The Best Work-from-Home Translator Jobs

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Best Translator Jobs

If you’re bilingual and looking for a flexible way to make money, work-from-home translator jobs could be an excellent option. There are many companies hiring employees and contractors for flexible work in this industry.

Being bilingual is not only an academic advantage; it has been shown to increase cognitive function. However, you may not be aware that you can use your bilingual skills to create a decent side gig or new career. If you’re fluent in different languages, your skills are in high demand. Here we’ll explore 15+ flexible translator jobs that you can fit around your current schedule.

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The Best Translation Jobs:

The companies listed here are all looking for qualified translators. The requirements will vary from one position to another, but hopefully the details provided here will help you to find the best fit for yourself.

1. Appen

Appen is a global leader partnering with leading technology companies to improve their products. Working with Appen allows you to collaborate with a diverse organization that values entrepreneurship and provides a flexible work environment.

Appen’s linguistic team was established in 1996 and is continually looking for people with a background in linguistics. You do need to meet the Appen hiring requirements, which include prior experience with annotation or computer programming, strong communication skills, and academic qualifications. The range of linguistic roles at Appen includes data collection in a variety of languages, content analysis, and natural language processing. You can also work in translation and transcription, helping to build grammar used in machine learning.

2. Lionbridge

The Lionbridge team members are experts and cultural translators, building relationships with brands around the world. The company promotes being fluent in more than 350 languages, working from over 5,000 cities. The company has a network of 500,000 experts globally working in linguistics, data quality, and AI.

Lionbridge invites linguists to come and work for them as a trusted global communications platform. The company is continually looking for people to work with, providing the opportunity to work full-time or part-time in one of its 47 offices or working from your own home.

To become a Lionbridge partner, you will need to complete a registration form. This can take up to 15 minutes, but there is an option to exit at any point, and you can resume the process from the same point later. The company advises that you provide as much information in your primary area of expertise and your overall availability. You should also provide a copy of your CV that supports specific expertise in a particular field. This allows Lionbridge to assign you projects that match your skill set.

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3. Acclaro

Acclaro promotes a family-friendly, multicultural environment, and the company claims to be committed to great work without compromising personal style. The company is continually looking for contract and freelance translators, with a board of current opportunities. The freelance positions do have experience requirements that vary according to the specific post. You can click on the link for each job to view further details, and if you’re interested, you just need to click on the “Apply Now” button and follow the instructions.

The variety of opportunities depends on the current market, but typically, there are translation jobs in multiple languages, so you can choose your area of expertise. There is even a refer-a -riend button if you spot a job that doesn’t meet your skillset, but that would be a good opportunity for someone that you know

4. Clickworker

Clickworker is a massive platform offering a variety of services, including translations. The company is constantly searching for internet users around the world who can complete tasks for its clients. Signing up for Clickworker is free, and you can work independently according to your own schedule. You can get paid weekly or monthly for your translation work, and you can even supplement this by completing surveys or other tasks.

Once you create a user account, you will be directed to a profile page, where you need to supply some details regarding your skillset. Once your profile is complete, you’ll be offered a variety of assessments. These assessments are designed to help Clickworker determine the tasks that are appropriate for your skills. Clickworker recommends completing multiple assessments, and you’ll be offered assessments depending on the details you supplied for your profile. The assessments are designed to determine your specific skills, so you need to avoid copying content, and if you have been found to have used plagiarised content, your account could be closed.

5. LanguageLine Solutions

LanguageLine Solutions claims to be the world’s foremost provider for language access, providing an opportunity for freelancers to work in translation. You’ll work as an interpreter conveying the message from a third party, so the customer can understand the meaning of the conversation.

LanguageLine requires interpreters to have near-native proficiency in both English and another language. You would need to demonstrate that you can understand the meanings of words in two languages and render this information accurately with no omissions or additions. You also need to have basic computer skills and outstanding customer service skills.

To start the application process to become a work-at-home interpreter for LanguageLine, you’ll need to visit the company’s career page. You’ll need to indicate the region where you live and scroll through the open positions. This list will indicate if the position is work at home (remote) or based in the call center. You can read the full job description by clicking on the job title, and if it matches your skillset, you can submit an application.

Once you’ve applied, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and a recruiter will review your application and may contact you to schedule an interview to discuss the specific details of the project.

6. Language Services Associates

Language Services Associates was established in 1991, and the company has developed a network of over 12,000 linguists. The company offers a professional and friendly work environment with mutual respect and appreciation for its team members. Language Services Associates linguists can enjoy competitive rates with flexible hours, timely payments, and a comprehensive feedback process. The company advertises that it is always searching for linguists in all language pairs to grow its network.

You can browse the list of interpreter opportunities, searching by location and work type. The list clearly shows which jobs are remote and which are tied to a specific location. If you find a job that appeals, you can click apply for a full job description and a list of applicant requirements. If suitable, you can apply directly from the listing. This involves completing a short questionnaire with the option to attach your resume or link to your LinkedIn profile.

7. RWS

RWS is a global leader in translation and IP support solutions. The company has a team of linguists around the world and has established a reputation for flexibility and reliability. RWS has specialist divisions that work together to offer complex services that are totally focused on the client. For this reason, RWS continually has a need for high caliber freelance translators to assist with commercial, technical, life sciences, and patent translations.

To work with RWS, you need to hold technical qualifications in one of the specialist fields and several years of professional translation experience. You can apply to work with RWS using the online form on the careers page. You will need to supply your language combinations, translation rates, and other details, supported by your full resume. You will also be required to supply samples of your recent translation work, and you may also need to take a short translation test.

8. Languages Unlimited

Languages Unlimited LLC is a leading company offering translation services around the world. The company aims to provide quality, correct translation services for myriad professionals at competitive rates. Languages Unlimited recruits translators regularly, providing freelance opportunities for those who want to work from home around their daily schedule.

To register to work with Languages Unlimited, you’ll need to take a little time to create your profile. This is accomplished using an online form that details your basic contact information, rates, fields, and qualifications. However, you can also update your details when you log in. Once you create your profile, the Language Unlimited representatives will contact you when needed to discuss project details and evaluate your suitability.

9. Linguistic Systems, Inc

Linguistic Systems Inc is a premier translation services company offering translations in over 120 languages. If you’re fluent in English and another language, are familiar with dialects and the culture of the country for the language, and perhaps even hold a Ph.D. or Masters’s degree, Linguistic Systems want to hear from you. The company has lots of work with prompt payment for all projects.

You’ll need to have at least two years of translation experience and be familiar with translation software tools. Ideally, you will also have knowledge in a professional field. To apply, you will need to email Linguistic Systems and provide a copy of your resume.

10. WorldLingo

WorldLingo is a provider of translation services with the goal of helping people to do business in foreign markets. The company was founded in 1998 but has grown into a global organization with American, European, and Asian offices. The company is continually looking for freelance translators to join its team. There are two categories for freelancers, generalist or specialist translators. You will only be used for translation in your native language and for projects targeted for your second language.

To qualify for WorldLingo projects, you will need to have five years of translation experience, hold a university degree, and be a member of a professional translation association. Additionally, specialist translators need to have two years of experience in your specialty area.

To apply, you need to complete the Freelance Application form on the WorldLingo website. You will need to create a login and password using your email address, but you’ll be redirected back to the application form.

11. CyraCom

CyraCom is looking for people who speak two or more languages proficiently to become a phone interpreter. You will be providing a voice for people during a critical moment in their lives. The company offers a training course to help the millions of people who have limited English language skills to provide a rewarding job opportunity. This means that you could be helping someone speak to a 911 operator, assist a mother in speaking to a doctor, or even helping someone file an insurance claim.

You’ll enjoy a competitive salary with merit-based pay increase opportunities. There are also opportunities for advancement. Although many of the opportunities are tied to a location, there are also remote jobs that are suitable for freelancers who prefer to work from home.

12. Metlang

Metlang provides linguist services throughout the country and is seeking bilingual professionals in various states. The company has been established since 1990 and provides interpretation and translation services nationwide to the Department of Justice. As an analytic linguist, you’ll be responsible for monitoring and translating source material to assist law enforcement with investigations into terrorism, counterfeiting, fraud, and trafficking.

You will need to demonstrate written and spoken communication skills in both English and your second language. You should also have a typing speed of more than 40 words per minute, the ability to work a rotating schedule, and a working knowledge of various software. You will be required to pass tests in both English and your specified second language. Metlang advices that selected applicants will also be subject to a Government security background check.

13. American High Tech Transcription and Reporting

American High Tech Transcription and Reporting has an in house team of translators, but it often outsources work projects to independent work-from-home contractors when the workload becomes too large to handle quickly. The company is currently seeking foreign language translators who preferably live in the state of Florida.

You will need to be a U.S citizen or legal resident with English as your native language. You’ll need to pass a criminal background check and be certified in your language. The company only accepts email inquiries, and you’ll need to state that you’re applying for a translator position. You should cut and paste your resume into your email as the company will not open an attachment. However, due to the large volume of inquiries, you’re not guaranteed a response if you fail to secure a position.

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14. GlobaLink Translations

GlobaLink Translations specializes in the translation of documents that are used in medical, pharmaceutical, and psychological fields, which are areas where deadlines, quality, and accuracy are vital. GlobaLink0s clients include clinical research organizations, private researchers, pharmaceutical companies, and health care organizations.

GlobaLink Translations has an extensive network of international translators to provide translation services in any language. GlobaLink is continually looking to expand its network of translators with expertise in a specific area. You can contact the company by email, phone, or fax, and the team will provide you with additional information and an application form. Alternatively, you can complete the translator information form online in HTML or PDF format that can be completed online and submitted with a copy of your resume

15. USA Translations

USA Translations is part of the WordExpress group. This group was established in 1993 and has developed a reputation for exceptional services in the multilingual communications industry. USA Translations is a fast-growing, dynamic company with an efficient approach that places this company at the forefront of the industry.

The company is presently hiring independent contractors in a variety of fields, including translation. The list of language pairs the company is most interested in is on the website recruitment page, so priority is given if you meet this requirement.

USA Translations does not accept telephone call applications. You need to email your resume and any relevant other information, indicating the position you’re applying for. All the data you supply will be entered into the company’s associates database. So, while you may not receive a response immediately, the company will contact you at a later point when your services are needed. You can also send any changes to your contact information, so the company can update the database.

16. TranslatorsCafe

TranslatorsCafe provides a convenient way for translators to connect with other members of the linguistics community. You can offer your translation services to registered agencies and gain access to useful linguistic resources.

If you’re a language professional, you can sign up for free to enjoy the complete search capabilities of the site. You can use this to make job contacts or even chat with your peers. The website allows you to create a profile that can be used to track job applications, and you’ll also be notified about any new jobs that are posted on the job board in your language combinations.

When you register, you can build a personal web space within the TranslatorCafe website. You can save this presentation page and resume, so it can be pasted into cover letters or application forms.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are lots of opportunities for bilingual speakers to make money from home as a part-time job or side gig around their other commitments. Although many of the platforms advertise formal office-based roles, there are often freelance positions available, so you can work from the comfort of your own home. So, it is well worth exploring these opportunities, so you can put your linguistic talents to good use. Who knows, you may find a passion to establish a whole new career.

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