons. They also publish weekly sales and specials from specific stores.

29. Hip2Save

Hip2Save publishes many new deals and offers every day. You can check out the latest deals on the homepage or browse by category or store. They also publish links to some of the best printable coupons.


Hopefully, the websites and apps listed here will help you to save some money, and prevent you from needed to spent countless hours searching for coupons. Get started by trying a few of the sites that appeal to you and I think you’ll find that it’s well worth the little bit of effort that it takes.

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Best Coupon Websites and Apps

25+ of the Best Coupon Sites and Apps to Save Money. If you\'re looking to live a more frugal life, cut back on spending, or to find some extra room in the budget, using coupons is a great way to save on the things that you need to buy. You can print coupons to use at stores, use mobile apps, or take advantage of deals and offers online. This is a great list of the best websites and apps to help with couponing. #savemoney #savingmoney #frugal #coupons #couponing