20 Legit Ways to Earn PayPal Money

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Ways to Earn PayPal Money

In the current economic climate, many people are looking to make some extra cash. Fortunately, you don’t even need to leave your house as there are some great ways to earn PayPal money from your own home.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a little bit of extra money right now or you need to start making money on a recurring basis, there are some options available.

Here we’ll explore 20 legit ways that you can make some PayPal cash today. You’ll be able to spend the money from your PayPal balance or transfer it to your bank account. Some of these options involve quick ways to start making money, and later in the article we’ll look at some business ideas that would be ideally if you’re looking for on-going income.

How to Earn PayPal Money

1. Swagbucks ($5 signup bonus)

Swagbucks is an online rewards program that has some excellent user reviews and a high score on Trustpilot to highlight its legit status. You can earn PayPal cash or gift cards by completing a variety of tasks, including taking simple online surveys, playing games, reviewing samples, watching videos, or even getting paid to surf the web. You can even earn cash back when you shop through the list of Swagbucks retail partners, and there are thousands of partners in their program.

To date, Swagbucks has given its users more than $350,000,000, handing out thousands of gift cards every day. The points awarded depends on the task, so while you may only earn a couple of points for surfing the internet if you were going to do this anyway, why not earn a few points at the same time? Each point is worth approximately 1 cent, so when you’ve accumulated 500 points, you redeem them for a $5 PayPal transfer.

2. Survey Junkie

As its name suggests, Survey Junkie allows users to earn PayPal cash by completing paid online surveys. This market research company has accumulated four million members, and it has been established for almost a decade.

Once you complete the easy signup process, you’ll have access to surveys that you can complete in exchange for points. The surveys are tailored to your specific demographics, so the more complete your profile, the more chances of qualifying for surveys.

Depending on the length and detail of the survey, you’ll be awarded 20 to 200 points, but you may find some surveys are worth even more. You’ll see how many points each survey is worth before you start, and once you complete each survey, you’ll see the points appear in your balance instantly. You’ll also be able to see the amount of time needed for a survey before you begin.

One great thing about Survey Junkie is that unlike many online survey platforms, there is no expiry date on the points, so even if you’re not a regular user, you can still be accumulating points for your PayPal cash. There is also a very low payout threshold of 1,000 points or $10.

3. MyPoints ($10 signup bonus)

MyPoints has been around since the 1990s, and you can accumulate points through a variety of tasks to earn some PayPal money. These tasks include completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, and even reading emails. Like Swagbucks, MyPoints also has a list of retail partners, and you can earn points based on the items you purchase.

The MyPoints app also features a coupon section, where you can print off coupons to use at stores in your area, so you can accumulate points and save some money. The minimum redemption balance is just 480 points, or $3, and you can further boost your point balance by referring friends. You can issue unlimited referral invitations, and you’ll earn 10 percent of your referral’s qualifying points.

MyPoints - Cash Back and Rewards
Earn cash back from purchases at thousands of online retailers and earn rewards for simple tasks like taking online surveys, watching videos, and printing coupons. Sign up for MyPoints now for a $10 bonus!

4. Inbox Dollars ($5 signup bonus)

The attractive feature of Inbox Dollars is that you can earn PayPal money or gift cards for the online tasks that you’re already doing. You’ll get paid for small tasks that can be completed in only a minute or two. This includes playing online games, searching the internet, completing surveys, and shopping online.

You’ll receive a $5 introductory bonus, which will help you toward the $30 minimum cash out.

Inbox Dollars has paid out over $50 million to its users, and many consider it to be a quick and convenient way to make some money online. The company doesn’t use points, so you’ll see a dollar amount for each task. This can be a little underwhelming when you see some tasks are only worth $0.25, but when they only take a few moments, you can quickly earn some cash in your spare time.

5. Rakuten ($10 signup bonus)

Rakuten is a great way to get free PayPal money just by shopping. Almost every online purchase can qualify for cashback, and you can even qualify for a $10 bonus after you’ve made your first $25 purchase through the platform. With thousands or partner stores and websites, Rakuten is the most popular cashback app (see the best cashback apps here) and you can save money on many of the purchases you need to make.

The platform is easy to use, and once you’ve signed in, you just shop as normal by selecting the store you want to shop in using the alphabetical list or using the search function. After you click on the store link, you’ll visit the store website as normal, and there will be no difference to your shopping experience. However, as you’ve been shopping through the Rakuten portal, Rakuten will automatically calculate cash back on any qualifying purchases. You’ll be able to use the app or Rakuten website to keep track of your cash back and providing your balance is over the $5 minimum, you can redeem it each quarter.

6. Ibotta ($20 signup bonus)

The Ibotta platform allows you to earn cash back on your grocery stores that can be redeemed as PayPal money or free gift cards. Once you’ve completed your shopping, scan your receipts, and Ibotta will calculate your cash back. There are also in app deals and offers for both online and grocery store shopping on generic and name brands.

When you redeem your first order, you’ll receive a $10 introductory bonus and there are other signup bonuses worth up to $20 in total.

The app is continually updated with new deals and offers, so you can browse before you head out to the grocery store. You can even create a grocery list in the app by adding coupons to your basket.

7. TopCashback

TopCashback claims to be the most generous cash back site in the USA with 250,000 members and a list of over 4,000 retailers. The company guarantees the highest cash back rates, and you’ll also enjoy a payout bonus on top of your cash back. There are also no minimum payout thresholds, so you can start seeing PayPal money almost immediately.

Sign up for TopCashback here.

8. PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is another platform that rewards users with points for watching videos and completing surveys. You’ll also have access to free and paid offers that award points, and these will typically offset any purchase price.

Some activities pay more than others, but you’ll see how many points you could earn and the estimated time the task should take before you start, so you can focus on higher paying tasks.

You can also earn bonuses for referring family and friends. You’ll earn 20 percent of all the points from your referrals, so for every 100 points your friends earn, you get 20. Each point has the value of one cent, and you’ll receive an additional 10 points for completing your profile, so you can quickly start to accumulate PayPal money.

Sign up for PrizeRebel here.

9. PointClub

PointClub allows you to earn PayPal cash for completing surveys and taking part in polls. The site is easy to use, and you can find surveys that range from a few minutes to up to an hour. The points you’ll earn will vary according to the length and complexity of the survey or task, but you can quickly start to accumulate a decent balance. You’ll even get bonuses for participation streaks and other offers.

Sign up for PointClub here.

10. OpinionOutpost

As its name suggests, OpinionOutpost is an online survey panel that allows members to be rewarded for providing their opinions on products and services.

You’ll be presented with lots of survey options, and you can earn 5 to 50 points for completing a survey. However, where OpinionOutpost stands out is the conversion rate. 1 point is worth 10 cents, so you only need to accumulate 10 points to earn one dollar.

This high conversion rate means that you can cash out after completing just a survey or two, so you can quickly earn some PayPal money. You can also earn one dollar for every friend or family member you refer who completes just one survey.

Sign up for OpinionOutpost here.

11. Idle Empire

Idle Empire is a fun platform that has been around for five years. You can earn points through a variety of activities, including surveys, offers, watching videos, and referring friends.

There are also more passive methods to earn PayPal cash, including joining one of the Idle servers, so you can earn points while you’re sleeping or at school or work. You can also install the Idle Empire mining software and you’ll be rewarded for lending the company some of your computer power.

Sign up for Idle Empire here.

12. FeaturePoints

FeaturePoints has been around for almost 10 years and offers a variety of ways to earn some free PayPal money. You can participate in surveys, download apps, watch videos, refer friends, and enter free contests.

FeaturePoints also has a cooperation arrangement with hundreds of stores, so you can earn cash back when you shop online. If you shop through the FeaturePoints platform, you can not only gain access to some great deals, but you’ll receive a percentage of your order total as cash back. For example, you can earn 5% at BestBuy and 3% at Target. Just be sure to look out for a referral code, and you’ll get 50 bonus points when you sign up.

Sign up for FeaturePoints here.

Start a Business

Many freelancers and small businesses today are paid by PayPal. Of course, you could offer other payment methods, but if you’re looking for a way to pad your PayPal account, offering a service could be a great option.

While it’s true that starting a business will take more time than the options covered above, the earning potential is also significantly higher.

13. Work as a Freelance Writer

If you have a talent for writing, you can turn this into a decent side gig with a little work. There are lots of platforms that connect freelancers with clients looking for projects to be completed, and many of them allow you to cash out using PayPal. This list of freelance writing jobs for beginners and is a great place to start.

However, there are often other payment methods, including direct deposits into your bank account, which are an even faster way to get your hands on some cash. Many of the sites require that you set up a profile and create a portfolio of writing examples, but once you have done this, you can bid for work that interests you, set your own rates, and in some cases you can write and get paid instantly.

To learn more about making money as a freelance writer, be sure to check out Freelance Writing 101: Build a Successful Writing Career by Brad Merrill. You can get free access to the course for two months through Skillshare.

14. Work as a Freelancer Graphic Designer

If you have more of a talent for pictures rather than words, you can put this to good use and freelance as a graphic designer. Graphics are an important aspect of all business activities, from printables and infographics to ads and social media images. So, if you have a talent for designing graphics, you can command a decent wage.

Just as we discussed above, you can create a profile and set up a portfolio of samples to attract new clients. You can set your own rate, and many clients will not require formal qualifications. Be prepared to receive a lower rate of pay as a beginner, but once you start to develop a reputation, you can increase your rates.

If you’d like to learn more about this opportunity, the course How to Become a Graphic Designer is an Excellent Starting Point. You can get free access to the course for two months through Skillshare.

15. Start a Blog

Becoming a blogger is not a quick fix to generate cash, but it can provide a solid side gig that could earn you thousands of dollars each month over time. You’ll need to find a topic that will hold your interest in the long term, but you’ll be able to make money by publishing sponsored content, advertising, and through affiliate programs.

This will take time to build up. Many companies will not pay for sponsorship or advertising until you have a certain level of traffic or a specific number of followers. So, you will need to consistently post on your blog to build it up organically.

It’s important that you take a consistent approach, as one post every week for months will be far more effective than posting every day for a week and then posting nothing for a month or two. So, be realistic about your strategy and how often you will be able to post. You will then start to develop a following, and you can start to see the potential for advertising, sponsored content, and affiliate sales.

To learn more, please read How to Start a Blog.

16. Work as a Virtual Assistant

If you’re an organized person, you could consider a side gig working as a virtual assistant. Your role will vary according to your client’s specific needs, but you may be handling issues such as customer support, scheduling, email marketing, and general admin.

You can find clients through a variety of freelancing platforms, but it is possible to be a virtual assistant for multiple clients at once, providing you’re able to keep everything organized.

Working as a virtual assistant is one of the best ways to make money right now because there is plenty of work available and the top VAs are able to earn a very good rate.

If you’re looking to get started, the best resource is this free workshop from Kayla Sloan: 5 Steps to Become a Virtual Assistant. Kayla is a very experienced VA and this free workshop can help you to get started.

17. Work as a Social Media Marketer

If you already spend lots of free time on social media, you can transform this interest into a way to get some PayPal money. You’ll have the responsibility to manage the social media accounts for businesses. This is similar to personal accounts, so you’ll need to reply to comments, interact with followers, and respond to any private messages.

Since social media now plays such a vital role in marketing for businesses, many business owners need to spend a great deal of time trying to remain active, so many will look to outsource this task.

18. Work as a Voice Actor

Being a voice actor will mean providing the voice for audiobooks, commercials, and other projects. The rate of pay depends on the specific project and your experience, but even beginners can secure a decent amount of money. There are platforms and websites that connect voice actors with clients and projects, and most offer PayPal as a payment method.

You will need to have patience and consistency when applying for work and, of course, a pleasant speaking voice.

Voice Over Masterclass – The Official DIY Guide to Voice Acting provides a great introduction and will help you to get started and find your first clients. You can get free access to the course for two months through Skillshare.

19. Work as a Photo Editor

Many people look for digital photo editing services, creating an opportunity for you to develop a side gig working as a photo editor. Whether you’re removing unwanted objects or people from holiday pictures, repairing under or overexposed images, converting colored photos, or even just removing red-eye, you can make a real difference to the quality of digital photos and images. Photo editors can also change backgrounds, adjust contrast, enlarge images, and do color corrections.

You can search for clients through a variety of freelancing platforms or develop your own website advertising your services. Again, you’ll need to develop a reputation for quality work and establish a profile where clients can check your portfolio and make contact with you when they have a project.

20. Sell on eBay

Finally, you can generate some extra PayPal cash by selling items on eBay. You can start by clearing out your unwanted items and listing them on eBay. However, if you catch the bug for being an eBay seller, you could even source items that you can sell — find cheap items at yard sales or flea markets and sell for a profit. You’ll need to calculate shipping costs, seller fees, and PayPal fees into your prices, but many people find eBay an easy way to develop an e-commerce business in their spare time (see How to Sell on eBay for Beginners).

Also, eBay isn’t the only options. There are plenty of other platforms where you can sell. See our comparison of Poshmark vs. eBay vs. Mercari for more details on some of the best options.

FREE - Beginner's Guide to Selling on eBay
This ebook by Rob Stephenson of Flea Market Flipper is an excellent guide for anyone who wants to start selling on eBay. Rob and his wife, Melissa, are full-time flippers and you'll get plenty of insight from an experienced eBay seller.

As you can see, there are lots of simple ways to earn some PayPal money. Whether you’re looking for a few dollars to buy yourself a treat or want to develop a decent side gig to supplement your income, there are opportunities around that can allow you to use your talents and interests. If you look for something that will pay you money, doing something you enjoy, it won’t even feel like work, and you can accumulate some serious earnings in your spare time.

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