17 Legit Ways to Get Free Xbox Gift Cards & Codes

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Free Xbox Gift Cards

Playing Xbox is a favorite pastime in my house. Whether it’s my kids building something crazy in Minecraft, me playing Forza Horizon, or the whole family competing in a multiplayer game, the Xbox provides plenty of entertainment.

Being the frugal personal finance blogger that I am, I’ve tried to find good ways to get cheap or free games.  In this article, I’ll share the best ways to get free Xbox gift cards and codes so you can get digital games at no cost.

How to Get Free Xbox Gift Cards

There are more ways to get free Xbox codes than you might expect. I’ll cover all the options below, but if you’re in a hurry, here are my top recommendations so you can start earning quickly:

1. Swagbucks


Swagbucks is a popular get-paid-to (GPT) site perfect for earning free gift cards. You can do several things to earn points called Swagbucks (or SB). You can take surveys, play games, download apps, watch videos, or complete special offers. Swagbucks also has a cashback component that’s similar to Rakuten. You’ll earn cashback from purchases at thousands of participating websites.

Completing special offers is the best way to rack up SB quickly. This may involve taking a free trial, creating an account, installing an app, signing up for an email list, or performing other actions. Most of these offers pay anywhere from $1 to $50, with some top offers exceeding $100. 

When you have at least 300 SB, which is equal to $3, you can redeem them for your choice of rewards. Swagbucks offers a large selection of gift cards, including Xbox Live.

2. Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys

While Swagbucks offers online surveys as one of several ways to earn, Branded Surveys focuses exclusively on surveys. That means your earning potential is lower than with Swagbucks. However, you’ll love Branded Surveys if you enjoy taking surveys.

While many different survey sites and apps are out there, Branded Surveys stands out as one of the best. They have an excellent selection of surveys, and the compensation rates are better than most competitors. 

Like Swagbucks, Branded Surveys uses a very straightforward point system. The conversion rate is 100 points to $1. As a result, it’s easy to know exactly how much you’ll earn from a survey. You can see how long the survey will take and the number of points you’ll make before you begin.

The minimum cashout with Branded Surveys is just $5, so you won’t have to wait long for your rewards. They offer an excellent selection of gift cards, including Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and many others.

3. Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards

Microsoft Rewards is a free program that allows you to earn points using the Bing search engine, taking simple polls, and a few other things. The number of points you can earn each day is capped, so your earning potential is limited, but it’s almost effortless.

You’ll earn points each day for searching Bing on a laptop or desktop, searching Bing on a mobile device, and searching in Microsoft’s Edge browser on any device. You can either use Bing throughout your day as your primary search engine, or you can quickly use all your searches in a short time to earn points.

The points you earn can be redeemed for Microsoft gift cards to be used on the Xbox digital store. Aside from Xbox games, you can use gift cards for other Microsoft products. You can also use the points for Roblox digital codes or use your points to enter sweepstakes with various prizes.

I’ve been using Microsoft Rewards for a few months, and from my experience, the earning potential is about $12-$15 per month. It’s not a lot of money, but it’s very easy. I open the Bing app and complete the tasks at some point each day, usually while watching TV in the evening. 

4. Mistplay


Mistplay is a free Android app that allows you to earn rewards by playing games on your mobile device. It’s one of the best games that pay you real money, but unfortunately, it’s unavailable for iPhone. If you’re an Android user, you’re in luck. 

You don’t have to spend any money or make deposits to earn with Mistplay. You can earn points (they call them “units”) by playing games for certain lengths of time or by reaching specific levels within the game. To maximize you’re earning potential, you’ll want to move on to new games every now and then.

After you’ve earned some units, they can be used in the shop. Mistplay offers Xbox gift cards, Nintendo eShop gift cards, PlayStation Store gift cards, Google Play credits, Amazon gift cards, and more.

You won’t be able to earn massive rewards with Mistplay. But if you enjoy playing games on your phone, it offers an easy way to earn rewards. And since you can do it in your spare time, there’s no reason not to try it.

5. Freecash


Freecash offers several ways to earn points that can be redeemed for your choice of rewards. You’ll earn points by taking surveys, playing games, and completing special offers.

When logged in, you can browse the offers by category to easily find the ones you want. For example, you can click on “free trial” to see offers that compensate you for participating in a free trial. 

Many offers are available at Freecash, so you won’t run out of possibilities. As I’m writing this article, there are 1,154 offers listed in my user dashboard.

Your points can be redeemed for Xbox Live gift cards and other rewards. One of the exciting features of Freecash is that you can withdraw your points for cryptocurrency that will be transferred to your digital wallet. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and a few others are available.

6. Cash Giraffe

Cash Giraffe

Cash Giraffe is another Android-only gaming app. Like Mistplay, it’s a free app that rewards you for playing various games on your phone or tablet. 

You’ll create an account with Cash Giraffe, and then you can see the available games to download and play. The app tracks your activity and rewards you with points (“gems”) based on your activity. 

The gems you earned can be cashed in for Xbox gift cards, Nike gift cards, PayPal money, and more. The smallest Xbox codes are $15.

7. Money Turn

Money Turn

Money Turn is similar to Mistplay and Cash Giraffe. It’s a free Android app that allows you to earn rewards by playing various games. After you install Money Turn and create your account, you’ll see the games you can play. You’ll need to download the app of any game that interests you, and then you can start playing and earning coins. 

You’ll earn coins for your active time playing games and for reaching certain levels within the games. Like some of the other gaming apps, playing several different games rather than the same game will help you maximize your rewards.

Your coins can be redeemed for your choice of rewards, including an Xbox gift card code.

8. Cash’em All

Cash'em All

Cash’em All is another popular gaming app for Android users. Like Mistplay, Cash Giraffe, and Money Turn, you can play mobile games to earn rewards. You’ll download the game apps of your choice and earn coins based on the time you play, the specific games you play, and the levels you reach.

You can cash in your coins for awesome rewards like Xbox, Starbucks, and BJ’s gift cards, or PayPal money.

9. AppFlame


So far, we’ve looked at several Android apps that allow you to play many different games to earn rewards, but we’re not done yet. AppFlame is similar to Mistplay and the others mentioned above.

When you install the app and create a free account, you can view the games available for rewarded play. Simply install the games that interest you, and AppFlame will monitor the time you spend playing and your progress. You’ll earn coins based on your activity. Those coins can be redeemed for your choice of gift cards, including Xbox.

10. AppStation


AppStation is a very popular Android app with more than 10 million downloads, with mostly positive reviews from users. You can choose games you want to play for free, and AppStation will reward you with coins. It works pretty much the same way as the last few apps that have been mentioned.

Once you’ve earned some coins, you can use them to purchase digital gift card codes for a variety of websites and retailers, including free Xbox gift card codes.

11. Money RAWR

Money RAWR

Money RAWR is another free Android app that rewards you for playing games. It’s totally free, and you’ll find an excellent selection of games that are likely to interest you.

The app tracks your activity as you play games and rewards you with coins. New games are added frequently, and you can earn more coins by playing many different games. The prizes include gift codes for Xbox, PayPal money, and more.

12. Qmee


Qmee is a survey site that gives you some other ways to earn as well. They’ve paid more than $45 million to users, so this is a well-established platform. You can log in and use the site in a desktop browser or use apps for Android and iOS.

Although surveys are the primary way to earn with Qmee, but you can also play games or get cash back for purchases on many websites. You’ll also find some deals with big savings, although these offers come and go.

Qmee offers payment by PayPal or Venmo, or you can choose from a selection of gift cards, including Xbox, Starbucks, DoorDash, and others.

13. Idle Empire

Idle Empire

Idle Empire is a survey site with new surveys added every day. After you’ve created your account, there’s a profile section in the dashboard. You can answer as many or as few questions about yourself as you’d like. However, the more information you provide about yourself, the better they will be able to match you up with the proper surveys. This is helpful because it reduces the chances that you’ll get a few questions into a survey before being disqualified.

The available rewards at Idle Empire are more tech-focused than what you’ll find at many other GPT sites. You can redeem your points for cryptocurrency, Steam credits, currency for games like Roblox and Fortnite, or gift cards for Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, and more.

14. PrizeRebel


PrizeRebel is a GPT site that rewards you for taking surveys and completing special offers. Some offers are similar to what you’ll find at other sites like Swagbucks or InboxDollars, but the selection is a little better at those industry leaders than at PrizeRebel. 

You can also enter raffles and contests or play lucky number games. You might blow through your points and get nothing out of it if you choose these options, but that’s up to you to decide.

One of the best aspects of PrizeRebel is that they offer an excellent selection of rewards. You can get Apple gift cards, Dunkin Donuts gift cards, and many others (of course, including Xbox). The gift card values start at just $3, so you can quickly redeem your earnings.

15. instaGC


instaGC is a GPT site that rewards you with gift cards for completing microtasks like taking surveys, watching videos, and even surfing the internet. Although it’s not as well-known as some industry leaders like Swagbucks, instaGC is an established platform. They’ve paid out well over 1.4 million gift cards to users already. 

My favorite aspect of instaGC is the selection of rewards. You can choose from more than 300 gift cards, which may be the best selection in the industry. You’ll claim the reward you want and get a digital gift card instantly (as the name “instaGC” implies).

16. GrabPoints


With GrabPoints, you can earn rewards for taking surveys, watching videos, and completing special offers. The interface is clean and well-designed, providing a positive user experience. 

The offers are similar to what you’ll find at Swagbucks. There’s a little crossover, but many offers are unique, so it’s worth using both sites.

GrabPoints offers a large selection of gift cards. Most start at $5, but some can be redeemed for as little as $3.

17. FeaturePoints


FeaturePoints allows you to earn rewards by taking surveys, completing offers, downloading apps, or winning contests. You can use a desktop browser for the surveys and offers, but you’ll need the FeaturePoints mobile app to earn points for downloading and installing other apps.

You can use your points for cash (via PayPal), Bitcoin (through Coinbase), or your choice of gift card. Currently, more than 30 gift cards are available, including Domino’s, eBay, and others. The dollar amounts vary depending on the gift card you choose. The minimum Xbox gift card value is $15.

Xbox Store Gift Card vs. Xbox Live Gift Card

You may come across a few different variations. Xbox Live gift cards can be used toward an Xbox Live or Xbox Live Gold subscription, which allows you to play online. Regular Xbox gift cards can be used for anything in the Microsoft Xbox store (games, consoles, Xbox Game Pass, add-ons, subscriptions, etc.). Unless noted otherwise, the cards and codes referenced in this article are regular Xbox gift cards.

Final Thoughts on Free Xbox Gift Cards

As you can see, many ways exist to earn free Xbox gift cards and gift card codes. I suggest trying a few of the sites and apps on this list to see which ones you like best. Then, use them in your spare time to work your way towards a reward. It’s a great way to get Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, or Xbox 360 games for free via the Microsoft store.

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